How To Make Your Dick Bigger Without Pills (Get Larger Penis Naturally)

Here’s what I discovered…if you truly want to boost your penis size, then use most of the available penis enlargement methods.

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For some reason, some guys think taking supplements don’t work. If you think of it, your penile tissues need nutrients to grow. And where else would you get the macros for penis enlargement?

Well, as it stands, there are those who prefer penis enlargement without pills. So, in case you don’t like supplements, there are also other effective means to increase your penis size.

We’ll discuss in the article other ways to make the dick bigger naturally, without the need for any type of pills.

Fast Way To Make My Penis Bigger Without Pills

Is there a quick way to enlarge your penis? Fortunately, there is.

My answer to this question: Penis Pump!

You can use a penis pump to enlarge your penis fast, though for a temporary period. Penis enlargement devices can provide you with noticeable gains just after using the device.

It works as a vacuum applied on your rod, causing the blood vessels and penile muscles expand, as the blood is transported by the vacuum.

Make Penis Bigger With Your Hands

Is this possible? Sure it is. If you don’t intend to take some cock enhancement capsules, here’s another way to make your dick bigger.

However, boosting your penis size effectively, you need to work out daily, with exercises.

Just like when you do physical exercise, your body will transform into a good shape, with bigger muscles in the right places, you can enlarge your dick by working on penile exercises.

I’ll share with you several powerful penis exercises that are very effective.

Warm Up

To start this exercise, get through an erect phase while sitting on a chair.

To start this exercise, get through an erect phase while sitting on a chair.

Before starting this exercise, you should warm up simply by using a towel soaked in warm water.

Hold a towel over your penis glans, then raise the penis head. Maintain this hold for 5 seconds. Repeat this routine 6-8 times. Do 5 sets of this exercise.

If you’re stronger, it’s possible to increase the resistance using a wet bath towel. Put a larger soft towel over the penis head.


Soon after warming up, you’ll apply lubrication, which is important if you want to increase your penile size normally. In fact, you will discover a lot of lubricants to enlarge the penis, but a common method is using water-based lubricants. There are also penis enlargement creams and penis enlargement oils. These can help provide nutrients in your dick

Stretch Exercise

Hold your penis, as if this is the only means you know to improve your size. With one hand, hold the penis head, and then use your other hand wrapped around the other. So you’re basically holding with two hands.

When you hold on your dick, you should stretch it out, and then rotate your cock 30 times to the right. Then rotate on other direction, to the left.

Then you should take a rest. Massage your whole penis, if possible using a penis enlargement cream or penis oil. These can help the nutrients go deep into the stretched penile tissues.

Repeat the exercises. This time rotate your penis to the left 30 times, then rotate in the right direction. Give it some rest, then massage again.

📌You should work on this exercise daily to increase the size of your dick. Actually, some men may feel some discomfort when stretching their penis for the first time. That should be fine. Even if you exercise for the first time in the gym, you’ll feel aches in the muscle.

Without having pills, drugs, or supplements, you can use this exercise to increase penis size. However, you need a lot of patience and dedication here, if you want to see results.

Make Your Penis Bigger With Foods

For men who desire to improve their size without pills, you may want to incorporate some penis enlargement food in your diet. Take note, food can’t solely boost your dick size. It supports other means your using such as penis extender, penis pump, and penis exercises.

If you combine a unique diet plan along with your exercises, you can get the result you need.

Some foods called vasodilators can actually help you with enlargement process. They can increase blood flow for your dick.

📌Some of these foods tuna, salmon, eggs, milk, liver, carrots, tomatoes, broccoli, sweet potatoes, pumpkin seeds, dark chocolate, Ginkgo Biloba, ginger, cayenne pepper.

If you want to boost the size of your pecker, then eat these penis enlargement foods. The nutrients in the foods, quicken the blood into the penile tissues. As you notice, you need good blood circulation if you truly want to boost your penile size.

How To Improve Size Of Penis Naturally

Another method that you can use to enlarge your penis naturally is using the 3 Pubococcygeus (PC). It is a flex exercise for penile enlargement.

The PC muscle is held to the pubococcygeus muscle which stretches from your pubic bone to the coccyx. This muscle is contracted in your ejaculation, erection and also used to control your urination.

You can find it by holding your urine mid stream while you urinate. This will generate this muscle to contract. You would then feel it stretching from the area behind your testicles just in front of your anus.

Benefits of the PC Flex Exercise

  • Penis Enlargement
  • Protects you from impotence.
  • Controls the ejaculation
  • Protects against premature ejaculations.
  • Results in stronger erection
  • Increases the activity of the prostate gland.
  • Protects from old age problems such as the failure to control urination

How to Do the PC Flex Exercise to Enlarge Your Penis?

Hold – This starts by finding the PC muscles as mentioned. Then you should compress and release several times. You can begin with 40 repetitions a day, then do several more that you can every day. Strive until you reach around 200-400 times per day. What is great in this easy exercise is that you can work on it anywhere. Do it in the house, the office for instance while taking a break.

Increments – This exercise is critical in regulating ejaculation. You can delay a climax by contracting the PC muscle. This exercise can be worked by pressing the PC muscle steadily until you feel it more tightened. Hold for 10 seconds. Then relax and ease it constantly in a reverse direction.

Squeeze And Hold – Warming up while doing 10 PC flexes as explained earlier. When you approach the 10th flex, hold that for 25 minutes. Then rest for 1 minute. This entire exercise is favored to be repeated for 5 times every day.

Exhauster – This exercise is tough and very powerful but it’s the most efficient. You can begin it by relaxing in a relaxed position. Then you warm up for 30-50 muscular contractions. Then hold your penis tightly for 10 seconds. Later, do 150 PC flexes, and while you reach to the ultimate PC flex, hold that as long as you can. Then take some rest for 3 minutes. Follow this with 40 firm PC flexes.

Enlarge Your Penis With Your Hands Using Jelqing

Here’s another method that you can use to enlarge a dick with pills. This technique can enlarge the penis, notably, if it is started by guys in their younger years, around earlier teens, continued into the adulthood.

How does the jelq exercise work?

This improves the blood circulation in your penile corpora cavernosa. This actually enhances the development of the shaft tissues. This exercise basically tears down the muscles fibers. While at rest, these penile fibers grow much bigger.

The exercise also increases the flow of blood to the penis, thus help increase its size.

When will you see the difference?

You’ll start seeing results in the dimensions of your penis after 6-8 weeks. But these are small gains. You’ll probably get positive changes after 6 months of regular exercise. Soon after a year, you’ll notice a growth up to 3 inches.

The hard thing about this method is you have to be consistent
and do it every day. It will test your patience.

How To Do Jelqing?

Grasp the base of your semi-erect penis with your thumb and forefinger. You should make an O shape, then place it in the penile base and start shifting your hand forward, as if you’re milking the blood to your penis shaft. While working on this, you will fill the penile tissue with more blood flow. Continue the exercise for 20-30 minutes.

Notes regarding the Jelqing technique

It can be normal to see slight bruises or even reddish colored bumps in the penis glans. They will go away eventually. To prevent this, begin this exercise gradually and then enhance the speed as time goes by.

To get the best result, you should work on this exercise with a semi-hard penis.

You should force the blood flow into the penis head, as this fills the tissues and cells with more blood than usual.

How To Make Penis Thicker And Longer Naturally?

You can get the best possible results to make your dick longer and thicker naturally without pills. You have two great options for an overall gain in penis size: penis pump and penis extender.

Penis Enlargement Pumps

First, let’s look at penis pumps. As mentioned, your penis achieves a larger size after it’s pumped with the vacuum. The pressure eventually engorges the penile tissues to absorb more blood.

This has been studied in the medical field, where penis pumps are recommended by doctors for use by those with erectile dysfunction. The ED eventually, discovered you can increase penis size with penile vacuum pumps.

Can Penis Pumps Enlarge The Penis Fast?

Well, yes! If you still don’t know how a penis pump work, I’ll explain briefly. Inside a penis pump, your penis really expands – quite significantly. But as soon as you remove the seal and the vacuum goes down, your penile goes right back to its starting size in the next 40 to 60 minutes.

Through the continuous use of penis pump, your dick eventually responds to the pressure and expand the penile tissues.

Can Penis Pumps Make Your Penis Bigger In One Day?

Pumps are often recommended and valuable when it comes to penile growth. It works in a way using medical studies done in trials in treatment centers and laboratories.

Known also as vacuum constriction device, it’s a safe and efficient way for men to treat erectile problems, penile curvature, and rapid climax.

Quite interestingly, the device also helps men attain hard and longer penis.

📌Keep in mind of gain here, which is temporary, but involves immediate enlargement. If you want penis enlargement in a day, use a penis pump, then slip through a cock ring. It should help you get a larger penis at’east through the day. Don’t forget to remove the cock ring as wearing it for longer periods can cause some harm to your genitals.

As a reminder, do not look into quick or short term results if you want to get penis enlargement naturally. Keep using the pumps for penis enlargement regularly to get your desired gains.

How to use penis pumps for best results?

Here are several suggestions for you to get quick and positive results for penis enlargement.

Shaking Motion – Use this by operating within a shaking movement coming from your pelvis. Don’t power the moves, but get it done in a way until you achieve a very good erection. This provides a good extent while revitalizing the circulation of blood and neurological endings on the genitals.

Alternate Pressure – Work with the penis pump by varying pressure, similar to the interval timed workouts by most athletes. Alternate the strain levels including starting point in 3 Hg for half minute. Then, reduced the pressure by increments down to zero. Soon after 30 seconds, go up back yet again. This improves the inner chambers and overall blood circulation.

Stroke Movements – This is a basic and familiar activity, as it is very similar on how you move your hands in masturbation. First, increase the pressure in the cylinder pump. The moment the penis feels pressure, start moving in up and down strokes. Do some sets basically up to 5 minutes. This also supplies good blood circulation

One of the most vital factors while using these devices is by using them effectively. To begin with, you need to squeeze your dick into the ring till the opening of the pump firmly fit into its body. During this period, pump slowly and gradually. Don’t pump too fast, as it may harm your penile cells.

Keep moving until your cock become fully hard. Once you feel the preferred hardness, glide in a ring on the base of your dick, just before releasing into the cylinder. Don’t place the cock ring for more than thirty minutes or so, to prevent injuries to your genital area.

Also, usually do not pump for days on end as this would injure your penis. Remain within fifteen to twenty minutes for each set. Work on around 2 sets every session, with 5 minutes gap. You can work on this morning and evening. Some men feel that if they operate longer, this can speed up the gains. You have to be patient. As some saying goes: “You should not force the growth”

Penis Extenders

Another method to make your dick longer and thicker with using pills is penis extender.

Penis extenders are starting to get into the mainstream market. It is now having a growing reputation among men, who are searching for ways to boost the dimensions of their penis.

Initially, one of the best solutions to a larger penis is by going for surgery. The process is risky and its efficiency is not as reliable. Because of this, a better solution is discovered, which is safer, more effective and affordable for men.

Extenders are specifically made to extend your penis. These devices can also be called penile traction device as it functions following the idea of the grip traction principle.

How do penis extenders work?

Based on the medical process of traction principle, the skin tissues and muscles, after stretched for some period, suffers microscopic fissures. The places between the tissues open, while the body system triggers natural repair response. The tissue near to the affected area divides and fill in space. In short, the cells repair the gap.

📌With each cell division called cytokinesis or mitosis, the penile area is healed as a result of the addition of new tissue. The process is repeated before the desired dimension is seen. This works with the skin graft, body building workout, and fitness exercises.

For instance, your facial skin heals by developing new skin cell. The muscle functions in the same way as well. When the exercise tears the muscle tissues, your body heals it by developing more muscles. This eventually results to larger muscle mass. This is the reason why those who lift weights develop more muscle tissues. Penis growth extenders function in the same way, which points out why it really is effective.

How Effective Are Penis Extenders?

There are potential benefits using this method. The nonsurgical penis enhancers showed 1-inch growth in length.

Nonetheless, you should slow and look at the wear period. The longer and more constant you use this men enlargement system, the more effects you’ll see.

The particular gains in length and circumference are just as subjective but it is confirmed by many users. That means an inch of gains is already a lot for some, while others are not as satisfied. Still, there are various studies attested on the effectiveness of extenders.

The study was done by a Danish doctor, Dr. Jorn Ege Siana in 1998 directed to know the efficiency of the penile extender. The study was published from the Scientific Journal of Sexual Medicine.

The study was done for 6 months and had 20 men tested, aged 20 to 40 years older. The members used a penis extender.

The results demonstrated that there was an average increase of 14% in the very first 2 months. It was said that there was an average of 2.9 cm or 1.2 inches in size gains after 4 months. All round, the average erection length improvement to 2 mm every week.

On the end of the study, the biggest erection size length claimed is at 40%. In the mean time, the average gain in girth is at 0.9 inches.

Overall, the 6.5-inch penis could increase up to 8.4 inches in size. However, the challenging aspect is that the men wore these extenders for 10-12 hours every day.

Use Combination of Penis Enlargement Methods

How to make your penis bigger naturally free? Just one of the questions we often read from guys searching for solutions for their small penis problem. Notably for those looking for methods without using pills.

📌Make no mistake, you can create your dick bigger, but you can get the best results by ‘mix and matching’ different techniques. Some are free (like Jelqing, stretching exercises), while some require you to spend on devices (like penis pumps and penis extenders).

If you really like to make your dick bigger without pills, use a combination of several methods to achieve your gains.

Bottom Line

As you can see, there are many other means to make your dick bigger without using pills. Though, from my assessment, penis enlargement pills just as helpful in the growth process, in the same way, body builders need to take a supplement for more muscle mass.

📌Have you enjoyed reading our article to enlarge the penis without pills? Share the post to your friends who you think need some of the information we mentioned.

Also, let us know your reactions and comments in our section below.

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