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Guys, how good are you in bed?


  1. I am over 60 years old. My penis isn’t hard and longer in the sex. What pill is good for keep longer and hard too.

  2. I am of 66 years and my penis is not hard and it is very difficult in erection , I seek your able guidance that what pills or medicines should I use for longer and hard sex

  3. my is strong every morning and in bed but I still need to enlarge it to 7 or 8 intch
    I love sex. Iam lookw forward to act BF, I want to show those lady’s that Iam strong and helghty

  4. my wife after 40 years would like to see mee makke love to a prety 30 to40 year old women watching from the side to see if i do things different than with her aqnd what th
    e other women would do to me to cum where to find a girl for this fantacy i have about 6 and a half inches to offer and right now we can have sex for an hour or longer and i can not orgae making her cum 2-3 times always delicate nothing rough lots of natural feelings wher to find a girl for that one or two times


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