Do Penis Extender Really Work? Top 5 Extender Stretchers to Increase Size

Most men envy those born with big penises. Go online and you’ll see women salivating on well-endowed celebrities like Liam Neeson, Orlando Bloom, and Jon Hamm. You can only imagine the difference it would make when you wear shorts on the beach. You can go commando all you like. A large penis is a big confidence booster.

I would guess you would rarely talk about your manhood with friends, so it’s hard to dismiss that you secretly wanted to increase your size – down there – but don’t know how. Is penis growth possible? All the talk these days are products such as penis extenders. We’ll know more about these products on this page.

Check out the best penis extenders below. If you want to find out more before buying, then keep reading.

Girth GainsLength GainsEarliest Visible ResultsSuccess Rates
Money Back Guarantee
SizeGenetics5/5Visit Site1.5 inch1.5 inch6 months100%
2 Years
100% 6 months
Male Edge4/5
Visit Site19%19%4 months90.00%
1 Year
200% money back guarantee
Jes Extender4/5
Visit Site24%24%2-3 weeks88%
Range from a year to lifetime depending on the package
60 Days
Phallosan Forte4.3/5
Visit Site1 inch1 inch2-3 days95%
2 Years
100% money back within 14 days of purchase
Visit Site30%30%15 minutes95%
3 Years
60 Days
Vimax Extender5/525%25%3-6 months98%n/a100% in 6 months$
X4 Labs Extender Deluxe Edition5/530%30%1 month99%1 Year200% in 1 year$
Quick Extender Pro Value Edition5/51.5 inch1.5 inch1 month98%n/a100%$$

What Are Penis Extenders?

Recently, penis extenders surged into mainstream discussion of men looking to increase the size of their

manhood. Various product designs from different brands offer the same concept, with one goal – stretch the penis length.

For the most part, if you’re not inclined to go under the knife in fear of surgery, you can opt for penis stretchers. In Paolo Gontero’s study using an extender, a six-month use showed a 1-inch increase in flaccid length.

On average, non-surgical methods such as using male enhancers showed 0.75 inches average gain in length.

Penis extenders are a popular item for men who want to have big dicks. It is designed to stretch the penis. If you are considering penis enlargement, penis extenders will be helpful. This product is effective, safe and has high rates of success.

How Does Penis Stretchers Work?

Penis extenders include two basic components, which are as follows:

  • Two fastening points – One at the base and the other one before the glans
  • Bars or rods – use to extend the length of the extender. Users can adjust this to stretch the penis over time.

penis extender

When the penis extender is already on, you will notice a slight pull on your penis. This should not alarm you as this tension is behind all the magic of penis extenders. Whenever the muscle tissues break down, the cell will split and duplicate and this will make your penis larger.

How to Stretch and Extend Your Penis?

The way to extend your penis permanently is by constantly stretching it. And this is how the penis extender comes in. For maximum gains, you would need to wear it for around 5-8 hours a day. And take 15 minute breaks every 1-2 hours. The more you wear it, the more gains you’ll get. Most of the penis extenders could be hidden under your pants, so you can wear it for your work, and everyday activity.penis-extender-works

Penis extenders are a great way to extend the size of your manhood. You will get constant results as you keep using it.

How Does It Feel Wearing The Device?

Most men often ask about the feeling in your penis as soon as you attach it to your manhood. At first glance, the tool looks like a harmful device. In principle, you will feel pain when you attach in extender into your genitals.

After all, you’re stretching the muscles on that part. Some guys feel intimidated since it appears like it will tear off their wang. However, keep in mind that pain is part of the process.

The science behind the stretches can be compared to body builders building their muscles. When tissues break down through stretches in bodybuilding, cells split then duplicate. This explains the ability to extend the penis using male enhancing devices. It is call cell division, it works the same way.

Why You Should Get a Penis Extender For Penis Growth?

Your penis size effects confidence both with women and your peers in general. Many who use penis enlarger products, such as the SizeGenetics Penis Enlargement Device, report a huge increase in confidence with women due to their penis growth, and not just in the bedroom.

Confidence is a very attractive quality to women; they sense it straight away when meeting a man. When you have that knowing glint in your eye and a “not a care in the world” aura, you can enjoy more attention than ever before from the opposite sex.extender-penis-growth-enlargement

For most, especially men, the size of their penis matters. In fact, penis size can either boost or break a man’s self-esteem. For those wondering where this idea comes from, perhaps, from the practices and beliefs of ourdick-extender-pro2 elders.

Many cultures associate penis size with masculinity. It signifies power, strength, fertility, ability, courage, and virility. So, the bigger the penis size, the better. Of course, no man wants to be inferior to the others so all want to have a large penis. However, this is something that not everyone has. Some are endowed with a big cock while others just satisfy themselves with a small one and suffer from a low self-esteem.

While women do not give so much attention to the penis size of their man than the intimacy, they share, for men penis size is a big issue. In fact, one psychotherapist said that all the men she discussed with came to a point of measuring their penis and searching about it online to compare how their cock stands up against the others in size.

More Reasons To Use Penis Extenders

There are several studies about the perception on how a large penis correlates with other aspects of a man’s life. This can be attributed in some part to social, biological, and psychological factors.

Sexual Satisfaction for Women

According to a study at the University of Texas, women’s perception of sexual satisfaction is linkedstretch-penis-for-sex-appealto penis sizes. However, women prefer larger penis width as more ideal than longer penis length. At any rate, the study confirm how some women takes into account manhood size.

Sex Appeal

In a 2013 Australian National University study, penis size partly influences the sex appeal of a guy. It stated that penis size correlates with men’s height. The study provided several men’s images in their life sizes. Women reportedly registered their male preferences for larger penis size, in as short as 3 seconds.


Men may easily feel their self-worth relative to the size of their manhood. Also, studies show that some guys underestimate their size in comparison to other men. Experts attribute a man’s self-perception to photos, porn viewing, or the simple foreshortening act of looking down.

Peyronie’s Diseasepenis-extender-and-peyronies-disease

In some medical cases, such as penile curvature or Peyronie’s Disease, using penis extenders helps straighten the problem of a curved penis. This penis deformity affects around 1 out of 10 men. In this instance, using genital stretchers helps cure the curvature.


In surveys done by experts, they showed how other men felt their tool was small, when in truth the men had average size genitals. It stated that achieving the standard penile measurements could be helpful to relieve a person’s low self-esteem. On record, the average size ranges from 4 to 7 inches penis length. One to two inches gain can help boost a guy’s self-esteem.

Penis Length

In 2015, a U.S. study revealed the preferred penis length of 75 women. The researchers showed 3D printed model scale figures for references. In the study, most of the women preferred lengths of around 6 inches for long-term sex partners. Women notably preferred 6.5 inches length for casual sex encounters.penis-length-chart-stretcher

About Penis Traction Device

On some reviews, you might come along with the term penis traction device. However, don’t be confused with this name since it is just a medical term for penis extenders. The stretcher device based its concept on the traction technology tools used by surgeons.

As it is, you will read about extenders, stretchers, as well as traction in some pages – but they talk about the same technology. There’s nothing more difficult for a buyer than to be confused with some terms. So we hope, this answers some questions.

Pros & Cons Of Penis Devices

Just like any product in the market, you want to know the advantages and disadvantages of a certain tool. Since you will get an item from a manufacturer, there may be differences in sizes, and materials. More so, not all penis are the same. There may be faster results in some, while delayed gain in others.


Use the extender tool regularly and notice the changes in your manhood. That means a boost in self-esteem. Simply, you feel better inside and out. It’s easy to notice a man’s confidence in the way he walks, stand, and sit. Just having the knowledge that you’ve gained an inch in your penis brings a big difference in your own perception of self-worth.


Increasing your genitals needs time. Also, it needs commitment and patience. You will not see gains overnight. More so, it will not come in a week. It will take several months of continuous regular use to see the amazing results. Keep in mind, you will wear the device for hours and it would feel uncomfortable. In addition, results wouldn’t be instant since the gains will be gradual, as in a couple of centimeters or so. Just be patient and consistent in using the device.


Factors in Buying and Using the Penis Device

There are several factors that you should consider before you commit yourself with a penis stretcher. This will help you decide if the method will be beneficial to you in the long run.


Initially, using penis extenders looks easy. You see others wear the tool in their genitals and they look conspicuously cool. Remember that you will wear it for hours in the next couple of months to see great results. More so, the experience could be uncomfortable and painful.


The device will clasp into your frenulum, a sensitive part of your manhood. Although the frenulum’s sensitivity differs individually, you will definitely feel some sensation and tension as soon as you attach the extender. Also, your frenulum may be too sensitive that you would need to use gauze on that area.


You need to shave all the hair down there in your pubic area before you wear the penis extender. The hair often entangles with screws and clasps, so you need to completely shave regularly.

No Urination

As soon you wear the male extender, penile tissues gets pulled to their limit. This constricts your urethra, which prevents you from urinating for several hours. The constriction placed around the penis shaft makes urination painful and somehow, impossible. If you need to urinate, you need to remove the device completely.


Eventually, you spend for the device which could range more than a hundred dollars. There are cheap products, but of course, you don’t want to compromise the quality. In a way, it can be a worthy investment for yourself. However, you need to know how to use it right so you reap the maximum benefits.

Can Penis Extenders Increase Girth Size?

Most men who seek penis extender devices do so to have their dick longer and thicker. While most penis extenders offer gains in length, rarely do they come along with gain in girth.

extend girth size chart

We understand that men are very conscious when it comes to their manhood, it is always the bigger and thicker, the better. However, only a few men are endowed with the size that all men desire. While most wish to have a longer dick, some desire to grow their girth.

Girth refers to the thickness or circumference of a penis. If you want to enjoy a thicker manhood, do not worry because you can use penis pumps along with jelqing for the girth. Penis extenders or stretchers is most effective in penis length and not girth. So for men who also seek to have a bigger girth, there are penis pump male enhancement devices which is used for penis girth.

Steps in Using Penis Extenders


If you’re already prepared for the use as well as the factors above, then go on to the steps.

Adjust Length

The extender bars need to be adjusted to certain lengths to help achieve your desired growth. It needs to be two cm longer than your penis. Just use the elongation rods to adjust your desired size.


When attaching the penis extender, make sure that a side of the strap fastens to the cradle. This ensures the strap stays in place when you insert the penis stretcher onto your manhood. Leave the strap unattached on the side corresponding to your dominant hand.


Strap through the opening on the cradle side, then secure it tightly while still holding your penis with your other hand. Secure the other side with your dominant hand while keeping some tension on your genitals. Apply the correct tension in your penis so it stays in place. Also, ensure that the glans do not slip.


Now, secure and tighten the strap 2-3 more times on both sides. Do it one side at a time to ensure a tight comfortable fit. This guarantees that your glans do not slip out from the device strap. Adjust the penis extender carefully so you do not pull them too tight. You don’t want to pull the shaft skin which would cause painful as well as injury.

Tips to Maximize The Effectiveness of Male Extender Device


Aside from attaching the penis extender, there are several things you can do to efficient use the tool. Here additional tips you can try when using your penis stretcher.

1. Warm Up – You need to work on your penis to achieve a malleable state. This allows you to achieve the best tension, thus minimizing the time for extending the bars. Avoid liquid heat as it leads to oxidation.

2. Semi-Erection – The best way to warm up is to do several minutes of jelqing exercise, or strive for a semi-erection by some strokes. You need to work on this especially if you have small girth.

3. Apply Powder – Use talcum powder or baby powder before you attach the extender to avoid any slippage.

4. Maximize The Tension – Be conscious of your state, especially if you are a beginner. Do not overextend the tension to the point of injury and pain.

5. Adjust Accordingly – As you slowly notice some gains, adjust the tension.

6. Refuse Movement – Avoid moving too much that would loosen the grip and harnessing strap.

7. Lie Down – Use the extenders while lying down, instead of standing.

8. Rotation Movement – Restore blood flow, do the “rotation” movement, clockwise and counterclockwise for around 30 seconds, while doing kegel exercise the entire time.

9. Four to six hours – Wear the penis device for around 4 to 6 hours every day. Be patient, since the process could be time consuming.

10. Stay Positive – Get over your fears and discomfort. Stay positive if you desire to achieve the penis growth.

Buy Penis Extender Guide

Penis extenders are selling like hotcakes and many are taking advantage of its popularity. However, before you jump on the bandwagon, you should slow down and examine every penis stretcher that captures your interest. By being skeptical, you will likely end up with the best product on the market.

x4-labs-noose-versus-comfort-strapWe understand that finding the best male penis extender is easier said than done. You have to investigate and do a detailed research to get the best out of the thousands of penis stretcher products on the market. So, to make penis extender research easier for you, here are some pointers that you should consider when you buy your first or next penis extender.

Find a Versatile Penis Extender

To get the best out of your penis extender, look for a versatile product. Get the brand that allows you to customize the penis stretcher in a way that is comfortable for you. Some brands don’t fit larger penises or micro-penises, so it is not helpful to all men who seek the same goal, which is to grow their dick. Don’t believe the claims that there is only one right way to wear a penis stretcher. There are penis stretchers that you can build and use according to your size. The superb types of penis extenders are versatile, look for this type of product.

Look for Extras

Also, penis extenders come in different packages. Some include a variety of straps, talc powder to avoid slippage, and padding for comfort and insulation. Some offer extra nooses, pads, or replacement parts. These packages allow you to save more and keep you from the hassle of looking for the powder, strap or foam yourself. So, these accessories add extra comfort to your penis extender experience.

Double-check the parts       

At the end of the day, you will surely consider the savings you enjoy from your purchase. However, it will not pay off, if you bought the item at a lower price when it is defective. So it is important to always check the parts of the item and be sure that it is usable. Penis extender has an adjustable rod, test the item if it can be adjusted to different lengths. In addition, if you are planning to use the device longer, you should consider if replacement parts are available.

Look for Instructionspenis extender instructions

The success of penis extenders relies heavily on the instructions on how to properly use the device. So be sure that before you purchase the device it comes with a comprehensive and easy to understand manual. The manual can come in any form, CD, PDF, leaflet or video.

How Does The Penis Extender Adjust For Proper Fit?

This detail is very important but is often overlooked. You will be using the penis stretcher for weeks, months or even years. So, you should be knowledgeable in how to adjust it. Some extenders come with calibrated spring and line inscribed to indicate the tension applied to stretch the penis. Meanwhile, other brands just provide with a program that includes the number of hours and tension that you should apply in a given number of weeks or months. Determine what arrangement works best for you.

Read Customer Review

If you have access to the internet, do a quick research about the product you are interested in. If you want to know if it works, you will learn it by reading customer reviews. Customer reviews are helpful in weighing if the product is worth your money and time and in deciding whether to go for the product or not.

Contact the Company Directly

When you decide to purchase a penis extender, you do so, because you want to improve the size and length of your penis. You will use this penis enlargement device directly to your manhood, so it is important to assure that you can reach out the company anytime you need an answer to your question. If you find a particular penis stretcher interesting, call the company directly and ask them the questions you have in mind. Customer support is a great factor when choosing a product. So if a brand doesn’t offer this service, move on and find another brand.

Money Back Guarantee

stretcher moneybackThis is one of the most important items that you should consider. Money back guarantee makes you purchase an item with confidence because you can get your money back if the product does not work. So there is no loss. Also, this adds value to your money because manufacturers won’t offer this if their items don’t work and this is another assurance that you will not be wasting your time for a product that does not work.

We hope that these tips will help you as much as it helped us. There are hundreds of penis extenders on the market but only a few really works. So, use these pointers to keep yourself away from the prey who only wish to sell their items without delivering results. Make your money and time work for you by getting the right product.

Cheap Penis Extenders Below $100

We understand some guys feel the pinch on their budget, but still feel the need for the male enhancing device. Fortunately, there are affordable penis stretchers in the range of $100 to help you. Manufacturers were aware of the need of budget-conscious men, so they released these low-cost penis products.

X4 Labs™ Extender Deluxe Edition – $79.99

x4 lab extender

A popular male device maker, X4 Labs released their own version of a cheap male penis stretcher. They also offer expensive penis enhancers in different ranges for all their customers all over the world.

This edition of X4 Labs features different accessories to complement a variety of needs and treatments. Quite notable for their Deluxe version is the full penis extender set that provides a practical solution for stretching any short penis into considerable lengths.

The hybrid support technology includes a calibrated 3000-gram tension springs, 2 silicone tube harnesses, 2 long memory foam pads, 2 short memory foam pads, 2 adjustable comfort strap, and a complete elongation bars set.

In addition, the kit includes an instruction DVD and instructional manual. The product has tons of positive reviews, so you have to believe the quality and performance. The price speaks best for the product’s efficiency.

But wait, there is more. X4 Labs included $50 off gift voucher along with a 1-year product warranty. The original price of the Extender Deluxe Edition is at $319.95. Now, it is just at $79.99 because they celebrate their anniversary. So, you need to get the kit immediately before the price goes back to the other rate.

Quick Extender Pro Value Edition – $95.97


Quick Extender Pro is ideal for men looking for a nice starter kit to grow their penis. It is available at an affordable price, with and claims to deliver up to 7 inches gain with their advanced DSS system. Aside from giving you significant results, this product does not compromise comfort for its low price.

The Quick Extender Pro Value Edition brings the best value in their inexpensive package. It is one of the finest quality penis product on the market. The features include Superior Comfort DSS (Double Strap System) Support Piece, medical grade silicone tube, medical grade foam pads, and the 2500 gram tension springs.

You will also receive a single click multi-stage adjustment precision track, a velvet travel carrying case, and an illustrated instructions manual.

The company offers a maximum gain from 10% to 20%. A comfortable device to use, you can easily wear it around your home. You can even wear it in the office by concealing it under a pair of loose pants.

Even if the penis extender comes at a low cost, it includes a nice product warranty for your peace of mind. The Quick Extender Pro is included as one of the best-rated male penis extender brands this year. So don’t wait any longer, get this penis stretcher and see how it would change your life for good.

Vimax Extender – $99.95


Vimax Extender releases an affordable enhancement device to help out guys embarrassed with their small dick. If you’re dreaming of seeing a woman’s sweet smile because they were sexually satisfied, then you’re in luck with Vimax.

Some guys often doubt the quality and performance due to its low price. However, that shouldn’t dissuade you from getting this item. It has the same component comparable to expensive products.

Why is this Vimax Extender sold at lower cost? The team behind the Vimax product aimed towards the mass market to help out poor folks with a small package. Obviously, life can be too unfair, so the company geared this item to the less fortunate.

Don’t make the mistake of thinking cheap items does not do the job. This extender helps you out to stretch your manhood just like the others.

There are factors that helped lower the price, so you can just be thankful to Vimax for making it affordable. Still, an increase of an inch makes a big difference to sexual happiness.

Best Penis Extenders of 2017 – Product Reviews

Here are some of the top penis extenders in the market today. If you read the reviews, there are already thousands of men using these. Don’t hesitate any further because these penis extenders are known to be efficient. In addition, don’t be timid to try because the reality is a huge manhood is well desired.


Penis Extenders Review
Image Source:

Click Here for SizeGenetics Review

Click Here to Buy SizeGenetics

The SizeGenetics penis extender guarantees size increase by providing you with a gradual penis enhancement. It is easy to use and quite comfortable to wear. Reap the benefits with this genital stretcher. Aside from growing your manhood, it will also enhance your sexual performance, giving you a stronger orgasm.

This penis stretcher uses a massive 2,800 grams of tension. The higher the tension of the device, the greater the results. That guarantee effective results. The product is safe and comes with the money back guarantee. This makes it a win-win solution for your small penis dilemma.

SizeGenetics™ is a constriction device you can wear up to 8 hours daily. The comfort mechanism includes rubber material on the strap. This makes it easy for you to wear the device for longer periods.

When you buy SizeGenetics, the package includes tension device, DVD enlargement exercises, dvds on how to improve intimacy, online access to sites like ‘Penis Health’ and ‘Love Centria’.

What you can expect:

• Extra inches to penis length & girth
• Last Longer during sex & orgasms
• Rock hard erections, 100% fully engorged
• Increased sexual appetite, due to increased blood flow

Click Here for SizeGenetics Review

Click Here to Buy SizeGenetics

Phallosan Forte

Phallosan Forte box extender

Click Here for Phallosan Forte Review

Click Here to Buy Phallosan Forte

The Phallosan Forte penis stretcher features the orthopedic belt system. It has a revolutionary vacuum protector technology that provides a quick way to enhance and straighten your penis. The device meets all medical requirements to make it a safe.

Phallosan also comes with the newly designed protector cap to shield the glans and foreskin from swelling. Oftentimes, redness occurs when the suction is too strong. The Forte is a popular penis enhancer that comes in three various sizes, small, medium and large.

Choose from the sizes, depending on the measurement of your penis. This extender grows your penis by increasing the pressure. This is made with non-allergenic material on the silicone foam rings. The orthopedic belt system features a revolutionary vacuum protector technology that provides a quick way to improve your genitals.

Click Here for Phallosan Forte Review

Click Here to Buy Phallosan Forte

Male Edge

Penis Pump

Click Here for Male Edge Review

Click Here to Buy Male Edge

The Male Edge extender product will bring back confidence in your sex life. If you feel dull and timid with regards to your sexual relationship, it’s time to reclaim
some orgasmic glory. The product’s efficiency offers result or they give your money back. So if it doesn’t work for you, or doesn’t satisfy you, then just return it to them.

The device uses penis traction, a safe alternative to penile surgery. It gives you the same results but without the excruciating pain, complications, and recovery time.

Designed to help grow the penis length as well as width, the stretcher claims to bring 20% growth in width and 30% in length. Other users may not find the penis extender comfortable to wear. It may take some time before you used to it. However, users attest to its efficiency and reliability.

Click Here for Male Edge Review

Click Here to Buy Male Edge

Jes Extender

Best Water Penis Pump of 2016
Image Source:

Click here for Jes Extender Review

Click Here to Buy Jes Extender

The Jes Extender is one of the well-known penis products at the moment. This clinically tested product with excellent results is a good pain-free treatment if you want to achieve a larger penis. This suits well if you don’t want to visit the surgery room.

By any means, it can grow your penis from 20% to 25% percent from the original size. From the package alone, you’ll notice the precision, comfort, and design of the product.

As it can increase both the penis length and girth, that means you get a well-proportioned manhood. You don’t just get a longer tool, but also with muscle. The product from Jes Extender can also use for Peyronie’s disease treatment or penile curvature. This has been FDA approved, with a Class 1 medical device certification.

In 1998, the product was even part of a comprehensive study at the Scandinavian Clinic of Plastic Surgery located in Copenhagen. The findings were shown as at the International Interdisciplinary Symposium which took place on Genitourinary Reconstructive Surgery located in Barcelona, Spain. The results show a 30% increase in the penile size of all the test subjects through a 24-week period.

Originally developed by Dr. Jorn Ege Siana, a Danish plastic surgeon, the device works through synthesis called cytokinesis. This uses the body’s natural ability to divide and multiply the cells, whenever the tissues are stretched, which results in the growth of the muscles.

This technique is used in the medical field by plastic surgeons. Doctors often treat burn victims to grow new cells. In various indigenous cultures, you can notice the concept on how they insert large plates and objects in their lips, ears, and other body parts.

Click here for Jes Extender Review

Click Here to Buy Jes Extender


Image Source:

Click Here for Penomet Review

Click Here to Buy Penomet

Penomet Enhancement is another penis enlargement device you can consider. The penis stretcher goes with a unique design. The product claims to be powerful, safe, and effective to grow a small penis.

This extender pump is not like another penis pump, as it uses water to produce the right volume and pressure within the cylinder. That means proportional and equal growth for your manhood. Penomet even claims 65% to 70% faster results compared to ordinary pumps with fixed gaiter setting.

This device provides a simple and quick method to help you learn to naturally increase your penis size. The process works similar to a water in the bathtub. It can also use, although it is recommended for you to use water. The suction gaiters provide an extremely comfortable feeling for your skin. It is made from soft silicone, yet strong and durable.

Hydro pumps works effectively for gains in size, comparable to other types of extenders. You do not need to do penile stretches or jelqing exercises. You need an erection of 70% boner.

The benefits include an increase blood flow through your penis veins, which gives you greater erections. It also promises more room for the permanent size increase.

Most penis extenders don’t use warm water, but they require more weeks to show an increase. With water pumps, it shows faster gains and will last longer.

Click Here for Penomet Review

Click Here to Buy Penomet

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