Foods To Last Longer In Bed – Ultimate Sex Food List So You Extend Orgasm Further!

Foods To Last Longer In Bed

When you hit the bed with your significant lover, the last thing you need is to finish off too soon.

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Even though no one wants to be a ‘minute guy’, studies shown that you never have to go all night hours to please your lover either. But you definitely need to last in sex for extended minutes. Well, there’s a natural way for you to last longer.

📌Want to have the ideal sex of your life? Then eat well to have longer lasting erections and orgasms. There are particular foods that will help you go longer in bed naturally. Read on for all healthy foods that help improve your sex life and allow you to fulfill your sexual goals.

How To Last Longer in Sex?

Studies on the time lovers spend bumpin and grindin ranges from 5 to 15 minutes or so. Other analysis reveals that many women want “sex time” to very last between 15 and 30 minutes, but not for hours like some guys might think. Though obviously, nothing terrible come from going at it a little longer!

Fortunately for you, there are few simple foods to add to your diet that will help boost your lovemaking endurance. Browse, discover what they are, and start completing your plate. You do not have to worry of embarrassment of how you can last longer with your lover.

List of Foods To Give You Sexual Stamina

📌Here’s your ultimate list of foods to allow you to last longer in sex. Go ahead, and make them part of your everyday diet and meal plan. 



Nuts is one of the most important food in sex life. It comprise high fatty acids that happen to be vital for the production of chemicals to maintain your sex joyride. Studies found out that oil contained in almonds has got the mild fragrance that arouses women. Nuts like almond is perfect organic viagra food for men and women.

They contain proteins called l-arginine, which helps in relaxing veins and boost circulation that helps in increasing sexual effectiveness in men. These nuts include high quantities of fatty acids that happen to be vital for the production of chemicals to maintain a good sex joyride.

Studies found out that oil contained has got the mild fragrance that arouses women. Almond is perfect all-natural viagra meals for men and women. They contain amino called l-arginine, which helps in relaxing arteries and boost circulation which helps in enhancing sexual effectiveness in men.

Typically, all kinds of nut products are good for you, hours prior to sex. They provide the power you need to help you keep moving, which means you’re not going to get tired. Also, almonds, especially, contain particular elements that act as erotic stimulant and fertility. A great food to share the exact same should help you in making some fervent love to somebody you value.

Almonds, walnuts, and figs are good food products to increase sexual strength. Eat these as snacks or as your morning meal and enjoy sex life to the max. These are free of moisture fruits and nuts are rich in nutrients and vitamin antioxidants and also dietary supplement enzymes and fatty acids which boost-up metabolic process and energy production.

📌Soak walnuts in drinking water, leave them overnight and consume them in the morning right after peeling them off as well as eat a few figs and few bits of walnuts together with almonds to acquire an optimum dose of bioactive minerals along with other nutrients. All of these have a link to the excitement of reproductive organs.

These enhance a male’s libido and also boost the flow of energy in the direction of the reproductive system. The results of these food items to stay longer in bed allow a male to achieve intense arousals and execute for longer length. These are power enhancers also and have positive results on male’s fertility.

Nuts have the building blocks of nitric oxide-a natural gas that helps guys to keep their erections. Almonds are also loaded with magnesium, which boosts electricity and stamina. To best it all off of, the healthier fats in nuts help in reducing cholesterol levels.

The less bad cholesterol you have in your system, the easier it is actually for blood flow to circulate during your body and down to your penile, which can help you maintain a tighter erection much longer. Mix them into your natural yogurt, throw some on top of your greens, or chuck some in a baggie to munch on at work.

In accordance with a UCLA study, almonds increase semen count and fertility in males. Nuts are great for ladies also; they give chemicals on the brain that promote pleasure allowing for much more “intensive orgasms.”

Nitric oxide is the thing that usually helps with sustaining a boner for an extended time. With this, Amino acid L-Arginine is essential since they are the building obstructs of Nitric oxide supplement.

Brazilian nuts are being used for a long time to further improve the guy libido and increase the men hormone, the testosterone. Selenium present in all those nuts uplifts the production of androgenic hormone or testosterone in your system and enhances sperm creation and its motility.

Moreover, it gives your body protection from prostate cancer. Arginine also present in it not only increases testosterone degrees in your system. They are also full of amino acids which increase’s the entire body flow to your genitals.



Watermelon is one of the wealthiest natural resources for L-citrulline, an amino acid that will help make your penile erection harder. That is because L-citrulline converts to L-arginine as soon as it’s within the body. Like that very little blue capsule, L-arginine encourages the production of nitric oxide supplement, which raises blood flow to the penis, building up erections.

Watermelon is nature’s Viagra. Research indicates that watermelon contains an amino acid that mimics the active substances in Viagra and other ED medicines. So when you or your lady are feeling a bit handsy after food a fresh fruit salad, so you know why.

A watermelon will keep you hydrated in the event that things get a little more than steamy within the bedroom.

Watermelon contains 92% water, making it an excellent food for summer or even help improve circulation of blood to the erectile tissues within male and female genital area. That does not always mean we advise you to have one complete watermelon. Have a piece to enjoy the spectacular taste and also activate your erectile tissues.

Industry experts have named watermelon because of the new Viagra. It is full of Citrulline energizes the formation of arginine, an amino acid, which relaxes bloodstream improve blood flow in the genital area, like Viagra.

📌In addition, it enhances the libido. Citrulline is additionally responsible for the excellent cardiovascular system which will help in greater blood flow in veins. A protein present in it can help in the development of nitric oxide supplement which calms the arteries and pleasures erectile dysfunction.

Chili Peppers

Chilly peppers

Your mind don’t want it, but your body says otherwise? Get your body in full heat with the addition of chili peppers to your stir fry, jalapenos to guacamole, or cayenne pepper to your soup. Why chili peppers?

Each fruit consists of a significant amount of capsaicin, the substance that makes Tabasco sauce very hot, release chemical substances that boost heart rate, bring signs of excitement, and revs up your libido.

Chilli peppers get you hotter. Red hot! The effects of eating peppers mimic your body’s reaction to sexcitement so men and women often connect this one with they’re sensations. Slip a spice or two next time you’re cooking a nighttime dinner.

The important thing in munching on these hot foods is it will not only boost your metabolic process, they can get you in the frame of mind for the evening’s sexual festivities and increase your period in the sack, too. To rev your calories-reducing temperature, have chili even more.

Add some spices or herbs on your platter, while preparing food for your dearest. Chilies are noted for increasing blood circulation in your body and raising your libido. Chilli boosts the growth of hormones that helps you feel aroused and feel better Capsaicin present in it may actually uplift your libido.

📌Capsaicin boosts enzymes that raise your heart rate and induce the release of endorphins that give you a normal high and increases the blood circulation and energize the neural system endings.


ApplesAn apple a day does not just keep your doctor, it may also help extend your sex stamina. It’s all due to apples higher levels of antioxidizing flavonoid found to play a role in improving strength.

And since your body goes through a lot of the same actual physical changes while in sex, it does the same thing in the course of exercise elevated heart level. It help increase metabolic rate, burned energy, and muscle mass contractions, you associate endurance with extending your time in bed.

In accordance with Nashville-based dietician Sarah-Jane Bedwell, RD, LDN, Apple “It can help make new mitochondria in the body’s cells and increase one’s oxidative capability. This suggests the maximum quantity of oxygen your muscle tissue can use.”

Apple will also help prevent the discharge of cortisone, which then causes muscle malfunction, meaning you will be able to go at it much longer without going through premature tiredness.

Experts determined that apples contain Phenylethylamine which gives women and men a natural sensation of excitement and arousal. If you want to have excellent sex, consume apples. They’re rich in nutrition, that you need in the penile, testicles, prostate glands, blood vessels and arterial blood vessels. It help in opening a healthy blood circulation to help accomplish and maintain an erection.



If you love your food same way you like your sexual passion hot, you’re in luck. Ginger herb is another food that can boost your sex life by helping the flow of blood and enhancing artery wellness.

According to a report in the Worldwide Journal of Cardiology, having a mere teaspoon a few times weekly is all you need for the heart-healthful benefits. So, go ahead and put that next order of sushi in the week-just don’t abandon the ginger herb on your dish.

Ginger, regardless of whether eaten in other food or chewed on its own can offer a good sensation before you make love. It will also help with your digestion so that you will be not all puffed up during the work.



This sex symbol can also help you go longer! That is because this spectacular fruit is stuffed with simple carbohydrates to provide you with power. It also has potassium to help you carry on longer. The muscle-relaxing vitamin prevents cramping pains and muscles spasms which could impede your sex time.

Bananas make you go longer as nutrients in bananas provide the energy and endurance to hold and store while raise the testosterone production in men. Munch on one, several hours prior to doing the grind.

Having sex can call for energy, which is the reason eating a banana a couple of hours before the sex action is good. Bananas help rejuvenate low levels of glucose in your body and has male libido enhancing vitamins and minerals and nutrients making you prepared for a steamy night of desire. Not only this, they also support and regulate serotonin which is a bodily hormone that boosts your mood.

Just like sugar, banana is another food that increases your energy very quickly when ingested. If you have observed, tennis participants eat bananas just before they go in the court to get an additional rush of energy. It releases blood sugar, hence boosts the sugar quantities of your body. Additionally, they contain libido enhancing nutrients for men that can spice up sexual life.

Bananas are ideal for sexual well being and normally imbued with B natural vitamins that boost your endurance levels and will help you to de-anxiety. Bananas also have tryptophan, which can be a protein needed to generate the ‘feel good’ human hormones. High in potassium, they’re used to develop sex chemicals, increase your sex drive, and improve your heart rate.

As it has a variety of vitamins and minerals, they are filled with enzymes which promote food digestion. Bananas consist of calcium, the mineral magnesium, and potassium and are great for power production. These also help the body in metabolizing excess fat faster and keeping your body organs and muscle tissues nourished and healthier.

They also consist of bromelain, which can be an enzyme that helps enhance the body’s blood flow and increase lower libido difficulties. It is capable of enhancing libido by improving the level of T hormone plus it helps guys to increase sex duration in bed.

📌This special fruit will even help detoxify any salt you had at dinner and will help build a more relaxed feeling. Just about anyone enjoys the semi-sweetness of a banana, plus it will not ruin your breathing or result in gas. So in sex, be sure to go bananas!


In order to go long enough to help your date get to the big-O (you should), grab some oatmeal. The popular morning meal cereal is a good source of l-arginine, an amino commonly used to help remedy erectile dysfunction. In addition, whole grains like oatmeal also help reduce cholesterol levels.

Having high cholesterol can lead to coronary artery disease, a condition that clogs and narrows arteries, impairing blood flow. This might eventually result in heart problems, but you’ll probably notice problems below your buckle first.

The arteries all around the genital location are narrower than coronary blood vessels, so they’re much more susceptible to clots. Simply put: the greater your cholesterol levels, the better your penile erection will be, as well. So, begin your day by using oats.

Having oatmeal for men is a lot like having a spoonful of Viagra. Oatmeal will help penile muscle tissues to relax, letting a healthy blood circulation into the penile. It also increases testosterone amounts in the blood and it enables you to strengthen sex drives and orgasms in both men and women. Oats alone consist of L-arginine, which happens to be a protein that has been utilized to treat erection dysfunction.

Oatmeal provides you with a better orgasmic pleasure and can increase climax strength by improving male growth hormone production. Oatmeal help in supply of arginine. How arginine will help is by cleaning clogged bloodstream which might most likely lead to erection dysfunction. Plus, l-arginine is reported to give rise to a healthy reproductive system overall.

What’s more helpful is oatmeal decreases cholesterol, maintaining healthy arteries and veins as a result also decreasing chances of cerebrovascular and heart troubles. This energy increasing breakfast meal as result help also in improving your sexual desire.

📌Oats increases your levels of energy and helps to keep testosterone and estrogen in the right ranges for a steamy sexual overall performance. Adding dried out fruits into it will boost its results. So, go ahead and have breakfast in bed.

Garlic clove

Garlic Cloves


According to historians, ancient Egyptians used garlic herb to boost their stamina. Scientific study has confirmed that consuming the plant will help stop the development of new unhealthy deposits, referred to asn ano plaques, inside arterial walls. Indeed, that includes the arteries ultimately causing your penis to not get hard.

Keep your heart healthful and your erections strong with the addition of some garlic clove to your each week dishes. Having said that that garlic cloves might make your breath smells a bad odor, but particularly even make it more provocative. So keep it away from your date-night diet regime. Have it hours before sex.

Raw garlic cloves can absolutely stir up your sexual desire and will be healing your erectile dysfunction and impotence. It includes nitric oxide which is responsible for your erection.

The heat within garlic stirs up your libido, while it consists of allicin, it helps increase the flow of blood to your sex organ. You can find it ideal to see results and have 2-3 cloves a day.



For a fast energy enhancement, look no further than nutritional B12. The micronutrient is connected to optimum mental work and high electricity because it helps to maintain the fitness of your nerves, brain, and red blood tissue.

According to a Harvard review published from the New Britain Journal of Medicine, normal vitamin B12 deficiency signs or symptoms include a trio of conditions that spell out not so good news for the room: fatigue, lower libido (which include erectile dysfunction), and weakness.

The good news is, one of the top sources of the micronutrient is one you’re most likely already consuming: fish. Pop open up a can of tuna an slice of whole grain a loaf of bread or your greens with this inexpensive fish.

Fish can be a food that boosts sex life in both men and women. L-arginine, a nutritional present in some kinds of fish helps with the production of nitric acid within your body. This acid solution helps broaden the veins near the genital areas that are extremely useful in making your stay longer. Fish also includes zinc that is extremely important for men as even a reasonable deficiency can bring about a reduced semen count.

Citric acidity in the body increases the bloodstream and improves blood flow which helps you stay longer in bed. And l-arginine is in fishes which contributes to the generation of citric acids. Do involve fish in your diet for an amazing sex life.

Be sure to get salmon as the fish is a good source of omega-3 fatty acids, which help nitric oxide supplement production, helping you to stay difficult. Plus, more research has found out that cutting back on calories and sticking to a Mediterranean-style diet program rich in fish, cereals, and healthful fats (like omega-3s) can improve erectile function in males with metabolic syndrome. Make it certain you’re buying the right fish though.

📌If it’s great for your heart, it’s beneficial to your sex life, as well. A happy heart indicates blood flow all over the body which implies a heightened level of sensitivity and discomfort all across the entire body which means you’ll have the very best date night and sex time ever. Seafood also improves blood flow on the necessary places, so reloading up with fish at supper is highly recommended.



Your anxiety in sex could be from increasing levels of stress, which plummets the libido and may get worse when it comes to a longer sexual session. That is not all. An absence of B-vitamins-nutrients that keep the neural system and head cells wholesome, may also be exaggerating your anxiety even further. The remedy? Feast on some guacamole. Yes, guacamoles has avocados!

Not only are avocados full of stress-relieving B vitamins, but they’re yet another source of monosaturated fat, which has been shown to help blood flow towards the entire body, including your penile.

Avocados enhance your libido, as they’re known from the ancient Aztecs and called them testicle shrubs. The avocados also contain nutrients and vitamins that help in the bedroom. Vitamin b folic acid, vitamin B6, and potassium are energy source of the fruit that boost excitement and libido in men and women.

Avocado is useful for vitality and virility equally and enhances energy sexual movement in men reproductive system. Better energy maintains organs nurtured and long lasting. Also, the neural system becomes active to enable you to prolong your duration of lovemaking.



Ever heard the saying that running is 90 percent psychological and only 10% physical? Mostly, the same can be said for sex. To make sure your mental abilities are mentally in the game, cultivate a sensation of focus by loading on folate.

This B Vitamins helps preserve levels of oxygen in your blood flow and generates healthy cellular material. It’s acknowledged that it help in concentration, energy, and alertness. Asparagus is one of the finest sources of folate in your diet, just having some stalks provides you with your suggested daily absorption.

Asparagus has higher content of b vitamin and E. It increases histamine production. It performs the substantial role to get a healthy libido in women and men. You can use them in salads or make some scrumptious recipes from it. Its impressive results even show after you have it after three days.

And also it help in the production of androgenic hormone or testosterone, which helps to perfect your sex drive.



Industry experts estimate that stress and anxiety accounts for up to twenty percent of all penile erection problems. As opposed to letting you and your partner down because you’re in the dumps, take into account that eating foods that could counteract sex pressure. What better than have a dark delicious chocolate.

According to scientists, cacao raises concentration levels of the mind, while also increasing hormone serotonin. In one 30-day time trial, members who eat a daily dark chocolate drink noted feeling calmer than subjects who did not sip the beverage.

A Journal of Sex Treatment study also found that sexual interest and sex pleasure elevated in women after food dark delicious chocolate. So the very next time you’re with a date, push the caloric-filled ice cream sundae and nosh on some chocolate as well as a plate of fresh fruits.

Chocolate is really a romantic food rich in aroma that makes it the perfect food to just before sex. It can always get your lover in the sexual frame of mind. Works such as a charm, it could possibly even make women far more sensitive to contact and sex.

📌The darker the better, the nicer the juices. Literally. In the Journal of Sex Medication study, sexual interest and pleasure boosts greater in women after consuming dark delicious chocolate. Chocolate with higher levels of cocoa release “mood-enhancing” chemicals which make sex feel better.

Tension is part in our everyday lives, no matter how very much we avoid it. Additionally, it is a cause that prevents you lasting further in bed. Having dark chocolate has been linked to significant betterment in anxiety level and also in lifting of mood, specifically for females.

Dark chocolate is among the most powerful sexual foods that heighten your sex life. Chocolates are loaded with phenethylamine (the love chemical substance) which causes dopamine which helps you to feel good, rests your mood and increases erotic pleasure.

Furthermore, it’s attributes allows better bonding with your partner and boosts your libido, sensation, and excitement.




Have some chia seeds, if you’re looking to go throughout the day, simply mix these plant seeds into your low-fat yogurt or drinks and you will feed your self the energy you must fuel your lustful day. Due to their best ratio of protein, wholesome fats, and fiber. Also, chia seeds offer you stable electricity since they will not cause surges and declines in blood glucose levels or levels of insulin, which would usually cause for a distracting rumbling tummy when your romping all around in bed.

Pumpkin seeds are nutritional stars and you may thank their sources of zinc and the mineral magnesium: two important minerals demonstrated to boost male growth hormone levels, particularly when combined. The magnesium, exclusively, decreases irritation in arteries, which then raises blood flow and, subsequently, excitement.

The seeds are also a wealthy source of polyunsaturated fatty acids that have been shown to increase prostaglandinshormone-like elements that enjoy a key position in libido. You’ll discover you’ll have the capacity to keep your intimate stamina up if you’re not attempting to fake it.

Also, seeds are perfect for your sperm. Scientific study has found that pumpkin seeds are rich in zinc, which raises both male growth hormone and semen production in males. And when an androgenic hormone or testosterone levels in males are better, everyone is happier.

Pumpkin seeds contain Omega3 fatty acids and zinc, which play the essential role in regulating sexual intercourse hormones. Consuming one tablespoon of seed products a day might up your male growth hormone level.

They may be rich in zinc which is vital for wholesome sperm growth and improves the formation of the hormone referred to as testosterone. Also, they are rich in natural vitamins like b vitamin, E, C, D, K and vitamins and minerals including calcium supplement, potassium, and niacin and phosphorous that are important for wholesome sex life.

In pumpkin seeds, this zinc packed food item is important in producing testosterone amounts and enhanced sexual wishes in individuals. Pumpkin plant seeds are loaded with the health unhealthy acid referred to as omega 3, which acts such as a hormone produced in sex health conditions like sexual push and virility.

More so, Cumins seeds are loaded with zinc and potassium, which increases your performance in bed by increasing circulation of blood to your genital areas.



Many types of berries help you last longer. For instance, Blueberries help your sexual drive, as it help boost Dopamine and blood flow: two essential aspects of sex, as well as 2 things blueberries increase soon after consumption. Research has revealed the berry helps the circulation of blood and dopamine release inside the brain, building a happy libido.

Also, strawberries help you to do it repeatedly and yet again. Strawberries and raspberries are high in zinc, a key sex vitamin. Zinc, as we’ve seen, helps men develop [/su_note]and prepares the feminine body for sex.

Strawberries also contain lots of zinc, that helps maintain healthier healthy male growth hormone levels in males. Women too can benefit also from having strawberries as zinc may help boost their libido. Also, eating berries can help you experienced levels of vitality. Eat a small number if you want to go longer in a bed.

Maintaining a good level of androgenic hormone or testosterone is crucial to last longer in bed. An important nutrient to help with this is zinc, and one food that contribute zinc for the body are berries. Have a berry (or two) before hitting the bed to have a great time in sex.

Berries help you in relaxing the blood vessels and improve blood circulation to the genital areas. Incorporating them to your diets each week will increase your sex life and offer you happy erotic feeling, which will even give glow on your partner.

Raspberries according to new research suggests lowering the risk of erection problems if you include berries type of fruits. All these fruits are full of certain flavonoids which boost the sexual performance.

📌Many fruits can be very good for your sex life as they are rich in Vit c, known to increase your sex drive with a high level. Having up to one thousand mg of vitamin C-rich fruit like strawberry will enhance sperm its quality and sperm count up. Berries can also be used in sex enhancement because it’s a natural stimulant. What’s your next snack?

Have a healthier eating and sex from your cups of berries!



Eggs get your mind completely ready for sex. Eggs allows you to have relaxation and stamina, allowing you to be emotionally prepared and allowing your entire body to keep up.

Eggs are good for your sex life while they contain B vitamins that help release anxiety and stability hormone levels. Furthermore, eggs also help satisfy your daily prerequisite of zinc which is a crucial ingredient to get a healthy sex life.

What does not allow you to last longer is tension and stres, but egg is certainly one food which contains Vitamin B Complex that help you get rid of all those. Having eggs well before coitus will reduce your anxiety. Besides, it is also a good source of zinc, a nutritional necessity for you to get a wonderful sexual intercourse.

Red wine

Red wine

Men likes to enjoy a longer time duration of lovemaking and so does women but a large number of guys are not able to delay their ejaculation. As soon as their system causes the climax process, there is absolutely no coming back and no matter what you do, it just spoils the enjoyment.

Well, having just one cup of red wine may help boost your sex life, as it will help release dopamine in your brain. This essential chemical is mainly responsible for emotions like desire, and if you’re suffering from low libido, wine can easily come to save your sexual relationship.

A single study shows a link between female interest and regularly consuming red wine. Women who drank wine have been more likely to have a higher libido. Though too much liquor can damage sex, but a little wine, in no way hurt your body. In fact, it could possibly help.

Red Wine accounts for the release of dopamine from the brain, the hormonal boost for a particular emotion. Besides, it will help you enhance your libido for more satisfying sexual intercourse.



As men gets old, male growth hormone levels drops and estrogen level raises. Broccoli has got the rich aspect in indoles, which endorses testosterone creation in your system that helps reducing off extra estrogen, which hinders producing male sexual intercourse hormones.

Unprocessed celery boosts the production of androsterone, the odorless hormone launched through men perspiration. This in transforms acts as a pheromone to turn on women.

Green spinach can serve as the natural solution for erectile dysfunction. Kale consists of Vitamin E Antioxidant, which causes the release of sex chemicals in your system.

It has manganese, which improves female infertility by activating the formation of estrogen. It is additionally is abundant in zinc, which leads to better semen quantity and quality.

No wonder green vegetables are the basic most trusted foods to last longer in bed. A variety of green fruit and vegetables particularly green spinach and kale are loaded with folate. These are very beneficial for removing arteries with harmful plaque buildup which obstructs blood flow and reduces the availability of nutrition and oxygen to organs.

They help in digestive and work as supplement to all kinds of other minerals to the body. These improve blood’s nutrition and oxygen capacity by supplying iron and increasing quantity of RBC’s. Organic veggies nurture nerves and sustain a flow of blood in male genitals which further improves energy and strength.

You can get optimum supplementation in the course of your arousal and increase the time period of your sex functionality easily with greens. So having greens in your eating habits are also very beneficial for you to go longer in your bed naturally. The greens also have well-known advantages that help increase energy in sex and raise the level of T hormones. In addition to these, greens works to declog veins due to bacterial infections and inflammations.

Herbal Teas

Herbal Teas

Have some herbal treatments to gain capacity to last longer in bed. A cup of green leaf tea help do wonders to sex health. These are generally full of antioxidants and curb free-radicals which cause problems in cells and tissues that cause weakness in bodily organs and neural system. These are body fat metabolizers also help produce sexual power by reducing down excess fat.

Herbal teas help on invigorating body since these also stimulate metabolic process to improve blood circulation by getting rid of blockages in blood vessels.

The antioxidants from eco-friendly herb teas are especially beneficial for countering side effects of bad lifestyle habits. Ginger herb teas can also be good choices to gain the power to last longer in bed normally.


Sex is certainly an amazing experience that virtually defines our happiness. So, have you ever thought that maybe the foods you eat could have an effect on your performance in bed?

Even so, if you have bad dietary habits, unhealthy lifestyle, lack of exercise, you have to understand that these things brings down your sex performance. Having learned of foods that help you to last longer, you may want to start incorporating them in your daily meal.

These food products are not only delightful but with a varied taste of goodness. They give you and your spouse the energy to keep the love moving and sex life ongoing.

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