5 Top Fleshlights That Feels Like Real Wet Pussy

Fleshlight is one of the most popular male sex toys right now. I must say, when I opt to explore myself by using sex toys, Fleshlights is one of the highly recommended products I found. Yes, it can definitely heighten your orgasms in masturbation!

However, being shown with tons of product models makes it difficult to choose the best artificial vagina to get started with.

Before you decide to purchase, you probably thought of finding the best male sex toy already and learned there are a lot of them.

So, if you think Fleshlight is good, we’ve made it easier for you to choose the right one. We created a list of the 5 Best Fleshlight. The list is a result of many hours, days and months of research and testing of different products. Check it out below.

5 Best Fleshlight

These Fleshlight toys come with different prices and features.

Pretty sure, you can find one that fits your budget and requirements. These playthings are proven to deliver pleasure and enjoyment.

FleshlightsPrice CheckRatingFeaturesSize
Leten 3 Electric Pocket PussyVisit Site

4.9For adventurous and imaginative men7.87 x 8.27 x 7.87 inches
Pocket Pussy Japanese Male Sex ToyVisit Site4.9Ideal for those into real hardcore16.54 x 11.42 x 19.29 inches
Fleshlight GirlsPrice Check4.5Molded from the bodies of popular female pornstars 10 x 4 x 2.5 inches
Fleshlight STUPrice Check4.2Designed to help you last longer 10 x 3.8 x 3.8 inches
Fleshlight FlightPrice Check4.2Perfect for men always on the go 7.9 x 3.5 x 3.5 inches

What is a Fleshlight?

Fleshlight is unique than other male masturbators in the market. It has a patented design, which is a solid external case containing the Fleshlight Sleeve.

Fleshlights are very popular male sex toys right now. It has a realistic soft velvety textured sleeve and discreetly hidden design.

The sleeve has the same sensations and openings of anal, vaginal, and oral sex. It can have intricate internal canals, beads, and bumps. It is ergonomically placed inside the Fleshlight case for convenient use.

The hard case makes Fleshlight easier to use as it gives you a firm grip. Also, the mess you might unload can be contained, so it’s easier to clean.

With the case design, it provides you the complete control of suction during masturbation. Optional design provides loosening and tightening on the end cap, to enhance the experience.

What are the sizes of Fleshlight?

The Fleshlight has different sizes ranging from 5-10 inches in length and 2-4 inches in diameter.

How to prepare the Fleshlight?

You can warm the Fleshlight sleeve by soaking it in a warm water. This gives the material a human like feel. Drain the water.

Do not microwave or boil the Fleshlight sleeve (or the Fleshlight Case!)

Shake off the excess water and put back the sleeve into the case. You should adjust the tightness by turning cap at the bottom. This varies the suction.

Before use, apply an ample amount of water-based lubricant to the Fleshlight. Put some lube on your penis as well.

If the sleeve still feels a bit cold, you can repeat the process by soaking it in new warm water. You can also try warming the lube at the same time with the sleeve. Your Fleshlight should be now ready for use.

How to clean the Fleshlight?

Simply rinse the sleeve with warm water. Just make sure to allow ample to air dry before store it.

Never use soap to clean the sleeve. Get the appropriate sex toy cleaning kit, which is specially made for sleeve materials.

To maintain the supple soft feel of the sleeve, you can sprinkle a small amount sex toy powder (or even a corn starch). Make sure to shake it off to remove excess powder. Do not use talcum or baby powder.

What is the best way to dry the Fleshlight?

You need to shake off excess water as much as possible. Place it in a well-ventilated area. Do not place it near hot areas like a stove, burner, etc.

For faster drying, you can slide a thin towel or cloth, from one end to the other. When you return the sleeve to the case, leave the caps loose so air can circulate.

What’s the material made from?

The Fleshlight is made from patented SuperSkin material, a non-toxic and Phthalate free realistic feel of sex toy material.

Fleshlight has supple, soft, pliable sleeve available in different options and designs. The sleeve can easily be removed from the case for cleaning and maintenance.

Fleshlight is designed in a discreet manner to make it look like a standard flashlight. The case is available in different colors, such as silver, gold, white, black, and clear.

Can you use a condom with the Fleshlight?

There is no need to use or wear a condom with the Fleshlight.

Can you share the Fleshlight?

Do not share your Fleshlight with other people.

What type of lubricants can you use with Fleshlight?

Use water-based lubricants only. Do not use oil-based lubricants since this will slowly damage the material.

When to Replace Your Fleshlight?

Not all sex toys can last forever, especially if you use it often. However, proper use and cleaning can at least give you longer periods of pleasure.

You should know that it’s time to get a new Fleshlight when you notice cracks on the case or the sleeve shows some severe tear.

When you see fungus, mold, or mildew on the material, this means it is already deteriorating.

Of course, you can always get new Fleshlights as you wish (even if your present is in good condition). This is especially if you like the new designs and girl models!

How to Store Your Sex Toys?

Before storage in a cabinet (or your sex drawer), make sure to completely dry to prevent mildew and mold.

You should also separate materials not compatible with the others to prevent discoloration. You can use separate bags for different materials.

Avoid placing it in direct sunlight and excessive heat. This can cause your sex toys to melt and dry out. Don’t store it in very
cold temperatures either, as this can also damage the materials. Store it at room temperature.

What are common situations you use Fleshlights?

  • Use it while watching your favorite porn films or seeing some hardcore images
  • You can use it while you explore your deepest sexual fantasies
  • Use it if you’re in a long distance relationship.
  • This is a great option if your partner is menstruating, had surgery, or sick
  • You can use it to change the pace of foreplay
  • Introduce use of sex toys to spice up sex life
  • Use it to avoid the temptation of cheating with your partner, especially if you travel

How does it feel using a Fleshlight?

It definitely feels better than your hands when you’re masturbating. Obviously, it’s not exact as a real woman since you don’t feel their body, but, if you follow the instructions on how to prepare it, you’ll feel the same feeling of penetrating a vagina. Also, there are numerous designs and models available to give you different sensations. More so, you can adjust your preferred tightness and sensitivity.

Essentially, Fleshlights replicate the core aspects of penetration in sexual intercourse. It provides your penis the simulation of entry, suction, warmth, slippery feel, and complete envelopment inside a vagina.

What’s the benefit of using Fleshlights?

The greatest benefit in using a Fleshlight is that it gives you the variety of sensations, much more than what you’re hands can give you. Your hands can’t offer you the internal suction with tickling beads and bumps, Fleshlights do. With the variety of sensations that you can feel, you’ll be able to train yourself to last longer in sex.

Also, Fleshlight is definitely useful if you’re a virgin and you want to train your stamina before you ask to have sex with a girl. You’ll be able to have a good impression when you finally do it with her.

How to get best results from Fleshlights?

After you prepare the Fleshlight (cleaning, warming, drying, etc), it’s now time to prepare yourself. Obviously, in the same way you masturbate with your hands in the past, you should get the sexual stimulus to give you an erection. Go and watch some hardcore porn. View Hollywood movies with sex scenes. Read hentai comics or erotica stories. Better yet, close your eyes and visualize your favorite sex fantasies when you masturbate.

At least for me, it’s best to use Fleshlights with eyes shut. Visualize some fantasy and really feel it with your senses. Make sure to have Fleshlight nearby when you’re ready to cum.

Depending on how you want to play it, you can also have the sex toy tucked in a body pillow, wedge cushion (with hole), or use some hands-free Fleshlight accessory mount.

#1 Leten 3 Electric Pocket Pussy

If you want to experience an intense stimulation, Leten 3 Electric Pocket Pussy is for you.

Yes, the pleasure it delivers definitely brings ecstasy and enjoyment. This masturbator is exceptional because they are completely outside the mainstream considering its design.

This pocket pussy is a great alternative to the bland run of the mill artificial pussy. Leten 3 is a great sex toy for everyone, though the one thing that stands out is its luxurious design.

Who would love a smooth realistic girl pussy in sports car shape case? If you’re an adventurous and imaginative dude, then just give this a try.

It has the dual vibration motor, with
10 different vibration modes for various styles of strokes that you crave. The ultra-stimulatory pathway brings you close to the real thing sexual stimulation.

📌 100% brand new and authentic pocket pussy, with delicately soft and safe silicone gel vagina.

The 10-speed masturbation vibrating functions gives you the choice if you want it gentle, rough, hardcore, etc.

This unique masturbator features an automatic piston motion type. It is an advance and new male masturbator cup design
not common to men sex toys in the market. The dual-speed shift selector gives you 270 to 330 piston motion per minute.

Internally, you’ll feel the smooth and gentle like pussy made from safe medical grade soft silicone gel.

It also has 55 silicone massager beads inside for more highly intense vaginal muscle control.

Every strokes and thrust should readily arouse your penis that can send you in ejaculation frenzy.

It actually features a canal texture that has a combination of popular nodes, flaps, ribs and bumps elements. These deliver a heavenly explosive stimulation and sensation that you would hard time to describe.

You’ll get great pleasure from the tickling modules inside the masturbator, something you’ll not have from masturbating with your hands.

There’s no need for your hand to work hard with tiring strokes. Just reach for the Leten 3 electric pocket pussy and turn it on.

It can provide you with your desired pleasure from different variations of thrust. The 10 different vibration modes provide different feel and sensation in your every masturbation session.

The automatic masturbation cup can help you get a satisfying ejaculation and orgasm even if you are alone.

If you don’t have your wife, girlfriend, or sex partner nearby, this male masturbator can help you get your fix for sex. You can’t even tuck it in your bag, luggage, or backpack. The sportscar design hides the pocket vagina.

  • Enjoyable male sex toy to use
  • Tight hole pussy opening
  • Features tickling ribbed honey beads
  • With 10 vibration modes and functions.
  • None stated

#2 Pocket Vagina Silicone Japanese Male Sex Toy

If you want to experience a more exciting solo time session with a pocket pussy, I suggest that you get the Silicone Japanese Male Sex Toy.

This device is what you need if you start feeling bored fapping with your hand. The male masturbator provides a more stimulating sex experience than the traditional masturbation style.

Get it from your personal compartment and start satisfying your urges for sex. You can even use this to train for endurance. This Pocket Pussy Rubber Vagina should help you increase your bedroom stamina.

The realistic rubber pussy includes a sturdy case to give you a good grip. Made from silicone material, simply use it and
experience having sex with a pocket young vagina.

Featuring US FDA Medical Silica Gel Certified material, it is safe to use with constant rubbing for ejaculation. It is made from a stable molecular structure, so it does not break down into some harmful substance.
It is lightweight, like a soft skin, while being safe and odorless.

📌 Molded from a Young Japanese Girl, the Silicone Artificial Vagina should be a worthwhile companion even if you’re single or you don’t have a sex partner.

If you want to fantasize beautiful women being pounded, allow your penis to get into the moment by experiencing the touch and sensation of a vagina like a pocket pussy.

The manufacturer provided several tips for best use. One of their directions states that you should have condoms when you use the sex toy.

Also, you should always clean this masturbator after use, since the semen can dry up and affect the material. You can simply set the pocket vagina into mildly warm water for ten minutes. For further sterilization, you can also use disinfection cupboard for cleaning.

This Silicone Japanese Men’s Sex Toy remains to be one of the best male masturbators in the market, the reason it should be on your
sex stuff collection. Every man should try this. This is highly recommended.

  • Lightweight male sex toy
  • Easy to use
  • Lifelike vagina entrance
  • Feel the experience in pounding a pussy
  • Tight inner canal and tickling inner beads for intense stimulation
  • Stroker can be too sensitive
  • Fast transition

#3 Fleshlight Girls Best Sex Toy Molded From The Hottest Porn Stars

Source: Amazon

Fleshlight Girls is the first on our list because it’s second nature to us, men, to watch porn and of course, have our favorite stars.

I must say that there are times when I wonder, how tight this porn star is. Have you experienced the same? Well, thanks to this toy, we need not wonder this anymore.

Well, there is no need to wonder about that as Fleshlight Girls are here to feed your fantasies and even realize it.

📌 This product is molded from the hottest porn stars and delivers realistic vaginas, butts and mouth openings to satisfy your kinks.

📌 Fleshlight Girls provides different pleasure, molded from the different girls we fantasized like Dillion Harper,  Kendra Sunderland, Riley Reid, Jenna Haze, Tori Black, Teagan Presley,  Jessica Drake, Alexis Texas, and more.

Each toy is made from unparalleled pillowy softness with realistic sculpted lips, vagina and butt hole. It has different inner textures for an amazing and lifelike sexual experience when you thrust into her.

Fleshlight Girls are made from soft and durable SuperSkin sleeve. It’s equipped with a temperature-responsive internal sleeve so you’ll feel her warmth when you insert your penis on the toy.

Most sleeves come with 9 inches internal length to accommodate you balls-deep for an absolute immersion.

In addition to that, the new inner canal texture called “Lotus” creates utterly realistic stimulation. The Lotus canal starts with a smooth-walled, tight entrance about 12 mm wide.

When you continue your thrust, you’ll feel a convex-concave chamber similar to the design of a Lotus flower, hence, the name.

The Lotus node gives you that warm and slippery feel. The toy gets warmer as you penetrate deeper, intensifying the degree of realism.

For ease of use and convenient cleaning, this toy comes with a removable sleeve. it’s also housed in a discreet package for your privacy.

However, I just noticed that you need a good quality lube when using this toy because of its grippy nodules. If you use it for over 10 minutes, you’ll need to re-lube, which is a little inconvenient for me.

Overall, Fleshlight Girls is a great product from Fleshlight. It’s the perfect sex toy to feel and thrust on your dream porn star. It has impressive intensity, stimulation, penetration, tightness and suction effect.

  • Skin-like texture
  • Realistic sensation
  • Needs to relube

#4 Fleshlight STU Best Sex Toy To Improve Your Stamina

Source: Amazon

One of the problems that I personally encounter is how to last longer in bed. My mind is still on pleasuring my woman but my cock just can’t hide its excitement that I just find myself cumming earlier than I expected.

If you’re also looking for ways to enjoy more rounds with your partner, Fleshlight STU is here for us. Fleshlight STU or Stamina Training Unit’s manufactured to improve our tolerance for physical stimulation and mental anxiety that usually causes us to be overexcited and results in premature ejaculation.

Fleshlight STU is designed with patented real-feel super skin material that is soft, pliable and warm to touch just similar to real vaginas. it’s safe, non-toxic and phthalate free, so you need not worry when using this.

Fleshlight STU has about one hundred marble sized sensitivity balls or “bumps.” The inner canal texture starts at half an inch.

📌 This particular sex toy is designed to help you last longer in bed. “If you can last 10 minutes in the STU, you can last 20 minutes in bed with anyone,” Fleshlight claims.

This Fleshlight is very tight, which makes it a great device to test our longevity in bed. Eventually, by regularly using this device, you’ll experience the following:

  • Triple your stamina
  • Better mental control over your ejaculation
  • Reduce the oversensitivity of your penis
  • Be more familiar with your body and responses
  • Enjoy stronger erections.

While I can’t really say that it doubles the stamina, my girls can attest that I last longer in bed. I also notice that I can survive several rounds.

If you want to experience the most powerful blowjob using this device, just tighten up the end cap completely. You can loosen it up and tighten it for sexual training.

For a more enjoyable and real-life experience, you can run hot water through it to feel the warmth inside.

I just have a few concerns about this plaything. I noticed that its size is a bit big and it’s messier to clean compare to other toys.

However, my biggest concern is its quality. I didn’t encounter issues on my end but I heard others users complain about its cheap construction.

The toy reportedly breaks down after a few uses even if they are very careful in using, maintaining and cleaning it.

Fleshlight STU remains a great and effective product when it comes to improving our stamina. If you want a plaything that will help you survive more rounds, this is the toy to purchase.

  • Improved stamina
  • Improved sexual technique and rhythm
  • Offers more intense orgasm
  • Better ejaculation control
  • Size is big
  • Messier to clean
  • Silicon is delicate
  • Color may fade
  • May breakdown easily
  • Too expensive for its quality

#5 Fleshlight Flight Best Sex Toy With Sensations That Will Fly You To Heights

Source: Amazon

This Fleshlight model is something worth trying especially if you travel a lot and your hands do not deliver the same sensation anymore. Flight is sleek, compact and discreet.

This toy is designed for men who frequently travel. It has a total length of 8 inches and a penetrable length of 6 inches. This item is equipped with a cool frosted white sleeve with a stylish black casing.

It also includes a small tester size sample of Flesh Lube. This toy is easy to use, quick to clean and convenient to store.

ðŸ“Flight Pilot, is equipped with a number of textures like bumps, fingers, and ribs for a more enjoyable and pleasurable experience.

ðŸ“You’ll feel it in every thrust you make and the stimulation is too much that it will not take long for you to reach your big-O.

The cap at the end of this device can be unscrewed so that more air will get into the sleeve. More air in the sleeve means it’s less tight, allowing you to control your ejaculation.

That’s not all, this replicates the natural suction of copulation for a more realistic sexual encounter.

For cleaning and maintenance, this toy is very easy to clean. Just unscrew the cap and empty the contents down the sink. Wash the Flight and make sure it’s dry before storing it for your next use.

While it’s built and size is the strength of Fleshlight Flight, it’s also its weakness. For instance, Pilot, in particular, is 3 inches smaller than the originals.

This means that it might be too shallow to occupy our entire penis length if we measure 6 inches and longer. In addition, some users feel that it’s of poor quality.

Fleshlight Flight remains one of the best sex toys today. It’s the answer to our lonely times especially if we travel a lot.

With its discreet packaging, sleek and compact design, you’ll never be ashamed of bringing it wherever you go because it will always go unnoticed.

  • Perfect for travel
  • Sleek and compact design
  • Discreet packaging
  • Feels amazing
  • Easy to use
  • Quick to clean
  • There’s a tendency for the lube to leak
  • Suction valve might be too tight for some
  • Length is shorter than regular toys

Frequently Asked Questions on Fleshlight


So there you have it the best Fleshlight sex toys in the market. Fleshlight is a reliable name when it comes to male sex toys.

Their products are proven and tested to deliver the stimulation and heavenly sensation that will surely bring us pure bliss.

You can never go wrong with the products listed above. If you feel that we miss any Fleshlight model that should be on the list, or have other insights to share, feel free to write your reactions in our comment section below.



  1. I would say I’m a bit of an expert on fleshlights as I have about 10. The article is good but I would say I like manual fleshlights more than electric ones as its more intimate and you can control your orgasm. Electric ones just makes me come really fast and I cant control. Great article but fleshlights can be very subjective to your preferences.

  2. Dude! Leten is the best pussy ever. Even wrecks normal human pussy! I dont need to concentrate on pleasing a woman and it just concentrate on my needs. its the best. the wife is jealous but its OK. We’re both happy when I’m satisfied.

  3. Jessica Drake Fleshlight has great feeling, tighter than the most ones, great shape and form. If you like it tight and a intense then this is a great choice.


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