How Do Pornstars Last So Long (Their Best Kept Secrets… Revealed!)

You’ve watched male actors in porn last as long 30 minutes, pumping away two hot blondes and now you’re wondering:

How the hell did guys in porn last that long?

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This is one of the common questions raised by ordinary men after watching lots of sex films. For some guys, it’s a secret to last longer in sex, which they need to know.

Well, you’re in luck. We’ve gathered all the possible techniques used in the adult industry, so make sure you read every bit of our post here.

Last As Long As A Male Pornstar

While there are some pornstars born with huge cocks, there are also those born where they can last as long as they want throughout sex. However, the majority of them are not that different than regular folks. They also employ certain techniques to overcome early ejaculation.

Even though some can control their cum at will, most use one, if not, a couple of methods to postpone their climax until the porn director conveys to them it’s time for the cum shot.

Pornstar Techniques To Last Longer

To help you get an idea on what porn actors use to help them last longer in their sex scenes, here are are some of the techniques we’ve gathered based on reviews, interviews, forum answers, behind the scene footages, and by the very least, on what we’ve seen from porn films.

Start Stop Method

Fundamentally, with this technique, you want to pull out your cock once you feel you’re about to jerk off. You should also form your thumb and index finger into an ‘Okay sign‘. Then, squeeze your dick below the glans.

This method may not be enjoyable for others because you’re stopping intercourse every couple minutes. I don’t have to tell you that your girlfriend or wife will not enjoy that. This is especially true when she’s close to her orgasm and you have to pull out. This may look as if you’re depriving yourself of the best pleasure of the actual moment of sex.

Squeeze Technique

The squeeze technique consists of applying mild pressure to the urethra. This is the penile tube that works along the bottom of the penis. It function to push blood flow from your cock to slowly reduce any sexual tension.

📌Practice this squeezing technique in masturbation, then identify the level at that you can no longer hold it. Next time, squeeze just before you get to point where you’re about to cum. Squeeze around ten seconds, then continue in sex. Work on this many times before you let semen load all out.

Kegel Exercise

When I first learned of Kegels, I really thought these were those workouts that women use to tighten their vagina.

Well, I’m partly correct. The real truth is that gentlemen too can use Kegel exercise routines, not only to last longer in sex but likewise to unload sperm like a water hose.

You see, the way this works is to continue practicing and doing Kegel exercises daily. Do it for some minutes, and you’ll feel your PC muscle mass grows more robust.

Once it’s strong enough, it is possible to learn to squeeze it once you feel your climax approaching and then continue with sexual intercourse. No need in pulling out or imagining a fat woman.

The easy way in finding your PC muscle is to prevent your urine movement when you are urinating. The muscle tissue that you compressed than is the PC muscle.

A simple Kegel routine should be:

  • Locate the PC Muscle
  • Squeeze
  • Hold for couple seconds
  • Release
  • Repeat the routine for a number of repetitions

A study shown at the European Congress of Urology held in Stockholm, revealed that pelvic floor exercises may considerably help guys with quick ejaculation issues. Practice tightening the PC muscle for three seconds, then relaxing them for 3 secs. Try them a couple times in a row.

The Mayo Clinic advocates trying 3 sets of ten repetitions of pelvic floor workout routines a day. It could take time to figure out how to tighten and release the proper muscles, though with a bit of practice you should obtain perfection of the routine.

Edging Technique

You may not know about edging, but it’s a method used by porn stars to last longer in their sex scenes. It’s not that common as Kegels, but, in my opinion, it’s considerably more effective.

Edging simply means that you’re sexually stimulating yourself, typically anywhere between twenty and forty minutes, without the urge on ejaculating during that time.

Your target is to prolong the time you can last in a highly stimulated state.

Imagine your arousal going from 1 to 10.

On level 1, this is where you’re not even slightly aroused, with level 10 is where you are milliseconds away from ejaculation.

Your aim is to get somewhere at level 7 to 8, on that range and spend the majority of your time edging on that state.

Think of edging as a training camp for the real fight. Just like boxers who work with punching bags, coaches, and sparring partners before stepping into the ring, so should your ‘edging training’ be also a practice before your actual sex with your spouse or sweetheart.

📌Now, most guys ask me should they ejaculate at the end of their edging session or should they not. Well, this will depend. Some people can ejaculate once a week, and they are fine with that. Others find that if they never unload their cum at the end of each stimulation, they may last even shorter next time in sex.

So, try to know and see what is the very best situation for you.

Sex Position To Last Longer

There are good sexual positions and even not-so-good sex positions to last longer.

Great sex positions are those in which you’re fully in charge of your ejaculation and may help you last as long as you want. Bad sexual position is those where you’re quickly stimulated and ready to cum in several minutes.

The bad position for the quick climax? It’s the missionary position. You’re on top of her, while you’re working hard, and your PC muscle is hypersensitive and highly aroused. You’re all set to cum just after two minutes.

Compare that to the best sex position to last longer, the woman-on-top. If you wish to last longer, try it out in the beginning of sex, with her in cowgirl position. This technique can help you to last for a longer time. If you’ve watched some porn scenes, notice that the girl usually goes on top, rarely do you see a male porn actor go immediately in missionary.


Most pornstars desensitized themselves, so they’re not as excited in the filming of their sex scene. Sort of like what happens when you masturbate a lot. You start out lasting much longer because you’re numb to the same thing all the time.

I’ve also heard this from my guy friends for their techniques to stay longer. So, for you to desensitize yourself, masturbate around an hour before the intercourse with your girl. Pornstars do this too.

Urinate Before Sex

This is a simple approach to prevent untimely ejaculation, but some guys, time and again forget. Don’t be similar to most others. Remember to visit the bathroom just before intercourse. In this way you, you already take the stress off your genital area and you become more relaxed, so you can sustain longer will come naturally.

Take Some Deep Breaths

A lot of adult actors when it comes to sexual activity also feel nervous and fearful of premature ejaculation. They can get all sweaty, pressured, and experience short, shallow, and sharp breaths. Sadly this is a fantastic prelude for a premature climax.

So the next occasion you find you’re nervous, take ten deeply slow breaths and watch how you become a lot more calm. This helps you last longer too.

You should also take some deep breaths while penetrating her vagina.

Use Your Tongue To Caress Roof of Your Mouth

You might be asking… Do what? This one is used by porn stars and this technique is often used by other regular guys I know. By stroking the roof of your mouth, you’ll eventually put your attention into what you’re doing in your mouth and distract you from all sensitive pleasure in your genital area. This diversion is a great way of obtaining your control again in sex and lasting longer than usual.

Go For A 2nd Round

If you’re having difficulty in some methods to last longer, then just go for another round of intercourse. Women don’t care much if you have premature ejaculation and may not even know what it’s all about.

After you cum, which is perhaps within as short as below 5 minutes; you should go and satisfy her by other means. Work on her such as eating her pussy, fingering her, using the dildo, kissing her whole body, massaging her G-spots, etc.

As you go through other stimulations in her, you should be able to get your stamina and energy back for second round of sex.

So if you cum early, no need to worry too much. You could give her pleasure in other means while you prepare for another round.


Another method porn stars use is distraction. When you are with your partner, you might be thinking about her. Most likely, you’ll have overwhelming emotions for her and you want the closeness for both of you to share.

How do pornstars last longer? An actor may think of distracting thoughts such as thinking of the room designs, the texture of couch, etc. He’s thinking of other things than focusing on the hot woman he’s pumping.

Distraction or contemplating unsexy thoughts can actually be your initial strike and which you have control upon within. This forces you to get out of ‘the moment’, but make sure to not lose any momentum and sexual desire in the process.

Premature Ejaculation Pills

The PE medicines used nowadays in the USA, guarantee a much better equilibrium of serotonin and dopamine in a person’s brain. “Paroxetine” is right now used for a while. Initially, it’s an antidepressant. A more recent item is dapoxetine, which is particularly produced for PE.”

Important to remember that the pills function on the neurotransmitters. Dapoxetine works briefly and you can also that as needed, a couple of hours prior to an intimate sexual activity.

📌The use of PE pills is based on analysis and research for years. In certain countries in Europe, this is now currently in the marketplace like Belgium. Dapoxetine is now becoming studied in medical research in males with a problem of erection dysfunction and PE.

Essentially, you can take doctor-prescribed premature ejaculation pills or you can get supplements made from natural ingredients which are said to be just as effective.

Use Special Condoms

Condoms not only make sexual intercourse more secure, they can help you keep going longer as well! That is correct, guys! If you feel your self-approaching near climax, before your girl is even midway her orgasm, a condom might be just the thing you need.

It is easy: condoms stumps the feeling of a very sensual sex intercourse reduces sensitivity thus making you keep going longer. And in the event that normal condoms aren’t sufficient, here are 3 techniques to help your rod stay up with your girl.

Use textured or ribbed condoms

Ribbed or textured condoms provides a thick covering for your cock so it’s much less responsive to arousal. On the additionally part, it brings more arousal on her, and she’d value you more for that!

Use “Last Longer” condoms

There are actually last longer condoms consists of special materials and additives ingredient within the condom’s top. This will help avoid early climax and help prolong your intimate activity and enjoyment. No more shameful quick climax for you!

Double The Condom Use

If you’re not into textured or special condoms, your other recourse is double it! Put on two condoms at the same time to stump the sensibility. A term of extreme care: putting on several condoms raises the possibility of tearing or breaking up, so be sure to use lubricant to reduce rubbing or friction!

Last longer condoms allow you to keep going longer simply because they include a climax control lubricant that can help with early ejaculation. Trojan and Durex have this product, that has obtained great reviews from women and men. I’ve seen a lot of scenes, notably from Wicked Pictures where actors have two condoms in their cock.

Focus On Your Body

Whenever you try to steer clear of your emotions of excitement, you unintentionally produce much more stress in your thoughts which ups your overall performance and even anxiousness.

Consider focusing on your thoughts to your entire body, feeling every sensation of that moment. The more you fight towards a desire, the more challenging it will likely be to hold that back.

Change the Rhythm of Your Pumping

Switch from quick and slow rhythm stroke in your thrust. So, when you’re feeling like you’ll likely to explode, hold still until you recover control.

Also, use a sense of humor to lessen the stress and alter the position whenever you feel as if you turn yourself on excessively. Your partner is very likely to appreciate the fact that you’re innovative in bed, plus they might come with a couple of recommendations you have to find out from other Kama sutra positions.

Aside from transforming speed and position, try varying out different the level of your thrusts. In the event you get in too deep, it is more difficult to control it.

Get Fit and Healthy

Great genes most likely help porn stars quite undoubtedly. If your entire body generates a healthful typical dosage of androgenic hormone or testosterone, additionally, this massively works for the health of your sex life.

Reduced testosterone equals lower sexual interest, which very means weakened boners. This is the simple logic in sex issues like premature ejaculation, low libido or erectile dysfunction.

If you think you have a serious problem on enduring lengthy sexual intercourse, you need to see a physician. It might be a scenario to elevate your testosterone or help you get healthy in any other aspects.

📌Becoming overweight can impact your sex endurance too. If you’ve seen some porn, you’ve already noticed how the guys look so fit. Well, as it is, they work out regularly, which have good effects in levels of male hormones.

If you’re living healthy, have typical amounts of testosterone, there’s no reason at all why you shouldn’t be able to “ensure that your dick stays up” for a couple of minutes.

Practice Before Actual Sex

Be aware that these people are in porn simply because they can perform their scenes well. Not many guys will make it through the auditions simply because they just can’t get it up longer and can’t keep an erection for such a long time in-front of a movie staff.

In the event, you are concerned about your quick climax throughout intercourse then practice while masturbating. Discover the indicators of whenever you are near and after that slow thing down till the sensation subside. After that continue once again.

Whenever you feel you can handle it, work on this in actual sexual intercourse. So, whenever you really feel you’re getting near, then slow it down, relax and after that work it up once again gradually.

With constant mild practice more than the course of a few of weeks, you’ll probably build much better control. The technique is before you decide to achieve the “cum moment” you hold your pelvic muscles. Then push lower carefully and so on. This stress on your prostate will decrease your need to ejaculate.

Of course, it also helps if you have a partner willing to do it a longer than a few minutes. Most women want it more than a few minutes, so that’s never a problem. So, practice does make it perfect.

Foods To Last Longer

Several porn stars reveal that they specifically watch what they eat as it affects their semen quality and ability to last long in sex. Here are some foods you should include in your diet if you want to improve your sex performance

CELERY – This crispy vegetable, which is a typical component of most salads. It is one of the very best foods to assist guys last longer in bed. Mainly because Celery consists of nutrients like androstenone and androstenol which helps you for longer sexual intercourse. It also improves your masculinity, that makes you more appealing to the women.

BLUEBERRIES – In every diet, blueberries are the very best foods to consume for sexual endurance! Simply because blueberries are all-natural and have anti-cholesterol nutrients. What this implies is they drive all the cholesterol levels and lower to your blood stream, making your arterial blood vessels more healthy. For that, you experience more enjoyable sensation and an enhanced blood circulation to your dick. It is providing you with a much better and more firm penile erection capability and improved sexual stamina.

STEAK – Even that most-tasty steak you innocently consider is one of the porn actors’ favorite sex intercourse foods to increase their endurance. The steak raises the amounts of dopamine in your bloodstream. Dopamine raises your ‘feel good’ mood, so it helps you become more responsive. This is extremely important as it will help you build a much better feeling of a nearing climax. This can help you cope with it and delay it as long as you want.

NUTS – In the event, you’re asking yourself about the precise impact of sex endurance foods has, without a doubt, walnuts are one of the most effective sexual foods that improve your endurance. Actually, the advantageous factors of walnuts have been recognized all through some studies. Even your grandpa may have a story as well about its use.

PROTEIN – It’s been shown that higher protein diet plan of foods, packed with omega acids and phytonutrients are excellent on lasting longer in sexual intercourse. Of course, this enhances your intimate endurance as well.

GOOD FATS – Make sure you also get yourself some foods rich in good fats and omega3s, like avocados, extra virgin olive oil, salmon, sardines, and mackerel.

FRESH FRUITS – Get some fruits like kiwis, watermelon,
pineapples, bananas. They are also great all-natural food for lasting longer.

Delay Lubricant

Pornstars often use types of lube in their scenes so they can last longer. Durex Play Longer is a special lubricant made to deal with the early climax.

📌The item uses benzocaine, which is an anesthetic much like lidocaine. This help desensitizes the actor’s genital area throughout the sexual intercourse – allowing him to keep going longer.

Using an anesthetic (widely used in small surgical treatment) on your cock appears to be a little over the top. But considering the frustration of most guys in premature ejaculation, this is another option you can keep in your pocket in case you need help to last longer in bed.

Delay Gel

There’s no problem with a small additional help, particularly if it can help you get better sexual performance!

If you wish to drive your limitations with longer sex sessions, why not check out a delay gel? You’ll be able to select one up from the sex stores online as well as some drug stores, and they’re not as costly.

Some pornstars also use gels to numb the most delicate areas in their penis. This helps them to keep going longer. They often work below 5 minutes, so they’re a fast and simple remedy for PE.

Desensitizing Sprays

Another PE product porn stars use that provide good results are delay sprays. It also desensitizes and numb the penis so you’ll have more stamina and certainly improve endurance in sex.

There are many brands of desensitizing sprays in the market and most have same active components. Even though you can take a look at other lidocaine-based items, you’ll see slight variations. In some studies, most men replied favorably to the sprays utilized in the research, a significant minority (13 %) say it otherwise.

Sadly, the writers didn’t get into details as to what this amounted to, but this informs us that hold off sprays isn’t for everybody. Some men who are not at ease with other methods may use delays sprays to desensitizing their penis.

Delay Creams

With regards to early climax, porn stars are susceptible with that too, so they use delay creams. These are widely used by male actors to help numb their penis in their sex scenes. In the event you find it difficult to last for long in sex, a topical numbing cream can help you against PE.

It’s true that early climax could have been psychological in nature (depressive disorders, anxiousness), though many instances of PE are external. Which means that when a guy engages in sexual intercourse, the enjoyable emotions demonstrate excessively to the mind, resulting for the guy to rapidly cum. Using delay creams can correct that.

There is a wide selection of desensitizing creams that can help numb the penis for the climax. Most of the creams have the same ingredients and work well, so which one to use comes down to individual choice.

Consult A Professional

You may not be aware, but porn stars regularly consult medical professionals not just for their regular medical check up – but for treatment and enhancement of their sexual health.

You should also see a doctor to properly diagnose any sexual trouble you have. This can properly address the cause and so they can help you get the right treatment for premature ejaculation.

Secret Why Pornstars Last Longer

Most male porn actors perform sexual intercourse in different positions possible because they’re trained professionals – BUT – take note that they sometimes shot the scenes in different time frames. Sometimes they shoot in different hours and even days. There are lots of post-production work just like in any film.

Although there are also porn clips with continuous shot(like POVs or amateurs films), it’s rare that it last for more than 15 minutes (a typical average time for men)

Here’s another note.

If you’ve seen pornstars save their best when it’s time for the penultimate cum shot, that’s not often the case. Some actors claim that cum shots are taken in the beginning.

This is actually what some porn films do. They shoot the cum shot first, then they follow with the foreplay until the male actor gets a boner again. Then after a couple of hours, they shoot the other scenes with different sex positions. Everything would then be edited in post-production.


After reading the article, you should already have an idea on how porn stars last long in their sex scenes. Keep in mind that what you see in porn are the final edits, so don’t compare yourself on what you’ve watched in porn clips.

📌Use effective means that we’ve mentioned, and you should be able to have control in your sex life. At least, aim to last long 6-15 minutes, which is reasonable period according to some men and women.

Have you enjoyed reading our article, then share them with others who are curious to known how adult stars last long in porn. Also, share your thoughts in our comment section below.

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