Fleshlight Mini-Lotus Review – Ultimate Buyer’s Guide

Fleshlight Mini-Lotus

The Fleshlight Mini Lotus is one of the most preferred textures available in every single Fleshlight Girls design. It is said to deliver the most realistic feel in sex as it claims to replicate the form of a vagina.

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So, what makes the Mini-Lotus texture as close to real pussy? As there are many smaller sized men out there having trouble in their sex life, they truly want to experience how a girl’s vagina feels like.

Well, you can find out about that in this review. If you’re thinking of getting the Mini Lotus, but unsure of what to expect, then be sure to read on through this article.

What Is Fleshlight Mini Lotus?

What Is Fleshlight Mini LotusIf you’re a newcomer to Fleshlights, not sure how to begin, the Mini Lotus is a superb first good toy. It often pops through to users’ beloved lists and is available in a lot of different models, including the majority of the Fleshlight Girls range.

The Mini Lotus is just not a mini Fleshlight, it is simply a version from the popular Lotus texture, using the lotus node, which it really is named for appearing even closer to the entry of the sleeve. This layout feature will make it suitable for men with a small apenis but does not detract from the experience for average and larger men.

The sleeve is really for a standard lengthy cock and is provided with many women models with some as sleeve-only alternatives.

From the entry, the Mini Lotus starts immediately in a small canal which happens to be quite limited. Even so, slightly broader chamber practices, relieving the strain a bit.

The lotus node is next to it, situated inside of the sleeve. The node can be a small holding chamber which results in an intense a sense of penetration as well as its placement with this sleeve implies that it is effectively within reach for smaller than typical penises. A quick and filter canal leading to the five chambers make up to the other sleeve.

How Do The Mini Lotus Feel?

When you have tried the Lotus, you might be anticipating a similar experience. However, the Mini Lotus feels really different.

At first, the opening is quite restricted. It makes a nice breaking through sensation that only releases a little bit when you go into the next, somewhat wider segment. The lotus node comes at the open than in Lotus and you can quickly tease yourself by continuously pushing a way through it after which pulling again. The location of the node makes it made available for men with smaller penises.

The Fleshlight Mini Lotus is a great basic Fleshlight. It’s a middle of your pack sleeve that is perfect for somebody looking to purchase their initial Fleshlight or trying to find something practical.

The Mini Lotus can be another great selection for smaller males as its entryways canal is restricted and the great lotus node is within 3” from the entryway.

Difference Between Lotus and Mini-Lotus

LotusThe first Lotus is quite like the Mini Lotus, with the unique Lotus node accompanied by four standard chambers to stimulate the end of the penile. The main difference between your two is definitely the positioning of the node, which is set 4” (10cm) from the entrance in the original Lotus.

Mini-LotusThe Mini-Lotus inner canal is undoubtedly an advancement of the classic Lotus texture, together with the Lotus node found approximately closer to the front. The Mini-Lotus put has been specially designed for guys with a shorter penis length (4 inches lower) who are not able to reach the Lotus holding chamber of the traditional Lotus insert or only able to achieve a part of it.

Currently, the Mini-Lotus interior canal is combinable with just about any pussy sleeve of the Fleshlight and Fleshlight Girls. Also, the canal is offered with the orifices of a Pink lady, Pink Butt, Pink Mouth or Pinkish Cheeks for variety. You may combine the texture with the Fleshlight configurator in the site according to your private preference.

The case of the Mini-Lotus canal is nearly the same as that of the Lotus canal. A new attribute is an extra small holding chamber at the canal front door with limited .4 in. entry and exit factors. Then, as in the classic Lotus, a large pre-holding chamber, there’s convex-concave Lotus node as well as a second sizeable chamber.

Sex In Can Fleshlight

The Mini-Lotus canal is a more compact version of the effective Lotus canal of Fleshlight collection. It can be found in the sex in can fleshlight.  In order to get used to the canal to put into the Sex-in-a-Can case, it really has been shortened to around 6.9 inches (17.5 cm) from 8.8 ins (22.5 cm) in length. Also, the diameter of the inner canal is 0.4 to 0.7 in., which is a bit tighter than inside the common Fleshlight. The Mini-Lotus canal is only accessible in combination with the pussy orifice of the Sex in Can masturbator sleeves.

Unlike the traditional Lotus canal of the regular Fleshlight, a further holding chamber has been put into the Mini-Lotus canal at the front door. Inside the rear portion, one of a number of chambers were omitted. The convex-concave molded Lotus node is positioned 0.8 in. (20 millimeters) nearer to the entrance. It is, therefore, more quickly reachable for guys with an average penis length.

How Does Fleshlight Mini Lotus Feel Inside?

After penetration in the Mini-Lotus canal, you find straight away, how the stimulation is considerably more extreme than inside of the classic Lotus canal. Simply because, on one hand, the tightness feeling is greater thanks to the more compact canal diameter. On the other hand, having an average cock length of 5.9 in. (15 cm), the rear is now virtually completely reachable.

The first two chambers in the entrance provide a mild, smooth arousal, which temporarily increases with the transition constriction between the compartments. The compartments form an extremely noticeable influx. After this holding chamber, the thrust through the Lotus node creates an extremely intense and pleasurable discomfort on the dick head. In the beginning, it is engulfed by the Lotus holding chamber and then abruptly released, usually by a “plop”. Your penis head then goes into the holding chamber behind the Lotus node, where it can “relax” for a few moments.

This short “relaxation stage” is pretty necessary since the most extreme texture – consisting of about three short, with wide chambers on the canal end, follow. As the chambers are rather wide 0.7 inch or 18 millimeters, the holding chamber transitions incredibly tight at 0.4 inch or 10 millimeters. Believe me, it’s an extremely intense alternation between wideness and tightness. The canal texture offers an extremely diverse stimulation, which impacts around your penis at the entryway with a very intense stimulation in the back canal part, while it increases by a powerful tightness feeling while transferring back through the Lotus node.

The excitement goes along with a pleasurable suction power effect, which happens to be not as strong as in the vintage Lotus canal of the common Fleshlight. It can be much less vacuum that accumulates within the tighter and shorter Mini-Lotus canal.

The Sex in the Can with the Mini-Lotus canal provides a really varied texture which renders powerful stimulation of your penis head. Passing from the Lotus node within this canal is also a great sensation. When compared to the “major” Lotus canal in the ordinary Fleshlight, the lesser Mini-Lotus edition feels considerably firmer and therefore the interior texture elements are generally more obvious.

Why Get the Fleshlight Mini Lotus?

I don’t have the Lotus original, but I do have the Mini Lotus and also the reason I decided it is because the texture begins nearer to the entry than the orig Lotus. When Fleshlight came out with all the Lotus, they marketed it as realistic textures they can make, so it instantly grew to be one of their most popular designs.

I began reading about this everywhere, but, it also sounded like it had the most reported design. Some users were also discussing how they couldn’t feel much till they were entirely in. And once you check out the texture cross-section around the site, you can see why. It looks like there are 1-2 inches of smooth, no-textured entryway.

I don’t know why they managed that since a real vaginal canal feels incredible through. Anyway, Fleshlight introduced the Mini Lotus to address the complaints, at the Fleshlight site, the Mini-Lotus outline affirms:

“All the sensible vaginal sensation of the initial Lotus texture, shifted closer to the orifice so every guy experiences what sleeve is offering.”

Why get it? You’ll begin feeling some magic when you get into a vagina like a hole. Though I don’t know why they didn’t go with the Mini Lotus in the first place.

Should I Get A Fleshlight Mini Lotus?

One of the common questions we receive on a daily basis. Well, for someone looking for a more realistic feeling of a pussy, my answer would be a resounding … Yes!

So, unless you are somewhere inside the neighborhood of 6″ or much longer, I’d absolutely go with the Mini Lotus. Even when you are blessed with a couple more inches over average, as mentioned, the sooner you feel the texture, the greater experience for you. I see no reason to have a couple inches of lifeless space there.

At any rate, what you’ll have is an experience like going for a petite virgin girl, regardless of what variety you end up deciding on.

If you’re average and smaller in cock size, go ahead, the mini lotus would be a haven for you.

Conversely, men with a length of more than 6.7 ins (17 cm) are more well off buying the everyday Fleshlight Lotus because the Mini-Lotus canal will likely be as well tight and too short.


The Mini-Lotus features each of the realistic genital sensations of your original Lotus texture but moved even closer to the orifice allowing each and every man to expebrience all this sleeve has to offer.


The Mini-Lotus inner canal is surely an advancement of the classic Lotus texture, together with the Lotus node situated approximately .78 inches (2cm) closer to the front. The Mini-Lotus put in has been particularly designed for males with a quicker penis length (4 inches and much less) who are not able to reach the Lotus holding chamber of the vintage Lotus insert or only able to get to a part of it.

📌The structure of the Mini-Lotus canal is very similar to that from the Lotus canal. A fresh feature is definitely an additional little chamber on the canal entrance with tight .4 inch entrance and gets out of points. This is certainly followed by, like in the timeless Lotus insert, a big pre-chamber, the convex-concave Lotus node and a next large holding chamber. The large compartments measure .6 x .6 inch (15 x 15 mm) and so are a tad smaller than those who work in the timeless Lotus canal. Next, a .6 ” long interconnection canal with a size of .4 inch contributes to the compartments in the back part of the place. These compartments are the same size because the chambers in the Lotus insert (.6 x .8 inch) and, because of the much more forwardly found Lotus node, there is enough room to add one more fifth holding chamber to the Mini-Lotus canal.


The skin colored Mini Lotus sleeve is 9 inches (22 cm) and has 5 chambers. The canal is formed with smaller to large compartments and the showcase is the Lotus Floral shape. It is well molded for limited entry with cross canals and large compartments at the back.

The entrance is .4 in ., then you key in a small holding chamber and then glides deeper to the lotus node. Then your penis glans can get into in 5 large compartments which evaluate .6 By 06 (1.5 cm X 1.5 cm) it is a little bit smaller size to give your dick the satisfying pressure it deserves.

📌The Mini-Lotus is a good initial Fleshlight Girls buy, you’ll be pleasantly surprised how nice the molding. It is undoubtedly much better and much more realistic than the typical fleshlight. And even though they added some more Fleshlight Girls throughout the years, you’ll be blown away every time you use it. You’ll notice the high quality and gentleness of the Fleshlight girls Superskin sleeve. You can truly tell the difference using the Fleshlight Girls collection because even with several months of use, the vaginal canal looks every bit as good as new.


TextureThe Mini Lotus Texture is the most adaptable Fleshlight canal with the popularity used in more than 19 Fleshlight Ladies Signature Texture. You will find a high likelihood that you can get the molded pussy of your favored Fleshlight porn star with this particular canal structure.

The Lotus texture is supposed to recreate the interior canal of a real vagina and provide you with a realistic genital sex experience. The Mini-Lotus is actually a compacted model of the Lotus, which was absolutely replaced by this beauty for a long time. In fact, I was holding off of on this review, simply because you couldn’t buy the Mini-Lotus Fleshlight texture anymore, but because of preferred demand, it is now available again for a short time! And I first am pleased because it undoubtedly goes along with its brand. I presented had some comparison involving the Lotus and Mini-Lotus. As you have seen in my review, they are not exactly the exact same but are extremely similar, with the texture being the prime difference. Of course, if you’re about the smaller to an average size you can undoubtedly see why you would prefer the Mini-Lotus.


📌This isn’t an ultra-tight sleeve. So if that is what you are looking for I would personally recommend you check out the Sex In A Can Fleshlight which also provides the Mini-Lotus texture. With that being said, this continues to be a great Fleshlight product and offers you a fantastic experience too. As soon as you slide in, it is much more on the simple side in comparison with more recent Fleshlight composition. It is exactly what you’d expect from a sleeve trying to recreate vaginal sex. Real vaginas aren’t filled up with crazy lumps, ridges, surf, or nubs, but that design feels amazing nevertheless. And believe me, the Mini-Lotus feels real. The very first thing you’ll discover is how clean it is, nevertheless, you can still feel the sleeve grow to be tighter and looser when you move across the many compartments. If only the Mini-Lotus could flex and have contractions like have muscle control which girls can do.


📌The best thing is, this texture is available in countless Fleshlight Orifices or Openings. You may get a mouth, a butt or possibly a pussy from many of your preferred women, which is definitely great. You can get as Pink Lady, Pink Mouth, Pink Butt and Pink Cheeks as well as different Fleshlight Girls pussy orifices.

Life-like Pussy

Isn’t that why you want a fleshlight in the first place? Hands can be too tiring and boring, the reason you want a real like vagina masturbator.

I’ve seen the regular Lotus Sleeve before I got myself this sleeve. The original Lotus operates fairly properly, but when I had heard how the mini lotus works much better, I quickly got my mitts on it.

📌The highly varied canal with the lotus floral is one of the very best masturbators I’ve used. It was really an extremely life-like girl genital that wraps your penis glans perfectly. So, don’t be surprised should it become better than some of the women you have sex with.

Tips In Using Mini Lotus

Using the Fleshlight with the Mini-Lotus Texture provides me with fantastic sex! I never think that you will discover such a device that would feel nothing like a vagina. The sleeve does the work properly and the pussy texture is great.

Before Using

Before UsingI prefer to enjoy my Fleshlights when watching porn videos or fantasizing about women I desire. I started my test together with the Mini Lotus Fleshlight. Prior to starting, I warmed up the sleeve with the sleeve warmer and utilized ample lube.

The feeling was better than I ever dreamed it would be. The stimulation, as well as the penetration, were actually very remarkable. I liked the reasonable feeling that this gave me nearly as much as I adored the variants throughout distinct portions of the canal.

Intense Orgasmic Pleasure

Intense Orgasmic PleasureThe penetration was quite tight which made me get enlarge fast. Although I really like the feeling it provided, other sleeves have been tighter. This is small enough that you will find enjoyment, but use a decent amount of lube along with it for added comfort and ease.

📌The suction power and high intensity together produced this sleeve extremely pleasantly. This was an extremely intense climax which shocked me from your fake pussy. Finally, I would be able to have as exciting as a girl has used a vibrator. This male sex toy is not inadequate in the way this makes me feel.


CleaningFirst of all, it is crucial that you clean and dry this sex plaything well, in order to avoid mold.

The Mini Lotus isn’t the best sleeve to clean up as the lotus node at back against chambers suggest that there are plenty of locations to catch semen and lube to get caught. It will require a very detailed rinsing with lots of water.

At the earliest opportunity after your climax, the sleeve must be rinsed. Run it with warm, after which with tepid water. Then easily turn the sleeve inside of out. I suggest specifically the usage sex toy wash. When you use any soap, it may damage and dry out the Fleshlight causing it to rip after some cleanings.

I also have to use my fingers so I get all the leftover build up or unwanted lube kept inside.

The biggest problem I had with all the Fleshlight is drying out the sleeves.
Drying out takes time. With Mini Lotus, I use sexual toy cleaner to speed up drying out.
It can take 1-3 days to dry, due to the different size chambers. Whatever you decide to do, do not insert a moist sleeve! They need to be put up on an air ventilated room, dried for 1-2 days.

Fleshlight Lotus Review

📌As you can see, the lotus, or mini lotus as it is best known, is a fleshlight sleeve texture. It is their most popular and finest selling texture. At first introduced, usually combined with the fleshlight girl models. It rapidly became an overnight success and they consistently sold out. Right now there are across a dozen distinct textures, however, the lotus remains as a best seller.

As this review is based on the original Mini Lotus Fleshlight texture, the only difference between the mini lotus and the original is the way the orifice looks. The standard Lotus texture was designed to mimic the soft and subtle feel of any real vaginal area. It is a way to smooth and you have to have a larger 9-inch dick to be able to appreciate all of the texture.

Using the Mini Lotus texture allows average joes and smaller dicks to enjoy the good stuff although you may only have a typical size penis. The mini lotus is pretty restricted, so it could possibly give pretty strong stimulation. You can fluctuate the strength with more lube. I recommend using saliva as well or a little bit of tepid water. This makes the mini lotus feel even more practical. My favorite thing about this sleeve is the fact that it’s really stimulating and also the orgasm will come quicker then I’d want to admit, therefore I have used it overcome and fix my erotic stamina.

📌If you appreciate tight pussy and medium to high on the climax intensity level, you should actually consider having the Mini Lotus. The mini lotus is my favorite sleeve when it comes to a true vaginal simulator. I wish each lady felt this good!

My penis is average and yes it felt awesome from beginning to end. I have examined this product and yes it certainly will get my stamp of recommendation.


📌The Mini-Lotus is evidently an improvement from the classic Lotus, thanks to the chambers, the stimulation, the texture, as well as the suction. They are significantly better. The practical masturbation delight you’ll feel is excellent and through the roof.

Especially for guys with a standard or smaller penis length, the Mini-Lotus canal is an ideal choice.

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