Best Foreplay Ideas – Tips Before Sex (Ultimate Guide To Make Her Purr!)

For most women, the key for best sex is your build up. It’s the anticipation and the teasing.

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If there are some important things I’ve learned in giving great sex, it’s this:

The girls like lots of kissing, caressing, sucking, pressing, rubbing, massaging, before the intercourse. Do you know what happens when you do these? They will beg you for penetration 30 minutes after.

Essentially, in foreplay, you should get a woman so hot that she’ll ask you to eat her and to cum inside of her.

How To Satisfy A Woman In Bed?

You have to give women everything they want. Think closely how a barista in Starbucks does everything to satisfy a customer. Well, you have to be like that barista and give everything your girl need until she reaches her orgasm.

In fact, you have to give women what they need, before you get yours.

So, how do you do that?

📌You have to remember that foreplay is not an instructional guide you go about to give a woman the satisfaction she needs. Though there are basic ideas (like in this article), you can instinctively work on foreplay.

Sex is an instinctive act, so as soon as both of you gets into the mood for some love making, you modify your attack until you’re ready to stick your hotrod into her pie.

What Is Foreplay?

Foreplay, in its simplest definition, is a set of intimate acts (physical or otherwise) that you usually do to create sexual arousal. Essentially, it increases both of your desire for sex.

However, foreplay may have a different meaning for some men and women.

For most men, it’s just a waste of time, as they just want “to get inside the cunt as fast as possible.”

For most women, they dubbed it as “the whole point of sex.”

As it is, foreplay is all the different stuff you do just before you park into her rear.

📌So, this includes touching, kissing, whispering, licking, massaging, humping, rubbing, caressing, spanking, etc. Foreplay’s all about the sensual stimulation that you do, that does not yet call for you to insert your weenis into her bajingo.

Of course, this is assuming that you’re making love with a woman. One sexologist pointed out, the basic definition of foreplay is based on vaginal penetration on intercourse.

So, if you’re an LGBTQ couple, that usually doesn’t engage in vaginal penetration, you’ll consider oral sex (or anal) as your main dish. Well then, oral sex is not part of your foreplay.

If you want to always remember foreplay, think of it as anything that builds up sexual arousal for you and your partner.

Why Foreplay?

Believe it or not, some guys ask if there’s a need for foreplay when you can just go straight to the main course.

Well, you can’t (or you should not!).

You can do some quickie once in a while and penetrate the pussy immediately. But pretty soon, sex would be commonplace and as boring as middle school.

Simply put, you need foreplay to help, not just your woman… to get warmed up.

So, it’s important for you to know how to do foreplay.

You have to do everything to master foreplay, if you really want to please her and eventually satisfy her.

In an article ‘Virtuoso Lover‘ Michael Webb mentioned how
men should understand why foreplay is a woman’s necessity, rather than just some sex prelude.

Foreplay is a primary sex need to get your girl going… before you go for the jugular!

📌Keep in mind; most women are emotional creatures. They’re naturally emotional and constantly seeking intimacy. They’re not sex objects, which most men make a mistake with, which often leads to relationship problems.

Remember, you can’t just grab her to bend her over when you need them.

You need to understand that girls have their needs, and it’s to get the most out of their relationships. So, if you build with intimacy and strike her emotions first, it works both ways. You’ll get laid as often as you want.

Should You Do Foreplay Everytime?

Of course, you do.

Whether you don’t like it, or think it’s just a waste time, or simply not sure how to do it, don’t make the mistake of forgetting about foreplay.

Skipping it and jumping to sex could decrease your chances of experiencing real bliss.

No one denies the fact that quickies are great and just as exciting. It’s a great thrill to do a quickie in Forever 21 dressing room, but foreplay should be a default sex requisite.

Learning to prolong the sexual process heightens the arousal and burns the anticipation. This leads to a longer, better orgasm.

📌Some men think that sex intercourse is the most important moment (which is true), though they think there’s no need to bother with the opening act.

If you’ve been in fine dining, a great appetizer prepare your palate for the main course.

A scientific study of Journal of Sex Research reveals that couples who experience awesome orgasms crave for 18-20 minutes of foreplay before penetration.

Foreplay Makes Sex More Enjoyable

Sex educator Sari Locker, Ph.D. notes different acts in foreplay rely on the partners inside a relationship. She suggests lots of kissing, massage, fondling, and touching before sex.

“You can feel incredible thrills from kissing, touching, and oral sex, which can be just like exciting as sexual intercourse,” she states.

And if you want to receive oral sex, you’re in luck as it’s one of the best pre-sex activity. Oral sex provides natural lube (the saliva), which you’ll need before the penetration, Locker states.

📌To maintain it more enjoyable with foreplay, consider what turns yourself on. After which, think what may even work together with your partner. You should communicate and experiment together to determine what kinds of kissing and touching perform best. Then make sure to use that to fuel the desire later on.

Try different stuff to bring variety to your routine, advises Locker. After dimming the lighting, put on perfume, and even have fun with food during intercourse. Use soft and hard touches. Even so, try adding sex toys in foreplay!

Orgasms have something to do with your brain nearly as much as your body, studies have shown. And foreplay produces the excitement and arousal necessary.

When To Do Foreplay?

Guys asking when to do foreplay is the ultimate newbie question.

You basically do foreplay right before you penetrate your girl and you unload your jizz.

Where To Do Foreplay?

If you’ve been having sex in the bedroom 100 times in the past 3 months, it’s time to find other places to add more excitement in your coitus.

Remember that foreplay is not limited to your bed or her bed. You can do it in other places, as long as you don’t disturb other people. Here are some good foreplay areas:

  • Kitchen
  • Shower
  • Toilet
  • Dining table
  • Couch
  • Balcony

What Does Foreplaying Consist Of?

Foreplay before sex is not as complex as you think. If you’ve seen good amount of porn clips and Hollywood sex scenes, you already have a good idea on what your foreplay with her will consist of.

Here’s a basic set of foreplay. You don’t have to do it in order. Do foreplay in random. Even repeat others which you enjoy and which she enjoyed.

  • French kissing
  • Nibble the earlobe
  • Sucking the neck
  • Sucking the nape
  • Caressing the body
  • Sucking the nipples
  • Squeezing the breasts
  • Spanking the ass
  • Fingering the vagina
  • Fingering the anus
  • Licking the vagina
  • Licking the anus

“Ok, now what? Can we have sex now?”


How To Do Foreplay?

There isn’t any wrong or right way with regards to foreplay. If oral sex is the primary attraction for you, then your caressing, rubbing and touching run up the arousal you and she needs.

But one factor you should remember: Don’t ever rush foreplay!

Hug her, lick her, suck her, touch her, smell her, suck her, and rub her. Focus on every aspect of her body that you admire.

Don’t work less and give her less on what she deserves. Never hurry foreplay, but hold back until she begs you to penetrate her. That might be the definite sign that you’ll get that she’s enjoying foreplay.

Preparation In Foreplay

Foreplay can begin even before you hold the naked body of your partner. Almost always there’s a period and a spot for a tease, even while you’re outdoors.

So, when you’re starting to warm up, before getting lower on her legs, there is no better moment to apply your foreplay skills to your benefit than before you arrive in the place where you’ll have sex. Remember, it is everything about the excitement and anticipation.

While you’re still outdoors, even before you have some private time, begin with initial phase in foreplay.

  • Hug her lightly
  • Stroke her hair
  • Touch her face
  • Place your arm around her
  • Hold her hands
  • Let her know you like her body
  • Let her know she’s pretty

Act Sexual Fantasies

Foreplay is always fun for lovers only when the two of you appreciate the act. And when you aren’t enjoying, you might despise it and simply skip towards sex.

📌You should try something you know that will capture your imagination. Have you got a sexual fantasy which makes you feel antsy and horny every time you’re alone?

Discuss it together with your partner, then plan to enact it together. It may be something sexually taboo, or perhaps a role playing idea.

Sex fantasies can range from the sex scenes you always play over and over again. It could be something you always think about in masturbation.

Let go of inhibitions and reveal your sexual fantasies as this makes sex more thrilling.

Role play

You might have attempted every position on the Kama Sutra, but before long, the various positions can simply get tiring.

Sexual role playing is the perfect method to heighten your pleasure. This allows you to explore your greatest desires and reveal these to your lover.

You can let the creativity flow and enjoy a little bit of sexual role-playing. Role playing needs some costumes to make it more realistic, enjoyable and fun.

Here are some of the best sex role playing ideas to get you started:

Strangers For A Day

This is one of the most exciting role play you can try. You can plan what day you’ll act them out. You don’t have to reveal what type of stranger you are. As it is you can come up with a new name, persona, occupation, social status, etc.

This is simply straightforward as you’re playing roles and will be meeting for the first time in a public place like a bar, store, supermarket, or restaurant. You’re going to have to act it out and show other people that you’re meeting for the very first time. The aim is for both of you to openly flirt, and seduce one another.

The Repairman/Delivery Guy

This works as well using the electrician, plumber, delivery man, or salesman roles. He comes home and rings the bell. Your woman in brand-new satin night dress open the door and greets you, allowing you to come in. Your woman starts flirting and you start with your foreplay.

The Teacher and Student

In this role play, you pretend to be inside a class that will get beyond control. The role playing can work in two ways. Your woman can be the female teacher, while you’re the male student. In another role, you can be the male professor, while she’s the college student. You should get the best school uniforms you can find.

Foreplay Costumes

Having sex is an exhilarating experience by itself. If you toss in some fun and games, then sex turns into something a lot more exciting (that you’re always looking forward to be doing).

As a couple always trying out different and new ways to have your sex lives become more interesting. Dressing up in sex is one of the unique ways to make it kinkier.

Costumes are part of many couple’s bed room antics and lead not only to incredible foreplay but more closeness.

Living your fantasies together with your lady will not keep things weird, but it’ll certainly increase your desire to have her more (as well as the other way around).

📌You can liven up sex for a good amount of reasons, though dressing up does not need for you to spend $500 on some latex and lingerie. The key to your foreplay costume is exactly what it can do to excite your imagination for better sex.

Wearing costumes is a great way to change of pace while letting her take control. Putting in some costumes also help break the monotony that you may sometimes feel when you’re having sex.

Some of the foreplay costumes you can get are office clothes
hooker, policeman, school uniforms, cheerleader, tennis wear, sports uniforms, movie costumes among many others.

Dirty Talk

This is one in the hottest thing that you can do during intercourse. Know what’s even better about dirty speaking during sex, it allows you to discuss your deepest sexual self-talk, without any concern for you being judged by your partner.

You should be able to speak dirty anywhere, during sex or possibly the master bedroom. Just discuss something naughty or perhaps something you’ve always imagined.

You just need a few sentences before both of you feel stiff across the loins!

However, dirty talk is not for everyone, in case your lady wants it, sometimes it can go on as an added arousal for both of you.

It works best if both of you do the dirty talk and she reciprocates actively.

If you need help how to dirty talk sounds like. Pop in a porn clip to get your creative juice flowing. Watch how porn stars talk to one another along with the moans and groans.

“You like that huh, you like that…”

“You taste really good…oooooh”

“Oh my god, you’re one naughty $#@%.. ”

Well, you get the idea!

Using The 5 Senses in Foreplay

Foreplay requires the both of you to use your five senses.
Just in case, these senses are sight, taste, touch, smell, and hearing. All you need is just allow the creativity flow in using all your senses, and she’ll be appreciative of your actions.

You can deeply gaze into her eyes, while rubbing her vagina. You can run your fingers on one side of her mouth area before kissing her lightly on the lips. You can run your tongue to taste every thing in her breasts. You can then whisper in her ears while you proceed and get a good smell of her hair.

Using Sex Toys

Perhaps, one of the best accessories in foreplay is by using sex toys and other sex paraphernalia. These can be blindfolds, hand cuffs, silk scarf, paddle, whip, dildos, butt plugs, cock rings, anal massager, among many others.

Use toys created from metal, steel, silicone, or glass. You can even use ice cubes to excite the different sensitive areas of the body. Using accessories is one the best ways heighten your arousal as every touch provides an intense feeling which both of you will like.

Step by Step Guide Foreplay

So how you do foreplay, begin by making out with her, you should know and feel how she likes it.

Kiss her passionately, and softly. You should take your time here and not rush whatsoever.

As you’re doing this, smoothly get your hands on her clothes. Grabbing her hips and waist, making sure to make her feel your assertiveness.

You can start and hug her from behind. Work your way by kissing her nape, neck, and ear. Turn and kiss her ear, by lick it lightly. Using the tip of your tongue, suck or even bite it softly. Start licking, kissing, sucking the neck.

Kiss her on the lips, working your way to the neck, then down to her breast. You should unclasp the bra to release it. Lay her down on the bed and start kissing her lips again.

Start kissing on the external parts of the breasts while you cup the underside. Just kiss, suck the underside of her tits.

Move your mouth and start grazing your lips across her boobs. Lightly cup her nipple with your lips, just like how babies suck them.

From her breast, kiss down to her stomach to her belt line. You should kiss the edge of her skirt or panties.

Passionately kiss, lick and even nibble the regions of her vagina, with her panties on, go slow as they’re very delicate. You can also kiss the outer lips of her vagina over her panties. As you take her panties off, start kissing her thighs, then towards her bikini line.

Your best point of attack in her vagina is to lick it very softly as if you’re barely making contact with some strokes of your tongue. Keep going with smooth strokes, then slightly pull your tongue back, then out again gently into her clit.

You can move in and out from the clitoris, to the pussy lips, then out to her inner thighs, then back inside. Try to read the defense and see how she respond from broad strokes, hard strokes, and soft strokes. You can likewise finger her, while you suck on her vagina.

Hopefully, she already had her orgasm. Unlike guys, a woman’s orgasm lasts longer and even occur in succession. You should keep going until she’s peaked, where you’ll then ease off the pressure before you relieve yours.

Signs Of A Sexually Satisfied Woman

As important is the act of foreplay, you still need to know if she likes what you’re doing. Some guys ask for some signs, so here’s what to look for to see if she enjoy your sex foreplay.

Harden nipples

It can be possible that she’s cold or nervous. But hardened nipples is a great sign that she is sexually aroused and highly stimulated.

She’s emotional

In this situation, your woman collapses and starts being emotional and sensitive like crying as being a girl. Don’t get worried, for the reason that she’s feeling good.

She falls asleep

Most women can be incredibly drained and tired that their body needs rest to recuperate. Sex is just like a workout, and if the muscles get tired, you know it has been stimulated for good.

She snuggle

You may feel her snuggle on you, holding you tight and feeling your arms.

She can’t walk

She got the best sex if she simply can’t walk because her legs are quivering. The shaky legs are a sure-fire sign that you have carried out your duty as a man should.

If she requires a few moments to get her legs and thighs, before she goes to the bathroom to clean up, you know that you just made her feel extremely good.

She can’t stop talking

If once you are done getting your bang on, she can’t stop speaking in regards to the positions you’d have her in, the sensations she felt, chances are she’s stupefied out of your penis goodness.

She’s smiling

If she’s smiling from ear to ear, then she’s sexually satisfied.


Men should strive in giving women the kind of sex pleasure she desires. She would soon indicate to you that she appreciates how you take time to do the right things to drive her wild in bed.

Have you enjoyed reading our article on foreplay, then share with others whom you think would want some great information on how to best satisfy women.

Also, share us your comments and suggestions on the field below.


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