Early Ejaculation Treatments – Learn Effective Methods To Control Your Cum Shots

Many guys suffer from guilt and distress about acknowledging that they ejaculate too suddenly, leading them to have more stress in their sex play.

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Well, there’s a specific reason why early ejaculation wasn’t diagnosed clearly. It was previously believed to be merely emotional.

However, more medical professionals distinguish rapid ejaculation as more complicated. It does demand an interplay of psychical and physiological therapies.

As it’s quite a hot topic that needs to be addressed, we’ll discuss how to stop early ejaculation and the various treatments available to those who cum too quick.

Early Ejaculation Meaning

What is the early ejaculation? It’s a well-known ailment in which you feel you’re approaching bliss too soon.

📌Also known as premature ejaculation, it’s an uncontrollable release of your nut juice before or even shortly after sexual thrusting. It occurs with limited sexual stimulation before he even hopes to unload the semen. It may appear in inadequate sex for lovers.

The earlier definitions of the core elements to early ejaculation include:

  • Short ejaculatory latency
  • No control on ejaculation
  • No sex satisfaction

This can develop the strain that may continuously exaggerate the sex difficulty. It’s one of the most frequent male sexual dysfunction types and has presumably changed every guy at some point in their relationships.

We usually suggest that it’s too swift for men to enjoy sex. Somewhere under 2 minutes is identified as early ejaculation.

Even if there’s no real cure for early ejaculation, there are remedies and practices you can do to prevent PE.

Remember that for most folks, what usually work is a blend of various methods along with emotional counseling, if needed.

Quite often, it’s a mix of fear and pressure, but also bad habits of ejaculating experiences.

In the modest terms, early ejaculation happens when you do not have restraint on your cock load and result to your girl not sexually satisfied.

Premature ejaculation can befall in 20 to 60 seconds, and even happen before insertion.

Against the silly depictions seen in porn flicks (where actors last up to 30 minutes above), the typical period it takes before a boy ejaculates during fornication is around 5-8 minutes.

In 2009, the International Society for Sexual Medicine presented its reports for the analysis and control of PE. It proposed an evidence-based definition of early ejaculation and defined it as a male sexual problem determined by:

  • Ejaculation that nearly or always transpires before or just around the 20 to 60 seconds of pussy insertion.
  • Failure to hold ejaculation on nearly all vaginal insertions
  • Contrary, personal sexual outcomes, such as anxiety, worry, disappointment and avoiding sex.

This definition, regarded as the most robust to date owing to its evidence-based nature and has mostly replaced the previous descriptions as the standard definition of PE.

However, the Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders due to being written in May 2013may provide a different take on the definition of premature ejaculation.

Early Ejaculation Symptoms

The initial symptom is an unmanaged ejaculation either before or just after fucking starts. Ejaculation happens before you wish it to come, with least sexual arousal.

Premature ejaculation is nearly universal and can strike guys at any age.

PE transpires when you don’t have command over ejaculation, and as a result, he and his girl are not sexually satisfied.

Even if the exact origin is unknown, premature ejaculation may come from psychological, physical, or emotional issues.

A calculated 35% of men start premature ejaculation (PE) at some time in their life, which can prompt anguish.

📌Ejaculation can be viewed premature when it’s around 30 seconds to 3 minutes into sex, usually depending on diverse countries, cultures, and experts analysis.

However, it appears that most direct argument that sex that persists less than 2 minutes may be granted as premature.

If your ejaculation results too soon and your girl didn’t enjoy sex and was not satisfied, then that’s a cause for concern.

There are a couple of types: lifelong ( known as primary) and the acquired (known as secondary) Premature Ejaculation.

Lifetime PE often begins early on in one’s life, typically when you’re a teen having their first sex experiences. It’s tougher to handle and usually has extensive psychical causes.

Bad practices may also add, such as masturbating and ejaculate as quickly as possible to evade getting seen.

Acquired PE occurs later in life and is triggered by emotional stress, relationship problems, or physical reasons like high blood pressure or diabetes.

Causes of Early Ejaculation

Some doctors consider that early sex adventures may set a pattern that can be challenging to break later in life.

Guilty reactions that develop your inclination to hurry through sexual encounters is a known culprit. Other circumstances that can perform a part in creating PE include the following:

Erectile dysfunction – People who are worried about receiving or keeping their erection during coitus may cause you to rush to blow your jizz.

Anxiety – Many boys with PE also have difficulties with stress—either explicitly about the sexual play or linked to other psychological issues.

Relationship problems – If you have had pleasant relationships with other girls, but premature ejaculation resulted occasionally or never, it’s reasonable that some sex issues between your current girl could be adding to the difficulty.

Biological Causes – Some biological circumstances may add to PE like bad hormone levels, irrational neurotransmitters levels, abnormal reflex activity, some thyroid problems, prostate infection, urethra inflammation, inherited attributes, and nerve damages.

USA News reported that typical sex in couples lasts around 7.5 minutes in the US. However, a shocking 45% of men lasts just under 2 minutes.

Early Ejaculation Natural Treatment

There are many natural treatments that you can do to treat early ejaculation. Keep in mind that there’s no ‘single cure’ for PE. Some use combinations of therapies, medications, and quick remedies. Here are some of the natural treatments that you can do.

Start-Stop Technique – Perhaps the most popular method. You do it by yourself or with the help of your girl. The process involves penis stimulation, but you hold just before you about to explode your cumshot.

Stop any stimuli for half a minute. Then begin again after you feel you have some control. Do again this procedure 5-7 times, where you stop and start every time you’re about to be going to orgasm. Finally, let your cock cum occur so you can know the reference point.

Squeeze Technique – This works as you squeeze your penis in the spot between your penile glans and shaft for about 20-30 seconds before you blow your wad. This ceases your vagizzle but may adversely affect your erection. This means you need to be stimulated once more which will be difficult for some guys.

If you use this method, repeat this routine 5-6 times or more, just up to the point you can’t hold your penis juice anymore.

This is a valid method you can use, but need to practice for months, as it requires extraordinary patience and work, not just from you but your woman.

Extended foreplay – It can help boost your girl’s satisfaction and even stop early ejaculation if you prolong foreplay. The longer is your foreplay, the more you can improve your relationship as it minimizes frustration, dissatisfaction, and performance worries.

Think of something else – So think of something that can be distracting, annoying, or downright boring. Some men find this distraction method just as helpful for delaying the sperm explosion.

📌The trick here is to consciously think of some mundane stuff that takes away your hypersensitivity to cum quickly to your girl. Some men imagine some shopping lists, a basketball play, or do algebra problems in their heads.

Take deep breaths – Just before blow your semen, practice taking deep breaths as this can delay your orgasm. Through repeated practice, you can slow your ejaculation and eventually edge out the stimulation to prolong sex. Also, this can minimize your anxiety and even give you better self-control over your cumshot timing.

Early Ejaculation Ayurvedic Medicine

Essentially, Ashwagandha’s an evergreen shrub that naturally grows in the Middle East as well as some regions in India and of Africa.

The roots, leaves, and fruits of the herb have been used as a physical medicine for different ailments in the past thousands of years. Other terms used in the plant include Winter Cherry or Indian ginseng.

The Ashwagandha herb has been considered to be an essential Ayurvedic herb. It’s used in healthcare practices in India as far as 3000 years.

📌Right now, the Ashwagandha plant is a common ingredient you’ll find in male enhancement products and supplements. You can use it for different medicinal purposes like premature ejaculation treatment and testosterone booster.

According to Ayurveda studies, early ejaculation happens when there’s an aggravated “Vata.” The “Vata” helps manage all movement in your body, soul, and mind.

Your “Vata” helps control proper breathing, blood flow, wastes disposal, and more importantly, your mind’s train of thoughts.

When a man’s “Vata” becomes agitated, he experiences premature ejaculation as it makes it hard for him to last long on sex.

The Ashwagandha herb can support healthier blood flow when you get stimulation and sexual arousal, while it also works on your mind and body, so you fully relax even in intercourse.

Even if you can find Ashwagandha root in herbal stores and African, Indian or Middle Eastern local market, it would be easier and more convenient to use the herb’s supplement form.

Home Remedies For Early Ejaculation

You can use home remedies for early ejaculation treatment. As mentioned that PE can be an emotional or mental problem, you can quickly use some methods to help you hold your penis juice. However, you may need to practice these techniques for several weeks or months to get your body accustomed to new habits.

1. Ejaculatory Reflex – Try to have control on your ejaculatory reflex. Start stimulating your cock. Masturbate as you usually do, at least 4-5 times in a week. This can help you get accustomed to your stimulation and sensitivity levels.

Try to masturbate in different ways. Fap with a dry hand and then with a wet hand. This varies the sensation which your cock feels. Do it regularly as this helps you gain control on the sensitivity of your penis.

Masturbating until you feel you’re about to release your cum, then stop the stimulation. Allow your erection to go down slightly. Let your arousal to go down 5-8 minutes, then start masturbating once more.

Do this exercise 4-5 times before you finally allow yourself to masturbate to cum.

📌In actual sex, practicing this idea will help you know where your “ejaculation point” so that during the sex moment when you feel the sensation happening, you can back off by pulling out your penis. You can also break into sexual positions or even dampen your excitement for 1-2 minutes. Another break you can switch your stroke.

Alternately, just thrust inside, without the highly sensitive in/out movement. You can just leave your hard dick inside your girl and just lie on top or go in slow circular motion. For some, it can be a bit less enjoyable but helps you last longer. Know what your edge point feels like as this is crucial for attaining control over your ejaculation.

2. Refractory Period – Try using the ‘refractory period’ after you ejaculate. How long before you can achieve another erection after your last ejaculation? How long would you be able to stimulate your second erection before the second ejaculation?

Many folks experience limited sensitivity in their the second erection. Often, your girl needs to do extra work to stimulate you once more until your erection returns.

Then you should use your second erection to achieve a more extended sex session. Even if some lovers may complain about this technique, it has worked very for other couples as well.

3. Ejaculation Timing – Within a particular period or day, try to get some right timing when you go for orgasm. So, if you have not ejaculated within 24 hours while having sex with your sweetpea, then you’ll eventually ejaculate faster.

Try to schedule your ejaculation time. You can masturbate in the morning time, while you can have sex with your girl in the evening. This can help you last longer since you already release your cumshot within the day.

Similarly, if you plan to have sex in the morning, you can masturbate at night. It would have the same resting period, so you last longer in morning time coitus.

4. Longer Foreplay – How much foreplay do you engage yourself into? As much as possible, try several types of foreplay, for a more extended period. Try to focus on your control on your penis stimulation and sensitivity.

Try to rate ejaculation, with 10 being the unloading of sperm and 9 as the very edge of semen explosion. Try to stay at 7.0 – 8.5 stimulation level, where you ‘enjoying’ the stimulus, but not completely lighting the ejaculation dynamite.

You would need more foreplay as this obviously help fight premature ejaculation. It can allow you to control over your excitement, without hurrying through the edge.

Premature Ejaculation Pills

There are available medications available to help you if suffer from premature ejaculation. Some medicines are still not officially certified in the U.S., for treatment use of PE, there are ejaculation pills that can work on some men, like some antidepressants or delay ejaculation supplements.

Some doctors may not prescribe medications instantly, unless they got your detailed sexual history, as this can help them diagnose the right therapy for your ejaculation problem.

Keep in mind, that some drug treatments may have undesirable side effects, and this is something you should tell your doctor before you start taking any medication pills.

In more than 40 countries, including Australia, United Kingdom, and New Zealand, the medicine dapoxetine, known in brand name Priligy, is a quick-acting SSRI, which has a specific license for Premature Ejaculation treatment.

Some medicinal pills specially made to treat other ailments can also be useful in ejaculation control, but it can unintentionally bring side effects, which you otherwise don’t want as it brings health risk. For instance, there are SSRI’s or selective serotonin-reuptake inhibitors, commonly used as antidepressants, though may also work to control your cum.

The SSRIs may increase the serotonin levels, a known sexual activity inhibitor, but some report side effects to eventually ejaculate. Most SSRIs work for those who take them daily, for the specific treatment of depression, which can nonetheless delay orgasm. However, the pills don’t immediately work if you take it before you have sex. More so, the SSRIs can have an extreme and unintended side effect of libido loss. So, it’s better if you weigh the benefits and disadvantages of taking such medications.

It’s better if you just take ejaculation supplements such as Delay sex pills or Ejacutrol sex pills. These products are specially made for treatment of premature ejaculation. It helps delay climax, and you can even take them before sex.

How To Cure PE Permanently

In most cases, PE has a broad spectrum of causes that if men want overcome premature ejaculation over time, they need to work on combinations of treatment, therapies, and medications. There’s no single magic potion to wipe it away.

You may need to learn practicing relaxation or even learn how to distract yourself so you can successfully delay your jizz load.

Interestingly, PE also has links to an unhealthy lifestyle, so you may want to give up on tobacco, alcohol, or illegal drugs if you like to improve how you control your nut juice.

📌Take note, that your doctor may suggest that you and your girl work on some techniques to delay your ejaculation. For instance, you may learn to know how to control body sensations that lead you to ejaculation. But you may need to communicate clearly with your girl to periodically stop or slow down the stimulation so you’ll catch your breath and have control.

Even so, you can try different positions like lying on your back during sex and let your girl go on top.

Behavioral therapy can also help reduce the anxiety linked to premature ejaculation. Some of the known behavioral techniques to help you delay orgasm include the start-and-stop method and the squeeze technique. Behavioural strategies like the squeeze techniques and start-stop often prove valid but don’t provide a long-term solution.

Using Thicker Condoms

Another remedy that you can use is wearing thicker condoms in sex. Thicker condoms provide an impenetrable wall, so it decreases the penis sensitivity. Try these if you think your dick is quite sensitive.

Using special condoms for PE also help some men delay ejaculation. These condoms work by lowering the sensation during sex, thus curbing any early ejaculation problem. Use thick brand condoms such as the following:

  • Durex Extra Strength – 0.08 mm thick
  • Lifestyles Ultra Ribbed – 0.08 mm thick
  • Super Dot Condoms – 0.09mm thick
  • Sagami – 0.090 mm thick
  • Trustex Assorted Flavors Extra Strength – 0.09 mm thick
  • EXS Extra Safe – 0.072 mm thick
  • Trojan Magnum – 0.070 mm thick
  • Durex Performax – 0.070 mm thick (with special lubricant to last longer)

Using PE Creams, Gels, and Delay Sprays

Using early ejaculation creams, gels and delay sprays is also another option to delay your cum. For most PE patients, topical medications can lower the sensitivity using delay creams. There are numbing creams that contain lidocaine which helps in numbing a cock’s sensitivity.

More so, some lubricants are specially formulated with desensitizing agents to help extend your sexual experience. Experts warn though about these such as if you’re going to use numbing creams, sprays, or gels; you should consider wearing a condom to prevent the numbing effects transfer to your woman. It’s likewise recommended to wipe off the delaying medication before you proceed to intercourse.

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Are topical medications a better much solution for you improve control on your ejaculation. While you can take these as long-term treatments for your ejaculation issue, it may not necessarily fix the causes of your PE.

Sexual Counselling

Doctors may also recommend for you to attend sexual counseling and sexual therapy session.

Take note, that sexual counselors and sex therapists are different from the medical doctors, which primarily examines your biological problem causing the early ejaculation.

How would sexual counselors and therapists help treat premature ejaculation? In a way, it includes psychotherapy and talks therapy, as well its a learning technique to help you communicate with your girl about your sexual issues.

It also help that you talk about it, so you feel comfortable in sex and don’t feel nervous everytime you get on with your girl. Talk to professionals and therapists as they help you treat PE condition.

An effective strategy therapists would often tell you is to work and practice with your girl. You can do it through masturbation or on actual sex. Doing so, helps you train your body to delay your cum from coming out too soon.

Pretty soon, if you get to the edge where you’re about to ejaculate, train your mind and body to master specific responses when you’re about to blow your semen into your girl. You should be able to learn to cool down and build up the arousal as you desire.

These therapies and methods should be used together in different combinations to deal with any levels of early ejaculation issue effectively. In turn, it can help improve your self-esteem and boost your sex stamina with medicine.

Effective Treatments of PE

As mentioned a couple of times, the combination of a wide range of techniques and methods, as well as regular sexual counseling, sex pills intake and topical medication application can efficiently treat abnormal ejaculation.

Accordingly, it can take a few weeks or even some months for you to have control and be confident in sex. With various techniques, many guys even continuously use them on a regular basis.

📌On average, 50-90% of guys that uses a combination of methods and techniques manage to control early ejaculation. There is always a risk of relapse if there are significant changes in your life like a break-up, new girl, stressful moments, etc. Most notably, PE may return if you started to feel nervous and anxious.

In general, if you’ll be able to integrate various methods and techniques, you’ll get better in controlling the timing of your cum.


Keep in mind that the more you feel nervous and worry about performing better in sex, the more pressure you feel, the more you’ll suffer from early ejaculation. A conscious effort to deal with PE, day in and out is your best method of attack in having a happier sex life.

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