Alien Fleshlight Review – Have A Taste Of Orgasmic Space Odyssey!

Take your penis like no place before. Where is that? Well, inside the oddly alluring clitoris of a space visitor’s vagina. From an enchanting pearly glowing blue being, Alien Fleshlight begs you to ray her up for an encounter.

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So, how can you fuck an alien? A question every man have, soon after watching alien film chicks. Until Fleshlight arrived with the Alien pocket pussy, it was out of this world and this fantasy finally landed in out lap.

If you want to experience an unquenchable urge to pound intergalactic pussy like me, the Alien Fleshlight is a great sex toy, so read along to see if an exotic vagina is for you.

Fleshlight Alien Pussy Review

When I found the new Fleshlight Freaks range I’m blown away, I’ve found an Alien pussy to enjoy, and I had been spoiled by choice. So when I had the chance to try it for a review I was excited to try it out.

My dick was waiting to explode and I couldn’t hang on to see this Fleshlight Alien, but it turn out its a lot of fun. Obviously, a man needs a little bit of help when masturbating. It would come a time when your hands don’t respond while the ‘usual’ women fantasies become tiring. At times, you’re looking for something “out of this world”.

I stumbled upon Alien Fleshlight and wanted to know if it’s a really good male masturbator. My cock enjoys using fleshlights and done so several times now, but I’m looking for something new and ‘space-al’ once in a while.

To know how this version performed, continue reading the review.

What Is Alien Fleshlight

Alien Fleshlight

Fleshlight relaunched the Alien Fleshlight, which looks super-amazing, and is designed to give a unique fleshturbating experience. So (by natural means) I got my hands on the alien fleshlight and imagined it’s reasonable to know if my sexual activities would be as orgasmic like other toys.

It has the unique sleeve and deep azure outer-case that combine alien fantasy from the outer boundaries of Spielberg imagination.

📌As it is, the exclusive Alien texture combines the feel of Fleshlight’s most popular designs to create one particular out-of-this-world experience. Enticing sinews swirl together resembling Fleshlight’s well-known Vortex canal just before breaking right through to a Lotus node that gives a way for a real intense texture like the STU.

Should I Get The Alien Fleshlight?

Should I Get The Alien Fleshlight?Well, yes! This is an excellent fantasy men masturbator and it’s a lot exciting to use on your own or with a spouse. Just remember to purchase some of the Fleshlight Powder to counter the stickiness once it really has been cleaned. I could see the benefit of using it to improve your own endurance and performance.

Have a look at the rest of the Fleshlight Freaks range or maybe the standard inserts. There is a dizzying array of inner types to choose from and also anatomically proper entrances to accommodate everyone’s likes. If you have an high sex drive or maybe you are in between partners then grab anyone to add a little bit of fun to your masturbation periods. If you have somebody, then acquire one to enjoy collectively – it could be a lot more exciting to improve your sex life.

Fleshlight Alien Masturbator

Fleshlight Alien MasturbatorThe strangely attractive double clitoris of the Alien vagina, this mesmerizing pussy that begs to beam you up to get a close deal with the third kind. The Alien Fleshlight has the pearlescent light blue Alien sleeve and deeply blue external-case that mix to take your light blue alien dream to the external limits of space.

The exclusive Alien texture combines the feel of Fleshlight’s most popular finishes to create a single out-of-this-world experience. Fabulous sinews swirl together resembling Fleshlight’s renowned Vortex canal well before breaking to a Lotus node that eventually gives an approach to a most intense texture, the STU. Encouraged cleaning merchandise is hot water and Fleshcare Scrub. Only water centered lubricants are secure for use with Fleshlight products.

Privately I love it when Exciting Life Forms come by helping cover they’re a valuable Fleshlight, not since I want to defend it within a drawer for future generations rather than use it, but because it is different, special and exciting to try out.

How Do Fleshlight Alien Feel Inside?

How Do Fleshlight Alien Feel Inside?The Alien Fleshlight is far from realistic feel but that is to be expected since this sex gadget is a manufactured after a Navi Avatar or Alien Pussy. Well, ETs are fictoon, right? But sometimes stories are closer than reality. The sensation you obtain from fucking this Alien Fleshlight really is great and in case you are into Sci-Fi and fucking hot alien babes this toy is the ideal Alien fetish sex plaything on the market.

The double clitoris and vaginal orifice feels soft and inviting. The grip of the azure pussy mouth area around the shaft is pretty small so your dick will get tough. The construction feels great, it is possible to pound this Fleshlight really hard rather than worry about busting it.

Achieving orgasm in the Alien Fleshlight does not take that long particularly if you take your efforts and fuck it with very long and gradual strokes. This slow build-up will travel your ejaculation crazy and ultimately your cock explodes into a cheerful orgasm before you realize it. Coming inside of the Alien pussy shouldn’t become a problem except when your extremely hypersensitive but I had no worries pumping by means of climax.

Tips For Better Use

  • Heat the Fleshlight sleeve soaked with warm water prior to use.
  • Use water based lube for better sensation.
  • Experiment with the vacuum screw to discover the right suction power.
  • It may take 3-5 times well before your REALLY begin to enjoy a new Fleshlight, so
  • bear that in mind and never give up following the first try.


The Fleshlight is without question the most popular selection of male masturbators around and it is easy to discover why. They have taken over the market spot since their first creation in 1995. You will discover a very interesting video clip about the past of the Fleshlight variety on my Vortex Review that is really worth checking out.

The Alien Fleshlight can be purchased in a nice retail store packaging pack that has some useful tips around the back as well as a cut apart image exhibiting the inner texture of the masturbator.


The fleshlight arrives in nice store packaging displaying the inner texture. The box provides the Fleshlight itself along with a small brochure detailing other masturbators within the range, in addition, on how to use and cleaning suggestions. There is also a demo sachet of Fleshlights very own brand of water based lube. You should only actually use a normal water-based lube with the Supersbkin material used from the Fleshlight liner as any oil or silicone lubes can damage it.


CaseThe exterior case designed to resemble a large flashlight or torch body in the Fleshlight is a strong blue which is the same size as the rest of the array of cases. It really is approximately 10 inches (254 mm) in length and 4 inches (102mm) in size at the largest end which then decreases to 2.5 in. (63mm) on the smaller end.

Get rid of the plastic spacer prior to initial use prior to first use. You will also need to eliminate the plastic spacer tube which is within the insert. Just pull it and dispose of it. If you intend on storing the fleshlight for long intervals between using, you may want to maintain the spacer tubing so that you can have it as new, prior to getting it into storage.


SuperskinThe Insert is actually a striking light blue color that reminds me of the skin color in the Avatar film. This puts on a devilish grin on my sex encounter. The Superskin blend utilized in this place is tackier than that used in the Vortex which I reviewed plus it feels slightly much softer. The super skin is very lifelike in its feel

📌Superskin is a very lifelike material that may be Phthalate totally free, body harmless and low toxic. I actually liked just playing with the texture. Fingering it for starters just feels so good. Add some lube and it truly does feel good. 


InteriorThe interior texture of the Alien Fleshlight is pretty intensive. From the entry, there are spiraling grooves that feed your dick to a lotus node that is truly rather limited and a lot of exciting. The texture after that on in consists of exciting bumps, the same texture that is utilized in the Stamina Training Unit. The inner texture guides your dick inside.

It has two screw-on caps, usually, the one on the foundation controls the suction once you withdraw your penile and the 2nd is the big lid that covers the case end of the plaything. Both are molded out of the identical blue plastic material as the case.


InteriorThe alien fleshlight looks extremely appealing since it comes in a blue case, and has the things they call a ‘pearlescent’ sleeve (as per the photo). Since you can, just in the looks that it’s similar to various sleeve of fleshlight models (along with a non-Fleshlight).

Sick design and style and you’ll adore it. Love the sensation. Very happy with this particular product. The style of this fleshlight is Avatar like, just the thing necessary to replace my old pocket pussy. This feels wonderful, much better along with the price. Works rather well. The detail is very nice, you have to see it in person to completely appreciate and feels really true sex.

The Vortex

📌When you move through the orifice, you will get tingled by heavy tubes. If you’re not horny, to begin with, these will unquestionably give you some massage motion. Combing the Vortex spiral with the very stimulating rounded bumps from the Stamina Training Unit Fleshlight turned out to be an incredible decision. The twisting spiral tickles your dick head, so somewhat before you make it to the tighter canal packed highly exciting soft beads, you’re close to cum. Thrust gradually and you will feel each and every little hit pressing towards your glands.

The Lotus Node

📌And when you move your male organ through the lotus node, it gives you a ‘popping’ feeling in your member. I have tried it and yes it does just what it says it can. The whole reason for the node is to recreate the feeling of passing throughout the female cervix, and some say it’s, in fact, better than the genuine pussy, though somewhat others disagree however it still feels damn good).

The Alien Texture

📌Now, when you enter into the main part of the alien fleshlight, you will experience bumps, nearly the same as what you would feel using the Stamina Training Unit. These bumps, as you have seen, are meant to massage your penile into an orgasmic stupor, but it is really hard to clarify the discomfort on your most sensitive part of your penis.

Straight Grooves

📌The 1st section has vertical lines which are special to this Fleshlight. These vertical lines are not be understated, they may be powerful and pronounced greater than most other Fleshlight functions. They create an exclusive sensation that doesn’t feel like anything else I have felt either in a pocket pussy or real vaginal canal.

Alien pussies must not feel like everything from this masturbation system. If you would, one day fuck that azure girl from Avatar, this is exactly the kind of weird shit that you would expect to experience as you’re laying tube into her. Each individual top to bottom groove massages you to the level where you can distinctly tell them away from each other. A favorite workout of my own when pounding this Alien pussy is always to shift the weight of my thrusts to just one side or other so that the lines really feel my glands.


OpeningNext, the a orifice in which the Alien pussy reveals yet shuts at the same time. This gap is actually a squeeze and is one of my favorites when compared with other features. These kinds of spaces are not as unique, as the vertical lines are. They can be found in a number of other pocket pussies, especially those created by Fleshlight. The canal widens, allowing you place to put far more power right behind your thrusts. But suddenly, to your surprise, it closes once again to a quite tight space.

Save your melancholy if you cannot actually work through this hurdle, it is fairly damn restricted. However, the rewards of overcoming this challenge are enormous. In the event, you manage to get beyond the impasse, anticipate to be ambushed by an army of small lumps. The lumps inside this Alien pussy are lightweight and bundled very near together. The proximity of bump to bump, produce an intense journey which will knock you out of your seat when you aren’t very careful. The small lumps continue to the end of the canal.

User Friendly

I use the Alien Fleshlight on my dick using and trust me she lasted very long, and it was quite intense. You may need a Fleshlight adaptor to suit one to your fucking equipment, so you can expect to enjoy yourself. The advantage of it is I managed to put it together so I can just relocate the lotus node back and forth within the head of my cock in a short time, plus it was enjoyable when I do this. If you use a Fleshlight then be sure that you use copious amounts of lube to really get the most out of your masturbating period.


I discovered that the Alien Fleshlight was a good male masturbator, my cock enjoys using it and has done so several times now.

I appreciated the Vortex but this is better still. I can’t get an ample amount of the lotus node and really get pleasure from concentrating on that section of you put in your member. It is very restricted and feels awesome as you dick pushes by means of it. I am just of common length and it was perfectly located for somebody smaller than possibly five inches, where some may find it difficult to reach it though. I admit the alien orifice was a little bit weird nevertheless it was lots of quality and lots of fun. Will I make use of it again – yes that’s for sure.

Shipping and Delivery

The Fleshlight showed up in my door, discreetly within a plain brownish cardboard box I was fully educated by the folks over from sex shop regarding the status from the delivery so when it showed up it was nicely packaged in discreet product packaging. It maintained no sign as to the contents of the box on its external, which can be predicted when getting a delivery from an adult goods supplier. You certainly don’t anyone peeking into your goods.

My Experience Using Alien Fleshlight

So, there are lots of different things taking place in that sleeve, where the sexual outcome is greater than I thought. I enjoyed trying it, and that is the best way I could sum it: it’s good filthy fun.

This makes a great accessory for other fleshlight versions you may previously have, and if you are a Fleshlight amateur, then I’d suggest seeking one of the more regular models very first. But in order to try one thing differently, the alien fleshlight is well-worth the cost.

I have it in my hands and soon after applying water-based lube to my dick and the entryways to the Fleshlight, it absolutely was ‘game on’ with enjoyment.

Loosen the base just before sliding your dick into it then tighten it once inside the first time you used it. I slid fully with it with the bottom cap of the Fleshlight, then open it to allow the air get away from the case. Once I was totally inside I closed it tightly and started up a long sluggish action. I could really feel my cock reached the lotus node though you have to push a little bit harder.

I enjoyed consistently squeezing my dick to find out what felt greatest, whether it was better slow-moving or quickly or different. Needless to say, I enjoyed it and it didn’t take long before I emptied myself into it.

I have mild joint inflammation in both of my wrists but I had no worries holding onto the Fleshlight and using it on my cock. I definitely loved the lotus node the best and that is certainly hardly astonishing as it is truly tight.

📌The Fleshlight was designed with guys who wants on making use of it alone and it may be a lot of excitement when applied this way. You can get a lot of add-ons for your Fleshlight including vibrating bullets. Naturally, you can try using it, you don’t have to merely use it manually. Try wedging it on your bed to allow you to thrust into it or wedge it between the chair cushions over a couch. It is possible to really use your imagination and let on your own self go with it.

Don’t be timid about making use of it with your spouse as it can definitely add a new dimension to your love generation and it can let you act out some fantasies. Throw in a bit tie tease or BDSM.

I get extremely turned on, as its working with on my cock. My lover find me cum into it, and she’ll often enjoy playing with my spunk as it goes off after I have pulled my cock.


CleaningThe Fleshlight is really very easy to clean, merely pull the insert from the case and wash it thoroughly with warm water. Use as well a sex toy cleaner including the Fleshlight brand. Clean the case and cap in the same way.

Be sure that it is entirely dry well before putting it back together once again as you may not want to snare any moisture content inside whenever you refit the cap as it may allow germs or molds form to grow.

After the insert is dry you will see that it is very tacky and you can use Fleshlight Renew powder or some ordinary Corn Starch to dust the surfaces downward to make it as great as new. This stickiness is entirely standard with this texture and the natural powder addresses the feel.

Hygiene is vital and I’m unable to stress adequately the importance of washing the Fleshlight soon after use. You should allow it to entirely dry out prior to putting it away once more until the next time of masturbation.


Blue pussy is the best bro as I masturbate with my Alien Fleshlight when browsing photos of Alien Girls constantly. The Alien Fleshlight is the best looking sex toy I own plus it gives me long and outdrawn sexual climax that feels remarkable. I like it a lot!

📌I would love to know what you liked at this review. What can I do much better, what would you like? Inform me in the comment form below. Thank you for spending some time to read this review and don’t forget to share this with others.




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