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How to Make Your Penis Bigger

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Welcome to the best website on penis enlargement, you’ve made your first step to take control of your sexual life. You’re the 99% of men that would even dare question mediocrity and seek alternative. Congrats on being a real man.

Imagine this situation, you’ve went out partying and picked up this girl. You guys had a awesome time, and you end up bringing her home. You and her passionately making out, and when everything comes off. You try to put in your dick, but it just won’t fit into her hole because your penis is too small. You become very anxious and at this point you can’t even get it up.

You probably never want this to happen, right?

Of course not, you’re here because you want to make your penis bigger. I can show you how, keep reading…

You see, it is not your fault, you were borned like this. Some people are born skinny, and some fat. Similarly, some people have average penis size, and some smaller. Just like a skinny guy can workout at the gym and become buff, you can exercise your dick and grow a bigger penis! 

Yes, you read that correct.

You can in fact get a bigger penis naturallyIt’s been done over with tens of thousands of men. But just like going to the gym, you need patience and consistency. I’m going to tell you the SECRET strategies and tools I came across so you can get the fastest result with the least effort.

3 Tips on Natural Penis Enlargement

The natural path is best in my opinion. You want your penis to last for a long time I would guess, and going the natural is the way. Safety comes first, below are 3 top tools I recommend.

Tip 1. Invest in knowledge: PEBible is the best educational source on the market for PE-enlargementpenis enlargement. It has penis enlargement exercises, nutrient facts, and all the little details that are very helpful. I understand there are tons of free information out there, but I want you to save time and get to the thing that actually works. If you’re a beginner, PEBible is a good choice. Click here to check it out.

Tip 2. Use Penis Extenders: Natural penis extenders are great tools to have. Just like weight training, you need penis extendersdumbbells. Penis extenders are similar to that. It’ll help you achieve your results that much faster. Much easier to use than penis pump in which we will go over later. The extenders are very popular in our penis enlargement community. This tool is to help you easily extend your dick with the least amount of effort possible. You can put it on and watch tv or do other activities. How this works is that it stretches your penis and extend it for a time. And over a period of weeks, your penis length will grow. Be sure to check out the best penis extenders here.

Tip 3: Use penis pumps: There are 2 type of penis pumps, one is water penispenis pumps pump and the other is electric penis pump. Both has its pros and cons, however, from experience water based penis pump works better for growing your penis. This is another natural penis enlargement method and it’s safe way. How the pump works is that it suctions air into a vacuum with your penis in it. This way more blood will fill your penile, and over time your gains will be permanently.

Increasing the size of your penis is possible but it takes work. If not, then every male on earth will have huge python penises. Each method and supplement will help, but I want to help you understand the big picture so you don’t injure yourself and get the fastest gains possible.

How to Get a Bigger Penis: Part 2

As mentioned above, those are the naturally ways to grow your penis. Now I’m going to get into supplements. I think this is also a major part to having a healthy penis while you exercise to grow it.

How to Make Penis Bigger With Pills? Is it necessary?

I do recommend it. Take a look at the best natural penis enlargement pills. The supplements will help you maintain a healthy body as much nutrients is needed for your penis. You’ll need it as if a weight lifter takes protein supplements, you would need those supplements to recover from your penis workouts.

Most of the pills on the market does not work, but the ones I’ve listed have been tested and will give you the most bang for the buck. There are also many ingredients and facts I’ve listed on the page, be sure to check out top penis pills here.

Other supplements…

Other tools I use is the best penis creams, ointments, oils, and gel. This is also great because you can rub it on your penis and it’ll absorb it instantly.

What people have done is start with a regular penis enlargement routine by warming up. And then use the oil, cream, or gel as a preworkout supplement. Use penis exercises, then pump for 10-15 mintues. While your penis is working out hard, your penis will absorb the nutrients from the gel, cream and oils. So be sure to check out the penis creams, ointments, oils, and gel.

I’m not saying you should buy all of the tools I mentioned above, unless you’re 100% serious about penis enlargement. However, you should start out with a couple of the tools I recommended, as this will multiply your efforts. Over time, you’ll want all the best tools I mentioned because it works!

If you’re serious about penis growth, you’ll want to scientifically know how to make your penis bigger. The penis is made up of three main cylinders, two of which are called the Corpora Cavernosa. When sexually aroused, they fill with blood, causing an erection. The third cylinder, called the Corpus Spongiosum, is located in-between the other two and contains the semen. When a penis growth device is worn, the tissue inside of the penis is stretched very slowly over an extended time period. This shallow use of traction allows for gradual but permanent penis growth.