Penis Glans Rings – 5 Best Penis Head Rings (Go Ahead, Stimulate Her Clit)

You have a cock ring on your shaft, but you want another ring. Good! Check out the penis glans rings, yet another one of those sex rings you can wear in your dick.

Does the idea of having some handy stimulating jewel on the penis head sound intriguing to you? Awesome!

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Wearing cock glans ring feels really great! This adds more ways to tickle you and your girl. Before you imagine how she will look as she feel those metal balls on your penile head, here’s some things to know about glans rings.

Best Penis Glans Rings

* I rate Penis Glans Ring Stainless Steel Bondage Erection Ring as #1 with its awesome 4 Pressure Balls that provide maximum frenulum stimulation and most importantly quadruple steel ball sensation for my girl. I also have the Glans Ring with Two Balls and Male Chastity Penis Ring as favorites. Click on the table below to check reviews. Choose 2-3 glans penis rings for your own collection.

Penis Glans RingsCheck PriceRatingFeaturesPrice
Beauty Molly Stainless Steel Glans Penis Ring - 4 Solid Stainless Metal BallsClick Here To Buy Worldwide Shipping4.9Intense frenulum stimulation. Steel ball sensation for her. Hugs tight around the penis head. Intensifies her orgasms.$$$$$
Head Glans Ring with Pressure Joy Balls Stainless Steel Cock Ring JewelClick Here To Buy Worldwide Shipping4.8Designed, so it stays firm on top. For intense masturbatory pleasure
Ring provides targeted pressure. Cradles the frenulum
Male Chastity Device Penis Sleeve Round Metal Cock RingClick Here To Buy Worldwide Shipping4.8Glans ring with pressure ball. High-quality steel and hard construction. For extreme sensation in glans$$$$
Sleeves Cock Ring Stainless Metal Penis Glans RingClick Here To Buy Worldwide Shipping4.7Stainless steel ring. Sleeve steel for penile head. Stimulation in your glans. Help arouse her clitoris more$$
Adjustable Size Cock Ring Glans RingClick Here To Buy Worldwide Shipping4.5With magnetic physiotherapy. Rings have adjustable sheaths. Feel pressure in glans through the steel. Helps stimulate her clitoris$$

What Are Penis Glans Rings?

Glans rings are specially designed rings that you fit around the penis head. It stimulates your dick’s sensitive area called the frenulum.

Penile head ring is a slightly less popular sexual toy, nevertheless they still bring a great deal of sexual pleasure.

It is as trendy as the classic shaft rings, glans rings are in some ways similar to penile rings, but sizes definitely vary since the head is not always proportional to a man’s penile base.

This is the reason you have to be precise when measuring for the size on your glans. In addition, you have to know exactly how you place the penis head rings for the best effect.

📌Fitting the glans ring can be challenging at the start, but you can get it through practice and you can get it right every time you use it.

Finding Right Size of Glans Ring

The first step in using a penis glans ring is proper sizing. For you to really enjoy the stimulation, you have to get the right size of ring that fits you.

It is definitely needed that you use only the glans rings that go in the head perfectly. There are times, the regular penile ring size can also fit as a ring for the glans.

Still, that is not always the case. Glans rings are way different in construction and design than regular shaft rings. It is made differently to provide sensations in the right spot of the glans.

The easy way to calculate the penile glans that would be fitted with a ring is by making use of marking pen, string, and ruler. There must be two measurements you should carried out:

Flaccid – The very first measurement can be carried out while your dick is soft.

Erect – The second measurement should be carried out whilst your genitals is fully erect.

📌 Whilst determining the size, it is essential to not move the penile skin area very tight. This is not going to give correct measurements. Wrap around the string to your dick. Be sure to mark or label the string with a marker pen, where the ends meet. Then set the string on the ruler to see the measurements in centimeters or inches. Do this measurement on your flaccid and erect dick.

After you get the circumference for a flaccid and erect state, convert it to a decimal. (For instance, if its 2½, then in decimal, it’s 2.5).

Divide the decimal measurement by 3.14, the pi constant. The decimal answer you will get then need to be converted back tp fractions.

The answer you will get here is the inner diameter ring size. You can round it or add a couple of decimals so the ring is not as tight.

Example measurement and computation: 

String measurement: 4½ inches

Convert to decimal: 4.5 inches

Divide this decimal 4.5 by 3.14 = 1.43

1.43 in the fraction is around 1½.

So, you should order glans ring with 1½ inch in inner diameter.

Why Wear a Glans Ring?

There are many reasons why men use penile head rings. For most users, they buy and used them to see how good a shiny silver ring would look on the glans.

Also, you would want to wear a cock head ring to experience an increased dorsal pressure on the frenulum. The frenulum is that y-shape meeting point under the glans of the penis.

📌 Another consideration guys like to wear this sex ring is to provide an additional tickling beads on the genitals while they penetrate their girl. The feeling of this small pressure points on the clitoris is heaven to women. This further shoots your male sex performance points to the rafters.

Others also attest to its benefit to make the glans more firm, sensitive, and hard. It can likewise help your erection last longer and provide further support to the cock ring that you can wear on the base.

How To Use A Glans Ring?

Usually, a glans ring is placed just below the penile head when the penile is totally erect. For simpler placement, be sure to use lubricant. The lube can make the ring fall on your penile effortlessly and with no pain. This is especially vital if you’re making use of steel glans rings. They are generally really hard and solid, but you should be able to slide it on or off very easily.

Also, ensure that the ring is restricted sufficiently, therefore, it gives an ideal hold and does not slide away by itself. You do not want your glans ring to fall away while on masturbation or sexual activity. This is why it’s appropriate to find the right fit.

📌 If for some reason the glans ring starts to irritate the genitals, such as it causes itchiness, redness, numbness, or skin rashes, you should remove the ring immediately.

Keep in mind that the best way to remove the ring is while the penis is soft or flaccid.

The glans ring provides great fun, but it is essential to get your right measurements to prevent any troubles.

Different Types Of Glans Rings

It’s highly recommended to use specifically designed penile head rings on your glans. These are made so they can placed under your penis head with the right design for comfort.

The most common type is the metal glans rings. These are solid, strong, and gives an ideal grip. Metal glans rings are the most popular in the market.

📌 They are made with a various number of pressure balls of points on the circumference of the ring. This ball gives you and your partner the stimulation and tingling sensation to intensify the orgasm.

There are likewise some special glans rings with some attached rod inserted into the penile urethra. These rings, are more widely known as “sperm stoppers”, and provide the added urethral stimulation and stronger ejaculations.

Can You Use Glans Rings With Other Types Of Sex Toys

Yes, of course. A lot of men do this practice by using glans ring along with other male sex toys like shaft rings, ball rings, vibrating cock rings, penis plugs, sperm stoppers, etc.

Using it with other sex accessories further add to the stimulation of your genitals and your partner’s vagina.

Tips For Best Use of Glans Rings

A glans ring needs to be restricted, although not uneasy. Should you ever encounter soreness or if perhaps the ring prevents your blood flow completely, be sure to get rid of it instantly.

Never ever let your glans ring on for days on end. You have to give your penile serious some rest and recovery time.

Even circumcised and uncircumcised males can put the ring on. They can appreciate the benefits in using glans rings.

Glans rings produced of steel are the finest simply because they supply the finest grasp and the most intensive arousal. Nonetheless, be sure that the steel is skin safe.

The proper dimension and size depend on the quality of your penile erection. In the event you have an unusually big hard erection, you may find the ring to be too tight relative when you measure it in flaccid.

In the event you have an extremely big bulbous glans, it will be simpler for a glans ring to remain on. Nonetheless, it does not indicate you cannot put on a glans ring if your cock head is not big.

If you’re a newbie in sex rings, begin slowly and gradually. Don’t rush it. This is essential to becoming accustomed to the experience as well as discover ways to wear the glans ring correctly.

Always apply a water-based lubricant to create the best experience in putting it on, much more comfortable and fulfilling.

How To Fit A Glans Ring?

Sex lubricants are your helper. Only use some and apply it in your glans ring. It can make the method far easier and will also offer much more comfort and ease.

Lube also helps make the ring slide on to your dick and into the proper location. Should you struggle for the finest positioning for your glans ring, use lube on your genitals. It can make it quicker.

Also, the best tip is to place your ring just right behind your glans, below the corona. The corona may prevent the ring from sliding out as soon as you are fully erect.

Naturally, you should attempt to fit a glans ring whenever you’re flaccid. It might be hard or perhaps difficult to achieve that when erect. Also, carrying it out as you have a penile erection might turn out to be harmful, so that is one other reason who placing your glans ring when you’re soft.

The very same is true in getting your glans ring removed. Get it done once the penis is flaccid. Delay until your penile erection softens.

📌 If there is some pain, you should get your glans ring away right away, even though you are erect. To do this easier, apply a nice quantity of lube to help make the ring slide away from. In the event you have difficulties with it, be sure to call foe medical support right away.

Much like typical shaft rings, glans rings should not remain on for too long on the genitals. You should remove them away to stop
unforeseen incidents when it get stuck deep into the skin.

Glans rings constrict the flow of blood, also, even you might not feel it in the same manner similar to a typical cock ring. Nonetheless, they supply tightness so you have to remove them away right after half an hour.

As opposed to normal shaft rings, glans rings don’t necessarily boost erections. Nevertheless, they are going to make your penile head more hard, larger and sensitive.

What Are Benefits in Using Glans Ring?

Another benefit in wearing glans ring is that it help delays your ejaculation. Similar to how it gives little tug into the head, it allows you to feel the sensitive nerve endings to be more warmth, wet, and in a flesh on flesh action. Further it can help in prolonging the inevitable explosion of your passion.

With this along with the blood restriction to the penis glans also allows your cock head to feel firm, big, and full.

If you’re curious on how to stimulate further the head, look then for a glans ring. Get it if you’re also inclined into giving more pleasure for your girl.

Of course, combine wearing glans ring along with a standard base cock ring for more intensity. This little weight and pressure around the penis glans actually make a huge world of difference.

If the thought of using a glans ring has not yet crossed your mind, then what else are you waiting?

Glans rings are extremely affordable that you won’t miss meal, if for some mad reason you don’t enjoy it. But of course, you will enjoy it!

5 Best Penis Glans Ring – Cock Head Rings For Added Stimulation In Sex

#1 Beauty Molly Stainless Steel Glans Penis Ring – 4 Solid Stainless Metal Balls

Click Here To See Product

The Orbital Penis Head Ring penis ring is a four solid stainless metal balls to help stimulate your penile glans. This cock head ring is actually made from high grade stainless steel material designed for male sex toys. This cock ring though comes with a single size.

Orbital Penis Head Ring is a popular sex toy for couples. This penis head ring generally benefits not just men, but even women. The penis glans ring is specially designed for both you and your lover. Enjoy the best stimulation you can have in your dick and her vagina.

This cock ring can be easily cleaned, while its also hygienic, making this penis head rings beneficial for both men and women. This can actually stimulate her clitoris, which is a G-spot that makes her extremely aroused. So, with your every thrust, you help her bring to orgasm quicker.

For most users, the Orbital Penis Head Ring works great. Some said it can be difficult to have on, but once it is on your genitals, you’ll feel the difference. It will do the job well, and your girl would really enjoy the sensation of a ring on the glans. This can drive them crazy as hell!

📌 It can be a bigger than average, and it can tight once you’re solidly erect. However, the benefits bring more than some flaw. This will be a huge turn on for her and you’ll definitely get the stimulating effect in the glans.

This will be an instant favorite sex toy for couples. Just imagine having it on the head of your pecker, you’ll look sexy along with other shiny silver in the body.

Get this to add to your sex toy collection. Guys attest that women love seeing a shiny ring on their man’s penile glans. The ladies said they were attracted even more and make them desire to have sex more often.

The rings have metal balls that would really move. If she goes down on your for some blowjob, she’ll enjoy the balls of steel on the glans. This would give her tongue something to play with while she suck your dick. As with other type of rings, they may come off easily as it gets slippery.

Product Details

Colors: Silver
Weight: 10-12g
Inner Ring Diameter: 30mm, 33mm, 35mm
Small Ball Diameter: 9mm

  • Rings have 4 metal balls
  • Feel pressure in glans through the steel balls
  • Stimulate also her clitoris
  • Size maybe larger than listed

#2 Head Glans Ring with 2 Pressure Joy Balls Stainless Steel Cock Ring Jewel

Click Here To See Product

For some erotic genital bondage, try Glans Ring with 2 Pressure Joy Balls.

This is a Glans Penis Ring that’s factory sealed package which is made for men who wants to experience intense pleasure in the glans while wanting their girl experience even more sky rocketing orgasms.

This type of stainless steel ring is made to help to manage a hard and longer erections. The balls sits just around the penile glans. This then help stimulates you while having sex, while also arouse your partner by slight touches on her clit.

The material is high-quality stainless steel. It’s a hygienic and durable glans ring you can use as often as you like.

📌 Most users consider this as the best buy. Some also use the standard penis ring at the base, while still have glans ring at the head. It seems very useful to maintain the erection for intercourse while also enhancing every drop of sensation in your body.

You may slightly move the balls and separate them. It can be pulled a few millimeters using pliers. Other than that, if you use it as it is, you’re still golden. You’ll be provided with your extra sensation and glans stimulation that pushes you to you peak climaxes.

This is a really an awesome sex toy to have in your collection. No doubt you and your partner will be ecstatic in every thrust of your dick.

Just be aware of your actual size so you can get the correct ring inner diameter. You can get it through the penile head with some lubricant. Do this if your glans is bulbous and big.

Product details

Material: Stainless Steel
Size: 28mm, 30mm, 32mm, 35mm, 40mm, 45mm

  • Stainless steel ring
  • Two pressure balls
  • More stimulation in glans and her clit
  • None stated

#3 Male Chastity Device Penis Sleeve Round Metal Cock Ring

Click Here To See Product

Designed to hug the penis glans, this penile head ring can bring a more precise pressure into the top, while it also moderately cradles the penile frenulum.

Quite simply, you can just slip it right under the cock head and you’re sorted!

The ring is crafted in a way to stay firm in place. Wear it solo and experience some intense masturbatory gratification. Of course, you may want to share this sensational joyride with your partner on intercourse.

I must admit, this is what I want! It really looks damn good in the head. The first she saw it, she gave it a swirl and then guided it through her vagina. She loved it!

If you like, change and adjust the size so it hugs nice and tight. There should be no evidence of some chipping that others said.

📌 I had the original skin and it was able to hold back, while it can be folded over to make it really cool. Hand jobs and blow jobs would kick the hell out of you. It’s sure one body jewelry worth having and definitely a keeper!

This fits great on erection but feels bliss as your dick starts throbbing. My lady loves it to the brim she even gush over and play with it while we go to sleep.

The nice snug fit as soon as when my pecker stand erect may be a bit tight if you have an extremely bulbous head. Make sure get your size right, as it hugs the glans is its main the purpose.

You should feel you’ll be able to hold the penis before it fires a bit faster than usual.

Product Details

Material: Stainless Steel
Size Ring Diameter: 25-30mm
Ball Diameter: 9mm
Shipping Weight: 0.3 ounces

  • Designed so it stays firm on top
  • For intense masturbatory pleasure
  • Ring provides targeted pressure
  • Gently cradles the frenulum
  • Pleasurable to women in blowjobs and penetration
  • Some can’t find their appropriate size

#4 Sleeves Cock Ring Stainless Metal Penis Glans Ring

Click Here To See Product

The Master Series Penis Head Glans Ring With Pressure Point features a small plate like pressure point. For your pleasure in every hand stroke, blow job, or thrusts, this can give you fervid orgasms.

The material is made from surgical stainless steel, the glans ring is more comfortable at first look. First-time users may find the pressure point a bit uncomfortable. Just wear it regularly and you should get used to it.

The cock head ring is actually made of 3.2 surgical stainless steel, with 1.25 inches in width measurement. From what I discovered, this number is the outside diameter. So, make some adjustments for the inside diameter size is around 15/16 inch. That small cylinder pressure point is measured at around 0.25 inches in width.

As with some rings, there are some differences in the actual size listed, so make sure to double check your size and give it some additional allowance size. Don’t go with your exact size, but round it on the next larger number.

What I really like about this glans ring, it’s made from high-quality steel and nice hard construction. The piece is quite solid and extremely well made.

📌 This is a good quality male sex product, though some users have trouble with the size which was not implicitly stated to be outside diameter. As stated, always make sure you have your correct size and dutifully make sure the size you’re ordering is right.

If you find it difficult to slide the ring over the glans, make sure to do it if the penis is flaccid or semi erect. Also, don’t forget to use a water-based lubricant to help you out.

Product Details

Material: Stainless Steel
Diameter Size : 26mm, 28mm, 30mm
Weight: 0.3 ounces

  • Sleeves metal glans ring
  • High quality steel and hard construction
  • For extreme sensation in glans
  • Ring size problem for some users

#5 Adjustable Size Cock Ring Glans Ring

Click Here To See Product

This Adjustable Penis Head Ring is genuinely made from 316LVM surgical steel and solidly constructed. It comes in different sizes to meet the various glans diameter in majority of men. It includes a skeleton key authenticity charm so you know it’s genuine penile glans ring.

It’s a great sex ring to snug fit and secures just under the penile glans. It can likewise provide frenulum stimulation for a complete arousal and sensation.

Let your partner feel it in her tongue and her clit. It’s a sex toy she likely wouldn’t believe to provide her titillating pleasure inside, that could make her want for more.

You can experience the stimulation multiple times with this Adjustable Glans Ring made from stainless steel.

This an amazing glans ring that you can easily slip over your penis tip. Just use a dab of a water-based lubricant and you’re golden.

📌 As it hold tight in the glans, you’ll also feel a scintillating sensation in the frenulum, an ultra sensitive part of the genitals. Make no mistake about it, but with every thrust, your partner feels in in her clitoris. This wonderful pressure point in her vagina makes her feel great and demand for more time on sex.

The Adjustable Glans Ring is designed so it’s cock friendly. The stainless steel features these amazing texture just around circumference ring to further stimulates every part of your genitals and her pussy.

Product Details

Material: Stainless Steel
Weight: 10-12g
Inner Diameter S: 24-26mm
Inner Diameter M: 26-29mm
Inner Diameter L: 27-30mm
Inner Diameter XL: 29-32mm

  • Frenulum stimulation you want
  • Extra textured sensation for her
  • Hugs tight around the penis head
  • Intensifies your and her orgasms
  • You look amazing with a ring on it!
  • Not much feedback from users


Let these Glans Rings be your crowning jewels to your sex toys collection. It’s natural to be excited to try the Penis Head Rings and feel the sensations on your member.

📌 Have you learned and enjoyed reading our article on penis head rings, share it with friends and others whom you think would benefit from using glans rings.

Also, share us your comments and other insights in our form below.

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