Fleshlight STU Review – Stamina Training Unit For Premature Ejaculation and Lasting Longer

Fleshlight STU

For men not lasting longer in bed, it’s common worry. Many of us suffer from rapid ejaculation and just do not feel like its acceptable. Well, men supposed to be like stallions in sex, right?

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Thankfully, Fleshlight has a device to help you work your way out of P.E. The Fleshlight Stamina Training Unit’s the fix for your problem.

If you struggle with stamina concerns, and simply want to improve your sex life, this can be a great solution. The S.T.U helps men who have trouble with a premature climax, men who wish to last longer in bed. Well, even porn stars train them selves before their scenes.

📌When you have tried a plethora of products so you last longer, but have found that they have let you down, possibly it’s time to try training on your own. Read on with my review of the Fleshlight STU and see if this works for you.

What is the Fleshlight S.T.U?

What is the Fleshlight S.T.U?The Fleshlight Stamina Training Unit or STU, is created specifically to overstimulate your penis, with the purpose of helping you improve your sexual stamina. In other words, it’s helping you last longer in bed. It’s recommended for guys who want to learn to control their ejaculation.

Unlike an ordinary fleshlight, this one is really tight and puts a great deal of pressure. It’s really satisfying as it will make you go far in your sex time. How would this help a man with a rapid ejaculation? Effectively, it’s a mind game, the greater number of minutes you last in bed, the more times you make love with your lady friend.

I tried this sex toy and I must say that I’m satisfied with the final results. For one, it helps you with your energy, while it makes you a greater lover. Of course, your climaxes would be be better.

The S.T.U is Fleshlight’s best answer to men who want to last longer in bed. The device offers to help improve stamina in bed, technique and rhythm, while also supply more intensive orgasms, along with an advancement for you in controlling your ejaculation.

It is said, that if you’re able to last ten minutes in the Stamina Training Unit, you may last twenty or so minutes in bed with anyone.

While it could take some training to be able to go for 10 minutes using this toy, it could be done! And don’t quit at ten minutes. I really could use the toy for 20 minutes or so without cumming and now, to my partner’s delight, I will last virtually half an hour in bed.

📌The S.T.U does exactly what it was created to do whilst providing exciting enjoyment, and lot of a good time. It is a great choice for any man who wants to enhance his endurance in the bedroom.

Why Use The Fleshlight S.T.U?

Why Use The Fleshlight S.T.U?Man desire to last longer in bed and amaze his girl, but a premature climax is something that a lot of men suffer.

Even when you have an understanding lover who knows you – that is a really terrible experience. You will see that she’s disappointed. I’ve a nice young lady in my life, and so I decided to attempt to do something about my ‘little’ PE problem, so she could start enjoying sex more.

This got me to try the Fleshlight STU, a sex toy that is more than simply for having it as enjoyable. This is not the only fleshlight I’ve, but STU became more than just an excellent way to get me off a nice lead time. I came across this variation to be particularly great for training to last longer in bed.

As mentioned, this Fleshlight is manufactured to overstimulate your cock, so it’s ideal if you wish to learn control and improve your sexual strength. It’s not best if you’re looking for an pleasurable masturbation sleeve for regular use. Not unlike any Fleshlight masturbator, it will improve your stamina so you’re capable to stay in control and quit when you’re too near ejaculation.

Fleshlight S.T.U Features

Fleshlight S.T.U FeaturesThe S.T.U has nodes, bumps, and beads in a stacked design. Along with the lumps, you learn to adapt to the suction power of your preference, with the cover on the bottom of the Fleshlight casing. This is great for men that have used the S.T.U., enough to get accustomed to the sensations it gives.

The lumps or “speedbumps” do not start off until a half an inch to the canal and it provides a powerful sensation that could have a man cumming longer. The size of the bumps results in an impractical tightness.

You’re able to experiment with the suction, as stated before, and the sensation of heating it or cooling it under water. It’s better to experiment to know why the benefits and start there. You will want to start edging with the S.T.U until you increase your stamina and you go longer to achieve that advantage.

It has the familar SuperSkin, which is body safe, phthalate and latex free, and can be used with water lubricants. Comes on gold color, you can put the sleeve from any full measured Fleshlight casing you have. Personally, I like the clear cases the most.

There’s a guide to assist you learn how to use several strokes each minute and why it’s appropriate. It also consists of what to do when you get comfortable with the training. It’s not the ideal manual, however, it does help if you’re unsure where to start and need to learn the S.T.U.

📌The lady mouth was eerily similar to the real pussy, even perhaps prettier. The lips and clit were actually super soft and so nicely proportioned. Personally, I fingered the toy in order to see what my cock would be dealing with. I couldn’t let it have every one of the fun! I’ve had my fingertips in 1 or 2 or maybe even 5 vaginas in þe past, so I’ve had my fair share of experience with different pussy textures – but certainly, the Fleshlight is a thing like I’ve never noticed before.

Fundamentally a silicon pussy, but better. Whether if you have an unnatural girth, I’m positive the toy would’ve been a great masturbation tool.


OpeningsMeet the vaginal canal or “happy hole”. For your selection with the Fleshlight STU, you get a choice of two openings. The classic universal vagina which comes standard on many of the other full-size Fleshlights, or the Pure Orifice, which sometimes known as a ‘happy hole’.

I can see the point of the Pure Hole on the STU. I believe that the Stamina Training Unit’s actually a Fleshlight for guys, who are in relationships so they can pitch with their partners within the guise of improving sex.

For those who prefer to keep it simplistic, go for the straightforward ‘Pure’ hole which don’t necessarily replicate a real orifice. It’s probably the tighter Fleshlight sleeves, with a breadth of approximately .6” (15mm), which is lined over the whole length with rounded, increased bumps. The sleeve is pretty simple in design, with only one texture plus a regular size all over the canal.


TextureThe secret is within the unique (and patented) materials composing the Fleshlight such as its texture. The Fleshlight Stamina Training Unit’s texture is made of big, pillow-like lumps which offer you a sensation a lot more intense than sexual intercourse.

Nevertheless, as a masturbation texture, I found it a bit intense. Using this type of dense bumpy texture, there’s no space for a long, gradual build up and, post orgasm. It can be over-stimulating to begin with and absolutely fun to try out.

The lumps are densely packed and surround your penis on every side. Once you’re within the sleeve, there simply no escape from the wrap.

The incredibly ribbed texture inside is what makes it more intensive than a real pussy though still happens to be much better.

With the STU, I’m typically still very conscious that it’s a Fleshlight because I feel the texture, making me feel up the stage and type of stimulation you just would not typically feel while in sex.

Indeed, the Fleshlight STU gives you an extremely intense masturbatory sensation and it also replicates, in particular, intercourse, but since the texture in the Fleshlight Stamina Training Unit’s sleeve is so extreme, the climaxes that adhere to it, still mind-blowing.

Gold Case

Gold CaseWhoa, this is not understated as STU – most likely is the least subtle Fleshlight ever. Could we talk about the gold for the minute? Some may not generally be a fan of the golden stuff. It can pass on areas that were way too tacky for gold metal fixtures that made everything feel dated and cheap. So the fact that the STU is only available in a gold case has been somewhat of a turn on in my opinion. But now that it’s sitting down here in my bedroom- I think I want to feel all the tingly and nice STU case as quite cool.

The pinkish sleeve next to the Gold case continues to be a strange partnering, but the case has a metalrichness that doesn’t actually convey in a lot of photographs on their main site.

However, I still consider Fleshlight needs to open the case alternatives for it simply because tacky maybe a thing for some. It is huge, bright, and gold. Unless of course, you’ve acquired a bunch of golden trophies and medals stacked in your place, it’s going to stand out like a tender thumb in your closet, compartments, or everywhere. It is probably the very least discreet Fleshlight you can purchase, at least because of the color.

Should I Get Fleshlight STU?

Well, if you have premature ejaculation and you want to last longer, yes!

Get the product, but do not forget you’re not buying a genuine pussy. You’re buying the best next thing. Which means you can’t compare your Fleshlight experience on the real deal.

The Fleshlight is for a lonely night time, blue balls, causal masturbation sessions. Particularly, the STU (Stamina Training Unit) is literally your closest friend if you’re in need of enhancing your stamina.

Each merchandise is made with their patented Super Skin material to mirror the feel of the “mouth, butt or pussy of a woman.” With 26 variations ranging from porn star vagina designs, sizes, and internal composition, not to mention mouths and booty holes that come in all of the shapes, dimensions, and colors. Fleshlight made certain to accommodate all tastes and different fetishes.

The ridged nodes within the STU is specifically designed to boost stamina. Taking aside your sensation-the STU is there to assist you to perform in the bedroom if you see yourself getting overstimulated and hyper-sensitive.

The plastic external surfaces and silicone interior of the Fleshlight Stamina Training Unit came loaded with basic lube, plus a plastic rod in order for the Fleshlight to maintain form. Well, prepare for some awesome action! Initially, go and washed the unit and lubed up your cock and the toy just to be secure. The unit suggests you also have the restoration powder in order to keep the unit fresh to extend usage.

The inner bumpy sleeve maximizes feelings and it will make it really hard for you not to come. When you have start using this, the genuine texture content will be simpler to “manage”.

📌Take note: Figure out how to last 10 mins with your STU and you’ll be able to very well last 20 minutes with any woman, no matter how hot she is.

When you slide your male organ inside this intense men masturbator sex toy, you’ll feel like you’re penetrating the most important hole of the ladies, and the enjoyment you’ll feel on the inside your body will likely be extremely high.

A lot of people don’t understand that the internal sleeve composing the Fleshlight works better when warmed up in warm water, well before use. The SuperSkin material provides you with an experience insanely close in proximity to a wet vagina.

You could come quickly initially, but it’s normal and in reality, it’s helpful.

After an ongoing pleasurable process with the Fleshlight Stamina Training Unit, you’ll start to be able to sustain it more and more and literally construct your stamina in the convenience of your own pace.

As mentioned before, the transition from a Fleshlight STU into a vagina is going to be easy and you’ll be able to enjoy time with your sweetheart.

The Fleshlight STU Review

The Fleshlight Stamina Training Unit (STU) is probably the most mentioned and recommended Fleshlights, second only to maybe the Destroya. But while it has sort of been on my “must try” collection since my eyes have been opened around Fleshlights a few years ago.

However the fear of really missing out finally got with me. I had to learn if STU’s popularity was all buzz or if I’d been losing out on something awesome.

Fleshlight STU taught me that less might be more, triggered me on how a lot of men have trouble with anxiety in bed and softened my aversion to gold cases.

At any rate, after you discover Fleshlights (or sex toys for guys in general), you feel aware that by means of different texture and pattern styles, a whole arena of sensational assortment awaits you. The different “flavors” of rubbing-centered pleasure open to you, practically turning on your sex desire more.

📌Your imagination starts to anticipate the various sensations which may result from every design-swirling, contracting, twisting – maybe even combinations of all 3. So the STU, with its plain and uncomplicated bumps, has at times appeared uninspiring near the zig-zags and varied tightness of sleeves.

Although I still enjoy the original, my first Fleshlight showcasing simple ribbing, and the Mini Lotus, my favorite in general, in Fleshlight, is the STU. At first, I imagined it really is a lot same or otherwise much of something at all.

There is something to be mentioned for locating something basic that feels great and doing the work over and over again. I found myself completely off guard from the relentless wall structure, the satisfaction that the STU’s seemingly standard pillowy lumps deliver. I don’t typically have a serious stamina matter in bed, having said that, I was getting myself virtually powerless up against the STU and wanted to continuously train myself.

Inside of Fleshlight STU

The inside of the Fleshlight STU doesn’t appear like much, and I also wasn’t planning on opening it, however, the looks are deceiving. They yield amazingly powerful feelings.

To supply some framework around how surprising it was to me, I am hardly sexually-deprived at the moment. Actually, things figured out nicely to me less than round the clock prior to the time I go with the STU.

At least once per week, I use it for training, even for me, not having a serious stamina symptom in bed. So, stuff that feels fantastic is not a brand new thing in my opinion. I’m sexually killed, and I’m no sexual noob.

Several seconds into my initial entry with the STU, I uttered, “oh… just wow”.

After just a few seconds, I got it off and paused for maybe yet another 30 seconds.

With the 30-second time, I moved back to it and immediately mentioned “oh yes… shit”. I was just feeling it…so much. I used to be there already when this occurs, it was going to cause me to cum immediately no matter what. And I so it did, and it very untidy. I was uncharacteristically noisy about it, but also it was excellent.

I hadn’t even warmed the STU up. I wasn’t truly even turned on just before getting into it. It had been literally – ”I’ve only used it in 10 minutes well before I need to be in the bath.”

AI seriously expected this was going to figure to some sort of smooth exposé regarding how the Stamina Training Unit was a good Fleshlight. But there I used to be, less than 300 seconds into my round together with the STU.

📌If a girl embodied a persona in the Fleshlight STU, I imagine her pushing me up against the wall with one finger. She’s then ripping lower my slacks with yet another, while looking me in the eye and saying sternly, “So, you’re plabnning to cum, like now”. The STU is continual in its triggering of satisfaction.

Any new sexual experience or sensation, no matter if it’s having a partner or perhaps a new Fleshlight, could be a little extra interesting.

But right after maxing out, I began to recognize that I may have only cast aside some moment towards the STU becoming new. Although, it’s exciting to note that these sessions are obtaining a little lengthier each time. I am thinking the STU is perfect for real.

Typically, by the time I sit down to write down the “how it feels”, I’ve almost certainly accumulated a minimum of an hour of quality time during the period of several weeks. Though with the Stamina Training Unit, I am ready to speak about what it feels like after a fantastic total of five minutes or so and 40 seconds. That is three climaxes in less than a few minutes when you perceive it all together.

Seeking to describe just what the Fleshlight STU feels like, instead of a bit of this, the STU has quite effective stimulation -and yes it delivers relentlessly till it’s the winner. I’ve seen some other testers report that they don’t definitely feel much fine detail of the texture of STU till right before they are about to have an orgasm.
That is where you discover how to control yourself

I feel the texture in the STU doing work more distinctly than pretty much any other Fleshlight I’ve tried. Using its crazy zig zags and squeezes begins as more of just an inexplicable variance except when I really focus on trying to find the feeling of your texture.

With the STU, I often feel the sensation of each one of these raised protrusions pressing straight down snuggly all over me, together with the sensations becoming particularly powerful at the sugary spots below the head. Nonetheless evenly utilizing how it feels all the way down and on the ends. I occasionally distinctly feel the bumps moving over the curves of the glans, that’s the ridge at the rear of the head of your penis, then coming into contact just beneath the head.

📌Another thing that I’ve seen that had been a little distinct about the STU is that it feels so equally excellent on the upstroke, as it does on the downward stroke. With sexual intercourse (penis-in-vagina), and also with many of the Fleshlight’s I’ve tried, the inward and downwards stroke generally seems a little sweeter and much more rich in experience than the out/up stroke. Although with the STU, it is as invigorating. I think that is one of the things which is making these sessions go by so fast-building much more to a climax with every single movement.

How to use the Fleshlight S.T.U

You can use the S.T.U with the manual or maybe go at it as its user friendly. When I first used the S.T.U.

I read the guide. I found I quickly learned through every suggested move and into the next. It may be slow and tedious to make use of the handbook, but I found I enjoyed the S.T.U more once I took it by myself.

Counting technique was as well distracting and I also found that I couldn’t totally enjoy the experience this way. Instead, I set a timer for however long I want to exercise and see basically if I can make it that long.

You may have to use it for a few days, or else a couple of weeks, before starting to notice a massive difference. It really is “training,” after all! But if you can make your S.T.U part of your everyday routine or use it any time you jerk off, those days/weeks will fly by and be entertaining.

Considering that the kit includes add-ons, I’ve tried it in the shower area a couple of times. This will make it easy to include in your morning schedule: shave, shower room, jerk off, move.

📌Training with the S.T.U is not just about jacking off, however. It’s about mentally training to last longer. You have to force yourself to workout harder and longer. You have to want the outcomes. You have to try to restore control over yourself.

Tips to Help with Stamina Training

And speaking of incredible movements, the STU carries a really cool part of common with the Vortex. When you get either one of these, go all the way up inside after which rotate the Fleshlight very, quite slowly clockwise or counterclockwise.

Feeling every one of the nubs circling your penis horizontally and constantly in one path is a totally different kind of experience. Then, you may get even more variance by shifting the path, changing the rate, or changing the course back and forth.

Not every Fleshlights or stroker feel especially exciting if you do this, but ones with texture variations running vertically are going to do it and it’s incredible. I’ve not tried each of the variations with the STU (well, I’ve cum way just before I would have a chance). Having said that, I rotated it for a few seconds, which was for enough time to know which feels special when you do that.

As with all Fleshlight playthings, it starts into the cover up to the end. This means if you cum a lot and have that cover open more than ever before, it can drain out and make up a mess, so it takes time to clean.

Some users have documented that this is just too tight. It isn’t a fantastic option for end users with a lot of girths. It is unrealistically tight, while many may look at this as good, I feel like it hinders the girthy group, so measure your girth first.

While the practical look is excellent, it only will come in one design and style. You will not find different versions for different Fleshlight Girls. So, if you like having different outside shapes to choose from, this is a con.

The bumps within the plaything do not feel sensible, at all! This contributes that will help you last doubly long in bed than with the toy. But if you’re looking for something that feels sensible, this is not it.

If you’re like me and never like your dick into cold skin, you need to cozy this plaything up with tepid to warm water first. This can be accomplished by just running tepid water through it or apply it in the shower area.

What I Like In The Fleshlight Stamina Training Unit

Life-like – The S.T.U comes in two different models: vagina and pure hole. While the 100 % pure hole appears like just an ordinary old unexciting hole, the vagina is nicely created and looks reasonable. It is filled with labia and clit.

Simple to use – Even though it does take some time to find the appropriate stroking pace and suction power for you, the S.T.U is very simple to utilize. Whether you opt to count or establish with a clock, it does not take very much work to get started. The only thing that you need to worry about is controlling your breathing and not jacking off too early!

Helps with sex issues – The best thing about this unit is that it will help with so many various ailments. Even though it’s for a premature climax or lasting longer in bed, it also helps you to definitely achieve more powerful orgasms, cum harder, and teach you distinct techniques and rhythms to use in bed.

User Manual – While the user manual is straightforward and can be overly read down for several users, it’s great for users who are not sure how to begin with! As I stated earlier, if you do not know where to start and interested in upping your stamina, this can be a great place to learn it!

Strong Erections – I am aware I mentioned this above, having said that I feel like this you need to know how it improve my erections. The S.T.U can help you obtain stronger and harder erections.


The Fleshlight S.T.U is a superb option for men desiring to last longer in bed. Whether you suffer from early ejaculation or just want to stay longer, this plaything can help. This product is made with super premium quality. As you can see, the Fleshlight is incredibly imaginative with their devices for their customers.

📌The STU is a game changer for guys who are looking for that extra support so they can extend their time in the bedroom. The best part regarding the STU or any Fleshlight, is that you can operate it solo, or have your partner operate it to suit your needs while you unwind and enjoy. All of it depends on your personal preference, of course.

Do you have reactions and commemts, let us know in the section below.




Fleshlight STU (Stamina Training Unit) Review




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