Top 5 Penis Growth Pills You Don’t Want Other Guys to Know

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Have you ever wonder if it’s possible to increase the size of your small manhood using penis growth pills?

Using sex pills is actually a good option for you, notably if you’re seeking penile enhancement without going under the knife. This penis medicines mostly contain herbal ingredients that are generally safe to use, with minimal or no side effects.

The simple scientific explanation is that it increases blood flow to the penis and stretches it to larger erection. A lot of people also believe that male enlargement pills are a smart alternative compared to expensive surgical methods.

Essentially, male sex pills are an easy-to-use and safe way to make your dick longer. If you purchased them from a leading, trustworthy manufacturer, you have high chances to achieve the results you’re looking for.

In the following section, we’ll uncover the best penis growth pills right now in the market.

Penis Growth PillsPrice CheckRatingBenefitsBottle Content
NaturamaxVisit Site4.9Effective penis enhancement pills. 100% natural ingredients. Boost erection size, hardness60 capsules
NiagraVisit Site4.9Long lasting erection on intercourse. Extended sex time. More stamina, energy. Solid firm penis
60 capsules
VigRX4.5Solid, hard, firm erection. Possibility for size gains. Harder and more solid erection60 tablets
Natural Gain Plus4.2Established product since 2006. Results to stronger erections. Get rid of inhibitions in sex60 tablets
SinrexVisit Site4.2All-natural ingredients. Boost ejaculate volume
Improves erection hardness. Enhances sex desire
60 tablets

Top 5 Best Penis Growth Pills

In this post, we’ll reveal the top-rated penis growth tablets that a lot of men are talking about. This is a dick growth review focusing on pills as a popular method.

You need to know clearly on what you want to achieve before diving into anything about make enlargement products.

📌 The truth about taking sex dietary supplements for men is that it doesn’t necessarily enlarge your dick permanently.

However, most guys have the belief that a pill can actually enlarge your manhood as a whole. In reality, a single pill can’t magically grow your penis.

The easier way to understand the process is to compare penis enlargement to building muscles. If you hold your cock, you’ll feel the tissue in there.

Think how muscles build. The muscle tissues in biceps, chest, shoulders, glutes, don’t necessarily just grow by taking some pill. You need to work it out in the gym.

Working the penis through jelqing, penis extenders, and penis pumps would be more realistic in giving you noticeable gains in size.

Though, the male enhancement product which contains natural ingredients with right formulations would then support the increase of penile size erection.

The penis growth capsule is actually aimed at improving your performance by retaining the penile blood flow for a longer erection. But at the same time, it facilitates blood flow to your penis.

In this case, there’s no high blood pressure, but you only get the blood flow to your manhood. Thus it becomes enhanced on the entire penis body as most men think. To achieve bigger size, you may want to use penis enlargement pills while using penis stretchers and penis pumps.

What male sex pills to get? You can get penis enlargement pills online, and they’re quite easy to find. This is actually a popular way from men all over the world use to get a huge penis.

However, not all dick enlargement tablets work as they’re told. Here, I’m going to share with you about the best penis growth pills. Feel free to check them here and choose which one you think is the best.

1. Naturamax Penis Enhancement Pills

If you’re looking to achieve your penis growth objective, which one would you choose:

Naturamax is today’s leading choice for penis enhancement pills.

I know how it is to desire to have sex, it is normal for every dude. However, if you can’t give your best in sex intercourse, you’re in a world of trouble.

Add to that, a small penis erection size. Pretty soon, your relationship to your partner will be going south.

Don’t wait for that loving relationship to turn sour. Did you know losing erection quality can have effect on your actual penis size, making it appear much smaller?

Using a natural a penis growth supplement like Naturamax can bring your penis erection to a more respectable size, hardness, and firmness.

Other benefits include strong energy levels, endurance, and sexual stamina. This sex pill is scientifically made up effective herb extracts and raw botanicals, which makes it safe.

It contains all-natural ingredients, making Naturamax a popular penis growth pill for thousands of men around the world with penis erection and size problems.

📌 Penis growth pills like Naturamax provides the nutrients to help your dick achieve full erections beyond its small size.

If you’re asking:

How does Naturamax enhance your erection while additionally boosting your penis size?

You need stronger blood flow to your genitals. This blood rush tears penile walls, which then creates bigger tissues and assembles new penile muscles.

I’ve seen this myself, though I combine consumption of penis growth pills, along with the use of penis enlargement pumps.


The increase in penis erection size is not permanent. It needs the support of a penis enlargement device like a pump or penis extender to stretch the muscle tissues.

The nutrients from penis growth pills, like Naturamax, then help your dick grow into a bigger size.

Best way to use Naturamax:

Use Naturamax on daily intake for at least 3-4 months.

Aside from erection size growth, others felt sexually satisfied like they’re never before. This has made them to also take Naturamax as a daily nutritional supplement.

Should you get Naturamax?

Naturamax can definitely help you perform at the top of your game. You’ll have awesome rock solid erections each time.

Other guys with smaller dick use this sex pill to overcome their sexual troubles like impotence, premature ejaculation, and even erectile dysfunction issues.

There were those with extreme issues where they take 4 capsules. However, do not exceed this dose within 24 hours.

The recommended use for Naturamax to get larger erection size would be to use it regularly for 3 months.

Product Details:

  • 60 capsules per bottle
  • Take 2 capsules daily


Ginko Biloba, Tribulus Terrestris, Avena Sativa, Licorice Root, Nettle Root, Saw Palmetto, Horny Goat Weed, Cayenne, Piperine, Panax Ginseng, Tongkat Ali, Maca, Zinc, L-Arginine,

  • Highly effective penis enhancement pills
  • 100% all natural ingredients
  • Boost erection size, hardness, and firmness
  • None stated

2. Niagra Sex Enhancement Pills

If you’re looking for another option, try this sex growth pill:

Niagra strikes a fairly interesting male enhancement product the first time I heard of it.

Want to know why?

It sounds like Viagra and can be mistaken as the world famous Niagara Falls. So, would this sex pill be just as effective and as powerful based on its name branding?

First, take a look at these product details:

Niagra’s ingredients is made of scientifically
blended herb botanicals.

The ingredients of this sex pill include Xanthoparmelia Scabrosa, Cnidium Monnier extract, Piper nigrum extract, and L-Arginine.

For us to know if Niagra would be a very effective sex enhancing product, we’ll look into each ingredient.

The first ingredient, Xanthoparmelia Scabrosa, is actually an herb from the foliose lichen.

This genus herb has been called ‘herbal viagra’ in the Size Review due to its capability to inhibit the PDE-5 enzyme.

PDE-5, if you still don’t know, is responsible for reducing your erection strength and duration. So, this sounds promising based on this component.

Looking at Cnidium Monnier, it is a pro-erectile herb, with a similar mechanism on how Viagra work.

Piper nigrum on the other hand, is more known as black pepper commonly used as a seasoning and spice. In some studies, it is said to be able improve male sexual function.

For L-Arginine, it is a well known amino acid, part of the building blocks of protein. In your body, this turns into nitric oxide. If you’re into body building, this is a very important component in building muscles.

In some studies, men who had 5 grams of L-Arginine a day for 1-2 months improve their erections.

Taking the main ingredients into consideration,
Niagra establishes a unique and scientifically blended formula for male enhancement.

📌 What we have to look for is how Niagra sex pill supports the body’s natural hormone production, PDE5 activity, and nitric oxide.

These are all necessary for you to truly have a rock solid erection, which leads to the bigger size of your dick.

Niagra is said to be able to help releases the stored testosterone within your body. You feel heighten sensations.

Directions for best use

As a guide, take 1 capsule to enhance your erection. You shouldn’t take more than four capsules within 24 hrs period. The effects can last up to 36 hrs.

Niagra may be taken as a regular daily nutritional supplement. This is for those who want to have that optimal sex well-being.

You can likewise take an extra capsule on the days if you’ll have some sex.

Niagra sex pills can also use among guys with other issues such as boost sex performance, sexual energy, stamina, and libido.

How does Niagra sex nutritional supplement work?

Niagra fundamentally supports erectile function of men. So you need to be sexually excited and get aroused like watching hot sexy clips, reading erotic stories, exchanging dirty talk, etc.

Are there any side effects?

Discontinue use if you suddenly experience some unusual side effects. At any rate, this is natural and not known to generate some body issues in healthy users.

Though, be honest with yourself in case you have some serious medical issues. In the event you’re taking other medicines and not certain of the interactions, check with your doctor.

In know you want to have a regular sex life, but first make sure you’re healthy to handle the rigors of sexual activity, before taking this sex pill.

Product Details:

  • 60 capsules per bottle
  • Take 1-3 capsules everyday


Xanthoparmelia Scabrosa, Piper nigrum extract, Cnidium Monnier extract, L-Arginine

  • Long lasting erection size in intercourse
  • Extended sex time, more stamina, energy.
  • Solid, hard, firm penis size.
  • None stated

3. VigRX Plus – Male Enlargement Pills

I’ve personally tried different male enlargement pills, and more or less have an idea of what works. Some of them don’t work no matter how they tell you through their labels.

When I found out about VigRx Plus pills, I was a bit hesitant if it would work. Well, after a couple of doses of VigRx Plus in the first few weeks, I can feel that there’s going to be a difference.

I actually feel my erections starting to get stronger than usual. It was different than the ones I tried in the past.

Also, my sexual desire started to accelerate, for instance with just a sight of my hot and sexy officemate!

So, would you like to know for sure if the effects VigRx Plus would last? Keep in mind, that if you’re truly looking to gain some apparent size, then I would advise you to start taking Vigrx Plus along with another penis enlargement technique such as penis extender stretcher or penis pump.

📌 Going back to VigRx Plus, the company description states that it’s an all natural product developed for male enhancement. It promotes sexual stamina, desire, vigor, as well as increase your male sexual libido. ??

This sex pill also helps you get a solid, hard, and firm erection. I also notice that my ejaculation is improving and able to last longer than I usually do.

I also learned from user guy that uses it and also he got some positive results in using VigRX.

This brand is also a doctor recommended product and has been available since 2001. Vigrx Plus stated that develop a unique formula that includes nothing but 100% natural ingredients.

There are different brands of course, but some of the factors that make it popular include

  • Doctor recommendations
  • Clinical studies by leading labs
  • Testimonials from users
  • Money back guarantee
  • Positive reviews
  • Trusted and well-established company

Bottom line, VigRX is a worthwhile investment in terms of penis enlargement goals. This is recommended by other users review as well, so it’s notable to give it a try.

Product Specifications:


Damiana Extract, Epimedium, Bioperine, Ginkgo Biloba, Catuaba Bark Extract, Asian Red Ginseng, Saw Palmetto Berry, Muira Puama, Hawthorn Berry

  • Potent and effective in terms of results
  • Highly recommended by majority of users
  • Solid, hard and firm erection
  • Possibility for size gains, length, girth
  • Trusted and well-established brand
  • Costly for long period maintenance

4. Natural Gain Plus – Penis Growth Supplements

Natural Gain Plus is a penis growth pill for natural male enhancement. The makers of the product describe it as the powerful male enhancement program.

They do have years of success behind their product having been one of few companies that use natural ingredients.

According to the company that makes this male sex pill, it can give you positive results in a few weeks of regular use. It makes sense as their program includes exercise techniques.

Taking a blend of herbal ingredients provide users with increased blood flow, solid, firm, stronger, and full erections.

Let’s take a brief look at the other ingredients. It does contain Zinc Oxide which works to dilate the penile blood vessels while relaxing the smooth muscles.

This generally increases the blood flow to your penis, so it leads to stronger and solid erections.

Also, it has Ginseng, which is a known blockbuster herb for the treatment of erectile dysfunction. This help increases the flow of blood to your penis while it also enhances testosterone levels.

The other main ingredient is Saw Palmetto which normalizes the prostate size. Basically, the prostate starts growing after men reach 25 years old.

It then starts impacting lifestyle quality on those in their late 40’s. Saw palmetto, steps in to help regulate the prostate size.

The other ingredient is Beta-Sitosterol which you can find in many foods like vegetables, soy, fruits, peanuts. This also helps your sexual function by keeping the prostate size in check.

📌 However, a notable question mark in their resume is one of their ingredient, Selenium. In reality, the Selenium compound is deficient in vegetarians, as well as in people with medical conditions.

Selenium is actually found in meat and fish, which all Americans get their everyday dose of non-vegetarian nutrition.

Other than this issue, the pill is said to work for other users. That being said, this penis growth pill is way below Vigrx Plus, which is considered one of the best male enhancement pills today.

Would Natural Gains Plus penis growth pills be effective? Yes only if Vigrx Plus does not work.

If this is your first time, just begin with Vigrx Plus. Of course, others will dispute and might say that this Natural Gains work so it’s up to you if you try it.


Zinc Oxide, Ginseng, Saw Palmetto, Beta-Sitosterol, Selenium

  • Product has been out since 2006
  • Continued use results to stronger erections
  • Get rid of inhibitions in sex
  • Money back guarantee
  • Results vary for users

5. Sinrex Male Enhancement Pills for Penis Growth

The makers of Sinrex describes their product as a male enhancement pill that combines safe, effective, and natural ingredients into its unique 2-in-1 penis enhancement product.

They said to have a proprietary 2-in-1 blend formula that provides a 100% safe, chemical free male enhancement experience.

The results and benefits in using Sinrex are considered by many of users to be an effective natural penis enhancement pill.

As it is, this is a great option to pharmaceutical brands like Cialis and Viagra.

Importantly, it has all-natural ingredients found and used for centuries.

The ingredients are combined is a way to provide a natural method for increasing male libido, enhancing erection, boosting vigor and stamina in some form or another.

📌 By using only the most powerful herbal extracts, Sinrex uses known potent ingredients that provide benefits like increase nutritional compounds for better sexual performance and overall sexual well-being.

It also promotes boost in testosterone levels, which is necessary for an increased Sex Drive.

A quick look at the ingredients includes the standard in other male enhancement products. These are Horny Goat Weed, Ginseng, L-Arginine, Tribulus.

Sinrex seems to choose in formulating powerful and quick acting nutrients known to support and stimulate penis enlargement.

These combined ingredients are already known to work in help users improve stamina, erection strength, sexual endurance, and provides needed compounds with potential to maximize semen volume.

If you lack the confidence to perform at your sexual peak performance, don’t stoop down as male libido enhancement is quite possible.

Sinrex penis growth pills have been added to other user’s wellness routine. It seems to be an effective chemical-free way to improve sex overall performance while maintaining your sexual health.

Remember that using men’s supplements often provide varied results, so what works for others may not work for you or it may take longer to see the effect.


Bioperine, Copper Chelate, Cuscuta, Green Tea, Creatine, Inosine, L-Arginine HCL, Hawthorn Berries, Horny Goat Weed, Saw Palmetto, Siberian Ginseng, Soy, Tribulus Terrestris, Vitamin E, Lycopene, Omega 3

  • All-natural ingredients
  • Can have an effect on ejaculate volume
  • Improves erection hardness
  • Enhances sex desire
  • Individual results may vary
  • Side effects of allergy on some users
  • Not the best enlargement product on the market
  • Take a lot of time to see the results

How To Choose Best Penis Growth Pills?

IMG Source: aestheticsofessex

There always potential and dangerous side effects in using any supplement. This sometimes includes headaches, nausea, dizziness, stomach ache, among many others. These are the common problems associated with low-grade sex pills.

There can be several causes such as sub-standard manufacturing process, or poor quality control which can result to contaminants in the product. So remember to be sure that you thoroughly check the company has good manufacturing processes and business practices.

Choosing a manufacturer that has been well-established and trusted. Another factor is to know that they have been on the market for a long time.

How To Know If Penis Enlargement Supplements Are Effective?

For you to ensure the pills work, see if it has been submitted for clinical trials. This is actually required by the law and that it has to be made public. The internal testing, done by the company is not considered as evidence for the product safety.

The proper testing may be time consuming and expensive, something which counterfeit products and low-quality brands are not willing to invest into.

This would leave established companies to put your confidence in buying and rightfully so, that you deserve to get high-quality products that underwent clinical tests.

How Do Penis Growth Medicines Work?

If you’ve just started learning about male enlarging methods, you may first believe that sex pills can instantly make your penis bigger and longer without any erection. This is far from reality.

The male enhancing pills work in many ways:

The sex pills ingredients provide penis vessels to be more capacious. So, when erect your penis, it is engorged with more blood and thus it becomes larger. That is why this effect of male enhancement remedy can only be seen when penis fully erects.

What Is Penis Enlargement In General?

Most beginners have misconceptions in penis growth methods. There is actually a number of ways to enlarge length and girth of the penis. Sometimes there’s a combination of one or two to achieve the positive results.

Penis enlargement may also include other techniques such as penis surgery, exercises, vacuum pumps, topical medicines, penis stretchers, and of course penis growth pills and supplements.

What Are The Benefits Of Penis Enlargement Supplements?

  • Bigger, harder, solid erections.
  • Firm, longer lasting erections
  • Ability to maintain erection in penetration
  • Frequency and better quality of orgasms
  • Maximizes intercourse satisfaction
  • Increases your stamina, sex drive
  • Boosts your overall sexual satisfaction

What Happens In The Body If You Take Penis Growth Pills?

Inside the penis, it has two paired cylinders known as the Corpora Cavernosa. As soon as you’re aroused, it expands and gets filled with blood. This creates the hardness of your erection.

The capacity of your penis Corpora Cavernosa to fill with lots of blood during arousal actually has some limits in erection length and thickness. This function is known to decrease as you grow old.

Scientists discovered that the penile tissue of the penile Corpora Cavernosa increases in capacity. These function effectively as soon as they’re exposed to natural ingredients.

With this basis, the experts started developing penis growth pills, made from blends of all natural supplements. The formula is in the highest quality ingredients and the exact dosage so it would yield maximum penile enlargement.


Male sexual health is actually not just about your manhood size, girth, and length. The truth is, penis enlargement doesn’t necessarily need to achieve a permanent increase in size.

What basically happens is that the product you use help you enhance your sexual health. This paves way for your penis to enlarge in its full potential and when it really matters (in sex intercourse!)

The male enhancement pills mentioned above can provide many benefits such as help increase testosterone levels, give you solid, harder erections, and improve libido.

They also maximize your endurance and stamina during penetration. This makes sure you perform as a stud in bed.

📣 Do you have questions, reactions, or other ideas from the topic of our article? Just share your insights in our comment section below.

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  1. My husband is taking Vigrx Plus for two weeks now. So far his drive and desire has increased, Haven’t seen any increase in size yet. We’ll see after a month or two.

  2. I never really considered getting one of these products but my friend asked me to try Niagra. It had no really effect on the first week of taking it. After two weeks, I noticed that I get harder erections and had a boost in libido. If I can combine it with healthy eating and exercise, I would go beast mode.

  3. Never thought I would get myself a penis enlargement pill but I’m glad I did. I hope that the increase in size would be permanent.

  4. My Boyfriend is taking Vigrx plus for a month now because he wants to increase his penis size. So far, I noticed that he lasts longer in sex and it gives him a very hard boner.

  5. As an adult, I love how these supplements help me feel younger and I feel that I have more energy now than my younger days without taking supplements.

  6. So far so good. My energy and performance became better after using natural gain plus. I also feel that my penis had increased a little in size.

  7. I have been using my first bottle of sinrex male enhancement tabletand has no bad side effects. It gives me more energy and stamina while working out. It also gives me bigger and harder erections.