Penis Enlargement Results

To all the men out there with a penis that is less than the average size, it can be a huge dent to your confidence – trust me, I know! You might think there is no light at the end of the tunnel, but there is a solution to your problem. A penis pump can transform you into a brand new man and greatly increase the length of your penis. Penis pump before and after results from people all around the world are actually pretty extraordinary and you can check them out for yourself with a quick internet search. Let’s take a further look at the device, including my very own penis pump results so that you can decide for yourself whether it is the right choice for you.

You will get results from penis extenders, penis enlargement oils and creams, penis enlargement pills, and pumps. I suggest you check them all out to see which one is best for you. Or use all of them for the best results.
penis enlargement before and after penis pump before and after penis pump results

What Do Penis Pumps Do?

Let’s start by getting down to the scientific stuff, how penis pumps actually work. We all know that the penis fills with blood to give you an erection, the tissue that forms the erection is actually called “Corpora Cavernosa”. To experience a harder erection and water penis pumpincrease the size of your penis, the blood flow to this tissue needs to be significantly increased. The vacuum used on penis pumps will definitely boost the blood supply to your member, which will give you the desired results. The devices are really easy to use and not painful in the slightest. You simply insert your penis into the penis pump and push down until the vacuum is activated. You then start pumping away for a few minutes and you will soon see results.

Many men like to use penis pumps just before they are about to have sex, to impress their partner by their harder and larger erection. This is definitely advisable and over time, you will not even need the pump at all. By using a penis pump, you are basically giving your penis a workout and strengthening it. Over a few uses, you will notice that your penis is getting larger, you will also notice that your erections are harder and last for longer. You might even get some pleasure from using the pump itself, although this is obviously not the main purpose of the device.

The Benefits

A cure for erectile dysfunction – So many guys out there suffer from erectile dysfunction and doctors have said that using a penis pump regularly can help with the condition. Getting pills constantly or having surgery can be expensive and intrusive to your body, but using a pump is the opposite of that. If you have troubles achieving or maintaining erections, you should give a penis pump a try before you turn to alternative methods that will leave you out of pocket.

Makes for more satisfying sexual encounters – A bigger penis and longer erections will result in more sexual pleasure for you and your partner during sex. You are also likely to last longer which combined, makes for more satisfying encounters and a happier sex life.

Can be used during masturbation – Although a great aid before sex, the device can also be used before masturbation as a solo sex toy. Many men experience that tingly feeling when they use a penis pump and it can help them achieve climax sooner.

Nonevasive and no side effects – Taking pills or going under the knife can be a risky and costly business. Apart from the initial purchase of a penis pump, it is super cheap and better yet, there are no known side effects which mean you can be rest assured that you are safe at all times.

The mental benefits – Your confidence is sure to soar after you see the benefits linked with using a penis pump. You might not even be the smallest guy in the world, but having a bigger penis can still make the world of difference. Some guys get really depressed about the size of their penis, comparing themselves to other guys who are larger. This will not happen anymore and therefore, help improve your mental electric penis pump

Penis enlargement– Of course one of the main reasons I use penis pump is to increase my penis size. And it did just that, I have increase 2.1 inches in length and 1.3 inches in girth. I am very happy with my size at this moment, so I just use it once per week just to maintain the size.

My Penis Pump Results

I always knew that my penis was below the average size and although I had a partner, I knew that our sex life wasn’t as good as what it could be. I tried viagra in the past and although it slightly helped the hardness of my erections, it didn’t make my penis bigger which was ideally what I was looking for. I even considered surgery but then I stumbled across penis pumps and decided to purchase one after looking at penis pump before and after pictures online and being impressed with what I saw. After using the pump for the first time, my erection wasn’t only harder but my penis was longer and I had the best sex that I’d ever experienced. My partner was blown away too and my confidence reached new heights, I had never felt so manly and in control.

I started using my pump regularly and after just a few short weeks, I noticed that my penis was larger even when I hadn’t been using it! This was amazing to me because I didn’t think that these kind of results were possible from such a simple device. I continued using the pump before I had sex but after a few months, I realized that this wasn’t necessary anymore. I was getting harder erections, lasting longer and was bigger, in general, all thanks to the pump. It literally changed my life, I now feel closer than ever to my partner and that’s due to our improved sex life. I would highly recommend this method to anybody who thinks that they need a little boost!


It’s clear to see that whether you suffer from erectile dysfunction or just want to increase your penis size as much as possible, a penis pump is a right choice for you. They are easy to use, have no side effects and best of all, they really work. Take it from me and millions of guys all over the world, when you see all the benefits of using a penis pump regularly – you will wish you did it sooner.