3 Best Sex Wedge Pillows For Deep Penetration Positions

Exploring different sexual positions can sometimes be uncomfortable. However, it should not always be the case, thanks to sex pillows. A satisfying sex life is a key factor in a successful relationship.

So, I created the 3 Best Sex Pillows 2018 list to help you find the cushions that will help you enjoy a fulfilling bedroom encounter with your partners.

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Best Sex Pillows

* I personally recommend Toughage Cylinder Cushion Love Pillow as the #1 sex pillow. I love its versatility in different sex positions. Though I also have the Triangle Wedge Sex Pillow in the room. Get both sex pillows if you can.

Sex PillowsPrice CheckDimensionWeightInflatable
Toughage Sex Pillow - Cylinder Shaped Sex Cushion
Click Here To Buy Worldwide Shipping86 x 22cm12.3 ouncesYes
Triangle Wedge Sex Pillow -
Sex Position Cushion Aid Furniture

Click Here To Buy Worldwide Shipping36 x 45 x 16 cm0.18 kgYes
Sex Position Pillow

Click Here To Buy Worldwide Shipping470 x 340 x 160mm2.2 lbsN/A

3 Best Sex Pillows 2018

A great sex is not limited to doing it in our bed. There are cushions that are designed to help us explore different sexual positions conveniently, safely and without a sweat. Here are the best pillows that will help us level up our bedroom encounter with our partner.

Sex pillows come in different shapes and sizes. There are pillows designed to pleasure oneself and cushions to try different sexual positions with a partner. Whether you’re looking for the former or the latter, our list will surely contain the material you’re looking for.

1. Toughage Sex Pillow – Cylinder Shaped Cushion Long Sofa Love Pillow for Couples

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Toughage is a sex pillow that will help you and your partner enjoy adventurous sexual positions comfortably.

A sex pillow usually increases comfort and enhances pleasure during lovemaking. Its angled design allows better access to key romantic areas.

It also makes oral sex more exciting and enables a deeper and more satisfying penetration. This pillow is made from quality material and is very durable.

In fact, it can support weight over 230 pounds. It is very comfortable to use and also serves as a good support when you’re resting. It reduces body aches and discomfort.

📌 If you’re looking to sneak a moment away from life and the kids or just want a comfortable way to have sex due to a physical ailment then this pillow is for you.

If you’re looking to enhance the pleasure you experience while being intimate with your partner, this cushion is for you as well.

If you want to do it solo, this toy includes a pocket where you can insert a penis, dildo or other sex toys to satisfy yourself.

Unfortunately, the hole is not too big, so thick toys and dildos with balls/suctions cups may not fit.

However, since this is an inflatable pillow, you should be ready in pumping it. Also, the pump that goes along with it seems to be of poor quality.

Its outside materials also get dirty easily. This pillow is a good addition to your sex toy collection especially if you want to experience a different taste of fun.

In terms of price, this is definitely affordable. This toy is highly recommended.


  • Inflation size: 86x22cm (33.8×8.6in)
  • Weight: 12.3 ounces
  • Aperture Diameter: 5cm
  • Durable
  • Easy to clean
  • Inflatable
  • Portable
  • Affordable
  • None


Allows you and your girl for exciting adventurous positions. I highly recommend this. Order below.

2. Inflatable Triangle Sex Pillow for Couples – Sex Position Cushion Aid Furniture Pillow

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This triangle sex pillow is a must-purchase to inspire greatness in the bedroom. It is soft, firm and comfortable for use that is why it’s in the second spot.

The pillow’s subtle slope and firmness offer incredible support and lift while allowing a deeper angle of penetration. This makes your G-spot reachable and heightens the sensation.

If you want to explore the art of restraint, you can have your lover tied into some cuffs. This positions your partner where you want him or her to be and provide the best position for your fantasy.

📌 With this cushion, you can try the wheelbarrow, crazy town, and midnight positions. This pillow will work for best for you and your partner.

This is the perfect accessory to experiment in your bedroom and explore your sexual fantasies. With this Triangle Sex Pillow, you can perform topsy-turvy, the rodeo, evolved oral and standing positions.

Some are more playful when they use wrist cuff to keep the lover into some bondage.

Still, use the pillow for support when you do the following positions: the wheelbarrow, crazy town, and midnight watch to name a few.

This item is not as pricey compared to others, but obviously, cost more than regular pillows. Also, you need to learn how to use it appropriately.

Otherwise, you won’t enjoy it and it will be useless. That will surely convince you that playing in your bedroom is always fun when you try it in different ways.


  • Dimension: 47 x 34 x 16 cm
  • Weight: 0.99 kg
  • Soft and firm
  • Supports several sexual positions
  • Encourages your creativity?
  • Includes position guide
  • Washable microfiber cover
  • None stated


A sex furniture that should be part of your bedroom. Easily order the product below.

3. Sex Position Pillow Love Cushion for Couples

>>Click Here To See Product

This sex position pillow is another cushion that will be a good addition to your sex furniture. This pillow is designed to make various positions easier to perform.

You will love this because it give you a better and more comfortable angle to make all the positions you have in mind possible.

It offers support where you need it while keeping yourself and the pillow in place. It also gives enough lift. Thanks to this pillow, you will enjoy the right elevation to spare your head, neck, and shoulder.

📌 Its slanted shape and flocked surface allow you to maintain any position comfortably and without worries of sliding off. It comes smooth material to hold the position without breaking the rhythm.

The only downside about this product is that it easily collects lint and dust. If you don’t clean up your space, you will see the dirt sticking on this pillow.

This product is effective, durable and affordable. This is one of my most favorite sex pillows and I guarantee you, you will love this too once you get to experience its quality and performance. This is highly recommended.


  • Dimension: 24” L X 16” W X 4”-8” H
  • Weight: 16 oz.
  • Enhances sexual position
  • Wedge shape supports multiple sexual positions
  • No-slip surface
  • Convenient to store
  • Portable
  • Supports up to 300 lbs
  • Includes warranty
  • Affordable
  • Easily collects dust and lint


If you’re into multiple sex positions, you want some comfortable support. This sex pillow is great for those positions that may hurt you r your partner’s back and hips. Order product below.


Banging a girl and having her position in various ways to have the entry you wanted should not be uncomfortable for her.

Sex pillows work for men and women these materials will surely make a huge difference in your sex life. How do you find our list above? If you feel that we missed any good product, please let us know and we will consider your suggestion.

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