Japanese Sex Pillows – Best Dakimakura Anime Sex Pillows 2018 ( You’ll Love This Hug, Body Pillows!)

There’s an increasing trend in Japan and parts of Asia of the love for “Dakimakura”. When directly translated into English, it’s called “hug pillows”.

The items though are more widely available as “Japanese Sex Pillows” and “anime love pillows” in sex shops, sold along with sex toys and sex accessories.

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I know what you’re thinking.

Would you be able to do more than just “hug” the pillows?

Well, you can find out about that in our article. Read on to see for yourself.

What are Dakimakura?

Dakimakura is love pillow that features an anime character. The print mostly has female anime characters in daring outfits and provocative poses. Some of the popular items even have the anime girl character showing her breast, vagina, and butt.

The meaning of the term ‘dakimakura’ is actually derived from ‘daki’ which means ‘to embrace or cling’ and ‘makura’ which means ‘pillow’. This item is a large type of pillow in Japan and often known in English as “hug pillow” or a “body pillow”.

Dakimakura is similar to the Western orthopedic body pillows. However, it has since evolved as a security object or a means of comfort by a lot of Japanese men. Men even love their body pillow (like a girlfriend), as it portrays female anime characters in life-size images.

In the 1990s, dakimakura started to blend with the otaku culture. This led to the major production of pillow covers or pillow cases that feature the printed life-size images of bishonen and bishōjo from various anime or video games.

Sometimes the reference for the term is a “Dutch wife”. Though the original definition is close to the meaning of chikufujin “bamboo wife”.

What are the Sizes of Dakimakura Body Pillows?

The dakimakura is available in different sizes ranging from 45 to 65 inches length and 20 to 35 inches width. In the mid-2000s, dakimakura were available in just one size: 60 x 20 inches, considered to be the standard Japanese-sized pillow.

In the late 2000s, larger size dakimakura became available due to the increasing popularity in Western countries.

Who Uses Japanese Sex Pillows?

In Japan, Dakimakura increasingly became an alternative sex partner to men due to the popularity of beautiful female characters from anime and video games. It has been partly declassified into sex toys, though there are still some items that can also be found on bedding categories.

The Japanese market of sex pillows for men became a substitute for sex dolls, with an array of designs with options for penis insertion and availability of vagina sleeves or anal holes.

Why Get Dakimakura Anime Love Pillows?

One of the main reason most guys get the Japanese body pillows is for having a soft and comfortable cushion which they can hug in bed.

Though, the sensual and uncensored images of anime female characters further suggest that it can be used as a sex object, along with other sex products like sex dolls, pocket pussy, or Fleshlight.

Of course, beyond the sexual nature of the images, the body pillow provides a relief from tension, stress, and difficulty in sleep.

What are the Types of Dakimakura Hug Pillows?

The most basic type of Dakimakura is the body pillow with printed life-size images of female characters in the pillow sheet.

Recently, there’s the ‘Lovely Legs Hopper Pillow’ or ‘bikyaku hopper pillow’. These are body pillows with legs shaped cushions quite similar to the appearance of a sex doll.

Still, there are other evolving designs though it’s already close to designs of sex toys. For instance, the company ‘Dekunobô’ develops ‘flesh pillows’ with designs of body pillows that features female contours, and tush cushions (like the product Venus body).

How to Use Dakimakura Body Pillows?

You can use it as a head rest for sleep or even just embrace it with your body, wrapping your arms and legs around it.

However, it’s also common that you’ll feel turned on by the soft body like a cushion and the beautiful sexy uncensored images that you feel the need to ‘dry hump’ or rub the body pillow in your genitals. You should, however, take notice that ejaculating your load into the pillow sheets might affect the print.

You should consider using a pocket pussy, Fleshlight or another sex toy that can catch the semen and not blow it directly into the print on the pillow case.

Do All Body Pillows Include Stuffing?

The Dakimakura Japanese Sex Pillows you can find in retails stores often indicate its just a pillow case, or if it includes a stuffed pillow. Otherwise, just get the appropriate size of a body pillow.

Top Japanese Sex Pillows – Dakimakura Body Pillows

Sex PillowsPrice CheckDimensionWeightCharacter
Spice & Wolf’s Holo Japanese Sex Pillow14 x 8 x 45 inches2.4 poundsSpice & Wolf’s Holo
XXX Holic: Sexy Yuko Body Pillow14 x 8 x 45 inches4 poundsHolic’s Yuko
Sexy Rem from Re: Zero – Uncensored Body Pillow59 inch x 19.6 inch9.6 ouncesRe: Zero’s Rem
Attack on Titan Mikasa Love Pillow59 inch x 19.6 inch8 ouncesAttack on Titan’s Mikasa
Sasha from Attack on Titan – Body Sex Pillow59 inch x 19.6 inch3.8 ouncesSasha from Attack on Titans
Special Pillow – Love Venus Hugging Pillow Japanese Sex Pillow33 x 24 x 21 inches7 poundsNone

For a guy, perhaps the hardest thing in being single, divorce, breaking up with a girl, or just having no partner is not having
someone to have sex!

Masturbation can be a relief in some way or another. Though, there would be days you’re also yearning for someone to hug or embrace at night. It’s just a primary human need.

As they say, the invention is the mother of necessity. So, let me introduce you to Damakura, a Japanese Sex pillow invention that pretty much solves your need for someone (or something) to cuddle and also help you get relief from your need for sex. I’ll show you the best dakimakura pillows in the market right now. You’ll also learn about queries people ask about Japanese anime body pillows.

1. Spice & Wolf’s Holo Japanese Sex Pillow

The Spice & Wolf Holo Sex Pillow is a double sided soft comfy material. It retains its shape even with long periods of hugging. If the wolf harvest deity Holo caught your fancy, then this body pillow is a great sleep (and sex) companion!

Snuggle with this hug pillow throughout the night. This should keep you company in bed, without the empty feeling of being alone in cold evenings. Also, take note that this anime hug pillow isn’t just your normal pillow. It is based on the popular dakimakura Japanese hug pillows.

You can hug ’em when you sleep and it should give you a good sense of security and comfort. It can even help you with back problems. Of course, you’ll have that soft cushion to press your body.

In Japan, there’s perception that the anime hug pillows can be otaku girlfriends. Though it certainly not always true, since most otaku has actual girlfriends! Still, there are men who ‘dry hump’ their body pillows as soon as they get a ‘hard on’. Don’t make mistake about it, those who initially use this to get comfortable, eventually get a boner with the soft cushion after looking at those deep colors of Holo.

Honestly, it’s easy to get a hard dick with a soft body pillow wrapped in your arms. What more with the sexy pose of the girl wolf deity Holo. Think of it like a flaccid foam from nature, tumbling down from Yoitsu.

If you’re not a follower of ‘Spice and Wolf’, you’ll definitely want to know that Holo took the form of a 15-year-old girl and is the Pasloe town goddess of the harvest. The love story evolves with the 25-year-old merchant Kraft Lawrence trading and peddling goods from one town to another. He has been traveling for seven years until one night when he met the white-tailed wolf deity Holo, who’s actually 600 years old. Though, she feels lonely and fragile, relying on Lawrence for company and affection.

So, if you’re feeling tired and restless yourself after a day’s work, you should feel the comfort of being able to hug or even press your hard member to the Love & Spice Holo Body Sex Pillow!

Product Details

  • Dimensions: 14 x 8 x 45 inches
  • Weight: 2.4 pounds
  • Character: Spice & Wolf’s Holo
  • Double sided soft comfy material
  • Retains shape even with long hugging
  • Have sexy pose of ‘Spice & Wolf’ deity girl Holo
  • Length size may be small for tall guys

2. XXX Holic: Sexy Yuko Body Pillow

The item XXX Holic Sexy Yuko Body Pillow is super comfy, soft, and perfect features the image of Yuko. It’s a great body pillow, not just in bed, but in your couch or in the living room. The pillow’s length is ideal for those in average height. Just hug it at any time and even put it between your knees.

If you follow XXX Holic, this is a great find. It has very pretty colors and you’ll be glad to know, you can hug, cuddle, and squeeze Yuko to no end. Just embrace her whenever you want. This anime love pillow is definitely perfect for super XXX Holic fans.

If you hug the Sexy Yuko body pillow, it’s quite common to get ‘turn on’ from the soft cushion. Some guys would then wish there’s a ‘hole’ in their dakimakura, so they can insert themselves in. There are those who start rubbing the pillow in their groin. Just watch out if you try to dry hump though as it might mess up your XXX Holic Yuko body pillow, especially if you ejaculate directly in her.

If you feel the needs, you may want to have a pocket pussy available to help you out and get an orgasm relief.

Just take note.

Anime sex pillows like Yuko makes you feel good from the moment you feel her. It’s well-made, durable, and feels right for new and experienced users of body pillows.

If you’re planning to get one, and haven’t used such item in the past, having a soft hug pillow is comfortable and body pain reliever. It can help relieve tension, stress, and anxiety. More than anything, it can help you get a good night sleep. There’s nothing more relaxing than having someone to hug warmly in bed.

Check Price at Amazon

Product Details

  • Dimensions: 14 x 8 x 45 inches
  • Weight: 4 pounds
  • Manufacturer: GE Animation
  • Character: XXX Holic’s Yuko
  • Comfy, soft, and well made
  • Can help relieve tension, stress
  • Features Sexy Yuko from XXX Holic
  • Width length can be small for some

3. Sexy Rem from Re: Zero – Uncensored Body Pillow

This is the digital art edition of Rem, a character from popular anime Re: Zero. The print in the case has the provocative and fully uncensored pose beautiful girl Rem.

Of course, you’ll get the exact print on the image, without the red circle that block Rem’s private parts.

The Pillowcase is made with the high-quality fabric in mid-weight woven polyester. This is known as Peach Skin, a 100% real skin fabric material.

A body pillow is ideal for those who have upper or lower back pains. This anime hug pillow can be your best friend and it will not push you back in case you need a warm embrace.

Eventually, if you decide for her to be a friend with benefits, that is you want to get some sex action, there should be no problem.

Squeeze her as tight as you can and wrap her in your legs. It’s highly likely you’ll get a hard member as you feel the soft and comfy cushion in your body.

Be aware that the print might fade if you lose it and cum in the pillow sheet. To preserve the full color of Rem’s sexy image, resist the temptation to blow on the print. You may want to use pocket pussy to catch the sperm if you may ejaculate.

Product Details

  • Dimensions: 59 inch x 19.6 inch
  • Weight: 9.6 ounces
  • Manufacturer: GB Arts
  • Pillow Case Only. (Stuffing not included)
  • Character: Re: Zero’s Rem


  • Fully Uncensored Image
  • 100% Real Peach Skin Fabric
  • Double-Sided high quality image
  • Printed with the finest ink
  • Covered Zipper
  • Re: Zero’s Rem (Ready For Action)
  • Fully uncensored hot image of Zero’s Rem
  • 100% Real Peach Skin Fabric
  • Double-Sided high quality print

None stated

4. Attack on Titan Mikasa Love Pillow

This is a digital art version of Mikasa Ackerman, a character from the popular anime Attack on Titans.

The print on the pillow case is fully uncensored, that is when you receive the item, it is the exact image, without the obstructing red circle on Mikasa’s luscious parts.

Made with the superior quality fabric, the pillow case is mid-weight woven 100% polyester known as Peach Skin. The zipper is blended in the pillow case, so it doesn’t get in the way when you hug her.

This body pillow is a great item to have in a collection, especially if you’re a huge Attack on Titan fan. If you’re fairly new or don’t know the series just yet, you may want to know just a little background about Mikasa.

Mikasa is actually fairly tall and physically fit teenage girl. She has chin-length black hair, though she cut it short at some time. She has pale colored skin, with serene black eyes. Her body is known to be extremely well-toned, with lean muscles lined through her arms, legs, and abs for a completely sexy figure.

It would be hard to deny that body pillows like Mikasa Japanese Sex Pillow would not just help you get a good sleep, but help you with your sexual urges when you’re alone.

Product Details

  • Product Dimensions: 59 inch x 19.6 inch
  • Weight: 8 ounces
  • Manufacturer: GB Arts
  • Pillow Case Only (Stuffing not included)
  • Character: Attack on Titan’s Mikasa


  • Fully uncensored image of Mikasa
  • 100% Real Peach Skin Fabric
  • Double-Sided high quality image print
  • Printed with the finest ink
  • Covered Zipper
  • Uncensored image of Mikasa from Attack on Titans
  • 100% Real Peach Skin Fabric
  • Double-Sided high quality print

None stated

5. Sasha from Attack on Titan – Body Sex Pillow

This digital art of Sasha Blouse, a character from hit anime Attack on Titan, is colorfully printed on the case. It is a completely uncensored image. So you’ll see Sasha’s beautiful parts without any obstruction of a circle.

It is likewise made from high-quality woven Peach Skin polyester fabric so it’s comfortable to hug.

Interesting to note recently, dakimakura have somewhat been associated with Japanese youth, geeks, and nerds.

For instance, dakimakura online retailers provide a range of hug pillows, but not necessarily for otaku. It targets men and women alike with marketing for a good night’s sleep.

Of course, upon seeing Sasha’s luscious attributes, a good sleep can just be a precursor to thoughts of sex.

Sasha is a young woman in the series, with red-brown hair kept in a ponytail which reaches her neck at the back. You’ll see her with standard Survey Corps uniform with a light gray shirt and a skirt. She has a sexy slender figure and in average height. She’s fun-loving and friendly girl.

Would Sasha Body Pillow be a great Japanese sex pillow? You bet she is. It’s always a joy to see her beautiful face and figure, what more if you can hug her every night.

Product Details

  • Dimensions: 59 inch x 19.6 inch
  • Weight: 3.8 ounces
  • Manufacturer: GB Arts
  • Pillow Case Only (Stuffing not included)
  • Character: Sasha from Attack on Titans


  • 100% Real Peach Skin Fabric
  • Double-Sided high quality image
  • Printed with the finest deep color ink
  • Fully uncensored image of Sahsa
  • Covered Zipper
  • 100% Real Peach Skin Fabric
  • Double-Sided high quality image
  • Fully uncensored image of Sahsa

None stated

6. Special Pillow – Love Venus Hugging Pillow Japanese Sex Pillow

This product comes from the popular Love Body Series. It features the eye-catching 3D Female Body Pillow that comes together with a proportion of 1:1 life-cushion. The Love Venus Body Pillow is great for all your sleep, relaxing, or even sex activities. She has a hole especially made for you. This allows you to attach your best masturbation sleeves.

You’ll definitely appreciate the soft material that comprises the Love Venus Body Pillow. It’s as tactile as you can get. This is fully pliable and squeezable, so you’ll have plenty of fun to love and play with Venus. This sex pillow should give your lonely nights more color and life.

The Love Venus Body Pillow is easy to clean. But you should keep the masturbation sex toy that you’ll attach wrapped in the shaft and placed in its plastic wrap before you insert it into the Love Venus Body Pillow.

Product Details

  • Dimensions: 33 x 24 x 21 inches
  • Weight: 7 pounds
  • Pillow is shaped like a woman’s body
  • Has the humps of the boobs and butt
  • With hole to insert vagina sleeve or pocket vagina
  • Torso might look creepy for some


Have you found a Japanese Sex Pillow that you like? Which Dakimakura Body Pillow would like to have? Leave any reactions, insights, or ideas in our comment section just below.


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