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When searching for a male enhancement aid, Pro Solution Pills is one name that often gets mentioned as an option. Before taking a chance on this enhancement aid, it is important to learn what it does, how it does it, and what the benefits might be.


To start with the basics, Pro Solution Pills have been around for ten years, and the promise has remained the same: a male enhancement tablet that offers increased ability to become and remain erect, an increase in libido, and harder, firmer erections. Impressively, the product also teases as the ability to become multi-orgasmic and boasts of no side-effects discovered to date.

What is Pro Solution Pills?

Pro Solution Pills offer an alternative to drugs like Levitra, Cialis and most famously, Viagra. While these penis enlargement pills are taken before a sexual encounter, Pro Solution Pills are taken as a daily supplement, providing its users with a more spontaneous, more natural experience.

What Are The Ingredients In Pro Solution Pills?

When considering whether Pro Solution Pills are for you, the first thing to consider is the ingredient list. The two primary ingredients of these pills are Drilizen and Solidin. Drilizen is a compound that is known to act as a vasodilator, meaning that it opens the veins to improve blood flow.

As blood flow to the penis is improved, erections become firmer and are achieved more easily. Solidin is known to contain L-dopa, a precursor to the famous ‘happy chemical’ dopamine. Solidin helps enhance the pleasure that is felt during arousal, something that makes arousal both more likely and easier to attain.

📌In addition to Solidin and Drilizen, there are several other components that are integral to Pro Solution Pills. Zinc oxide is one of them, and it would be harder to find a more proven, more reliable male enhancement aid. Similarly, momordica and cordyceps have been known to increase testosterone development in the body, something that simulates libido and creates a higher overall sex drive. Arjuna, another herbal supplement, is known to help with blood flow.
Does Pro Solution Pills Work? How?
Because the causes of male impotence can be varied and obscure, there are several ingredients in Pro Solution pills that are simply meant to act as supplements, supplying the body with what it might lack. For example, this potency enhancer also contains apigenin and amla are traditionally known to be sources of Vitamin C, while reishi mushrooms and bladderwrack improve thyroid function.

Perhaps one of the most interesting ingredients found in Pro Solution Pills is curculigo, which is also known and marketed as kali musli. This Indian plant has a long history in Ayurvedic medicine as an aphrodisiac, an anti-inflammatory agent and a immunostimulant.

For those who have tried Pro Solution Pills before, it is worth noting that recently, the company has added Korean ginseng and butea superba to their formulation. The former aids in good blood flow while the later is a common aphrodisiac in its native Thailand.

Why Buy Pro Solution Pills?
The question becomes, is Pro Solution Pills the right solution for you? The answer ends up being a qualified yes. This is a male enhancement drug with a long history, a long list of satisfied customers, and a number of different components that might hit on the right solution for your slump.

The only thing to consider is that there are several ingredients in the pills which act as vasodilators, affecting your blood flow. While Pro Solution Pills does state that there are no known side effects, this may be cause for pause for people with hypertension or other blood flow disorders.


When it comes to looking for a male enhancement supplement that will give you the results you have always dreamed of, Pro Solution Pills is certainly a good place to start. With a number of active ingredients that might prove to be your personal magic bullet and a long history of success, Pro Solution Pills is an excellent choice for someone who wants to explore natural male enhancement!

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Penis Enlargement Treatments – Best Methods To Increase Penis Size (Get Cock Gains You Want!)

Many men feel insecure and distressed with their penis size.

Whether it’s in the beach, locker room, or bedroom, they feel they need to show a large cock to feel good about themselves.

It’s understandable. If you feel that a longer penis would boost your self-esteem, then, by all means, seek penis enlargement treatments.

If you’ve been asking about the best penis enlargement treatments right now, we’ll be looking into that in this article, so read through our whole post.

What Are Penis Enlargement Treatments

Most guys believe that improving the size of their penis is likely to make them a better man or make them more appealing. However, chances are your dick is within an average cock size range.

Enlarging a penis to a size below average is therefore sensible and have a significant effect on the sufferer concerned.

The result of studies at the University of Ottawa even shows that it’s sensible to enlarge an average size penis. That also shocked some experts.

Over the last 15 years, a majority of guys gain a higher sense of self-worth through penis enlargement.

It helps them to have more self-esteem and much more success in their relationship, in sex intercourse, in their social life, and even in their career (such as those into modeling, bodybuilding, or acting).

Though, the size of a penis ought to only be enhanced if such men genuinely have a ‘small cock’ from the medical viewpoint. Most experts firmly refuse to ask guys to go for a ‘monster-sized’ specimen, out of an already ‘average’ or large penis.

The definition of penis enlargement treatments falls into two groups, surgical procedure, and non-surgical treatments.

In case you’re considering penis enlargement surgery, you must think through (or expect) a modest result, not the best outcome possible.

📌Put simply; you should only undergo surgery for length increase in a range of 3 to 5 cm. For a goal of 6cm or even 8-9 cm would no doubt be enticing, but the most operation does not deliver these kinds of results. However, the clinic claims it.
You should be aware that guys with a tiny penis (e.g., 4-7cm when erect) would like nothing more than a normal-sized penis. So, it’s only possible to have around 5cm gains, nonetheless only totals 12cm length, which at least brings them to average size.

An increase of 50% size gains will be a tremendous enhancement, of course, yet the results may be modest for some.

So, keep in mind, do not expect for ‘out of this world’ results in penis enlargement treatments, whether surgical or non-surgical.

There will be gains, but modest gains at most, but not necessarily to give you a ‘monster cock’!

Why Men Seek Penis Enlargement Treatments

Some men are severely anxious about their penis size and are prevented from enjoying a healthy sex life for that reason.

Men born into this world with an actual small penis may benefit from penis enlargement treatments.

However, other men, get by small or average dicks, and still enjoy satisfactory sex life, despite the small size of their penises.

Guys that are dissatisfied with the appearance of their penises should think cautiously before going for surgery, mainly if the size falls within an average range, as the operation has a risk and quite expensive.

Though, you can go for non-surgical treatments like penis enlargement devices, penis exercises, and other natural means.

How Penis Enlargement Treatment Work

How do these treatments work? It works on the same theory as gaining new muscle when you exercise in the gym.

When exercising your body muscles (or your penile tissues), you create microtears in your penis.

The body then tries to fill out and repair these tearings and stimulates cell growth in that area. This way, the muscle grows.

This same principle applies with regards to penis growth. You can even find research studies confirming that traction-device, penis pumps, and penis stretching can be long-lasting.

You have to understand the male reproductive system in your penis, the testicles, your seminal vesicles, as well as your prostate.

The penis consists of a spongy tissue that’s responsible for a penile erection. There is a tube inside called the “urethra,” that handles the excretion of urine from your body as well as your semen.

The mean size of a flaccid penis is 6-8cm at most. A review of several experts found the average soft length to be 9-10cm.

The average erect penis is 14-16 cm, with girth around 10-12cm., which was proved in 2007 of BJU Global. Various methods of dimensions were included in the review.

Numerous treatments can be done to increase the size of your penis, and these procedures showed a comprehensive change in the size of small dicks.

How do treatments boost your penis size? As mentioned, the penis contains three chambers of spongy tissue which absorb blood that when it reaches your penis from the circulatory system, these compartments get filled with blood, which leads to the erection of your penis.

When treatments are done continually, in a right way, it can cause growth in the size of the chambers.

Then, it absorbs more significant amounts of blood and will also lead to an increase in the dimensions of your penis.

The purpose of these treatments is to make a strength by stretching the muscle tissues that are responsible for the penile erection of your penis, and this strength will bring about an increase in the growth of tissues, gradually.

Surgical Treatment For Penis Enlargement

The requirement for penis-enlargement surgery is typically restricted to men whose penises don’t usually function because of a birth flaw or injury.

However some surgeons offer penis enlargement operation using various tactics, it’s controversial and considered by many to get unnecessary and in some cases forever harmful.

These surgical operations should be considered the last option. There aren’t enough reports of penis-enlargement surgical procedures to give an accurate photo of risks and benefits.

📌The most traditionally used surgical procedure to increase penis size involves severing the suspensory ligament that attaches your cock to the pubic bone tissue and moving the skin area from the abdomen to the penile shaft. If this ligament is minimized, your penis appears for longer as it hangs down.
As doctors cut the suspensory ligament, it causes the erect penis to be longer. Severing the suspensory ligament sometimes done together with other procedures, like removing excess fat on the pubic bone.

A process to make your penis full in girth involves taking extra fat from a fleshy section of your body and inserting it into your penis shaft.

Results may be discouraging, however, because a number of the injected fat can be reabsorbed. This then leads to a disease called penile curvature or asymmetry as well as an irregular looking penis.

Another technique for increasing breadth is grafting tissues onto the shaft in your penis. None of these processes has been proved harmless but might affect efficiency and your ability to get a good erection.

Penis Pump – Vacuum Devices

Vacuum devices are frequently recommended for treating erectile dysfunction, but they’re also advertised for penis enlargement for the reason that penis does increase in dimensions for a time of use.

Vacuum pump systems are placed over your penis and after that air is driven from the tube, producing pressure. As a result, blood flow rapidly fills into your penis, for an erection.

A ring is then applied briefly to the base of your penis to stop the blood from going away too rapidly. Penis enlargement will only last for about 24 hours.

There may also be side effects. Blood vessels can rupture, causing inflammation and some pain.

Should you try a vacuum device for erectile problems, or for enhancement of sexual experience, you need to be aware of the dangers of some devices.

Penile pumps may, over an extended period, may stimulate for a longer erection gains, but may injure tissues.

The primary goal of a penile pump is sometimes to provide a short-term means of enlarging the cock girth by causing edema or swelling to occur, thus improving the penile circumference.

The only issue with these pumping systems is the poor design, causing pain and discomfort in many instances.

Look for a medically designed penis pump that’s much more efficient and effective and less hazardous than the standard pump systems on the market.

Please take into account that these pumps should be used as instructed as it will cause tissue injury if not handled appropriately.

Vacuum devices and weights may develop minimal, short-term increases in size. But just because your penis is elastic and can be stretched, like an elastic band, it may go back eventually.

Penis pumps involve putting a tube over your penis then pumping out the oxygen to create a vacuum. The vacuum draws blood flow into your penis and causes it to swell.

Vacuum products are often used in the short-term treatment of male impotence or those who can’t have an erection. But if you overuse a penis pump, it can damage the tissue of your penis, leading to weaker erections.

Penis Extender – Penile Stretching Devices

This procedure involves placing an excess weight or a small frame, sometimes referred to as a traction device, on the flaccid penis to extend it.

Experts say no scientific evidence on having weights will increase your penis, and could even cause permanent damage to your dick. However, positive results with the use of traction devices or penis extenders make it a good option for cock enlargement.

There is some proof that traction products can have some effect, particularly with guys who are smaller in size.

“Some sufferers using traction gadgets for six months have seen gains in dimensions of 1-2cm. However, such treatment options should not be started without the supervision of a physician” says Dr.Loria, a sex therapist.

Still, there are stretch devices on the market that could have a significant impact on erect penile length.

It can be Dr. Loria’s view that these stretchers are far safer and even more effective than any medical or surgical procedures available today.

There are products that either force or pull your penis to make it longer. This system is attached to the glans head of your penis and pulls out to stress the penile shaft.

This stress, over a consistent and extended period – perhaps years of use – may cause the penile shaft to extend.

Even though this requires work and time, it’s an extreme therapy, and it may well work. But you have to commit yourself to find the results.

The ‘penis extender’ devices include ‘stretching’ systems. These devices traction onto the penile shaft and pull the tissues using a strap system utilizing the force on the penile shaft.

If one would use this, the intense therapy extends the penile length.

📌Be careful when applying any force around the penile shaft for prolonged periods of time, may it be a ‘pump’ or ‘extender’ system, as you tend not want to damage the penile tissue.

So, if there is a pain, feeling changes, etc., quit immediately and seek out medical attention.

Penis Exercises for Enlargement
Penis exercises, sometimes called jelqing, have been used in ancient Egypt as a method for penis enlargement.

Do not expect fantastic things immediately when you do penis exercises, but many men state that they gain up to 2 inches after months of use.

Like all routines, results won’t amazingly show after a short time, but with the right exercise, you’ll recognize a slow but steady expansion.

The advantages of penile exercises are that it’s safe, and you won’t cause harm to your health by trying them.

Jelqing is an exercise where you repeatedly pull the flaccid penis using your thumb and index finger, with the aim of increasing the erection size.

The concept of the penile workout routines will be to increase the blood flow to your erectile tissues to increased penis length and girth.

📌”Just like using creams, exercise techniques can help some men enhance pleasure, but can eventually improve the size of a flaccid and erect penis,” claims Professor Wylie, a sex therapy expert.

“But there is no clinical evidence to say that jelqing can guarantee to boost penis size.”

You’ll start to notice a small difference in how big your penis after six to eight weeks, and you’ll not have significant changes for six months.

After one year, you’ll notice an increase of 1-2 inches and the penile erection will also become much stronger.

How is the jelq method done?

For that maximum benefit, it needs to be done every day on the following steps:

1. You have to warm up with a very hot towel.
2. Grasp your lower semi-erect penis with your thumb and forefinger. Make an O by using all those two fingers, and in that way, you’ll close down the blood circulation, thus forcing more blood into the cells.
3. Start moving your hands forward as if you’re milking the blood into your penis shaft and by that way you expect to fill the tissues with more blood.
4. When you hold your penis with your right-hand, hold the base of your penis once more with your left palm, and then do the same routine as you did with the right-hand.
5. Continue this exercise for 20-25 minutes.

Some more information on the jelq strategy:

It’s normal that you might have slight bruises or red bumps on your penis head. They will likely disappear spontaneously. To avert this, start this workout slowly and then raise the speed of doing it gradually.

To see the benefit, do this exercise with a semi-erect penis.

You have to press the blood whenever you can to your penis to fill the cells with more blood than usual, and this eventually will change the color of your penis to a reddish color.

Before starting with the jelqing workout make sure that you’re already at least semi-erect, involving half and three-fourths of your maximum penile erection power.

Your glans may result in loss of its sensitivity.

Jelqing with a flaccid dick may achieve no gains, in the soft state.

Jelqing using a full erection could often result in a soft tissue & nerve damage.

Take your time to go through a cool down phase.

Do not continue if you feel any pain or soreness. All these exercises were designed to be ache-free

Penis Enlargement Pills And Supplements
In the event you have problems with penile erection and inferior blood flow to your penis, then you may want to use penis enhancement pills.

In fact, you can only achieve your greatest penis size as a result of more blood coming to your penis (because of enhanced blood flow).

Even so, many experts point out the positive of using male enhancement pills in a while using pumps and extenders, as a dietary support for achieving better yet results quicker.

Pay attention: I have reviewed a lot of male enhancement pills in the marketplace these days along with the best manufacturer I have come across is called Male Extra.

It’s highly recommended to use a dietary support when doing penis workouts for speedier and even far better results.

If you wish to have stronger erections, bigger penis, and a lot more satisfying sex life, you should take into account your nutritional supplements.

Without right vitamins, your body system can’t work right, so you won’t start to see the results you wish.

According to some studies, you need to focus on these vitamins and minerals to further improve your penis enlargement effects:


2000 mg of Vitamin C
100 mg of Vitamin A
100 IU of Vitamin D
30 mg of Zinc
200 mg of Magnesium
50 mg of Thiamine


525 mg of Calcium supplement
150 mg of Vitamin E
25 mg of Potassium
200 mg of Vitamin supplement B12
400 mg of Folic Acid.

Many of these minerals and vitamins are available at the local store or on the web in the form of tablets or penis enlargement pills.

Natural Treatment In Penis Enlargement
Did you know you can have foods to help your overall penis size to become larger?

Some of the foods that could be bought at your local store and supermarkets include:

Bananas – They may be rich in potassium and also good for your heart and blood flow, bananas are an excellent food for penis health and sex life.

Watermelon – Did you know that watermelon is one of the few foods, that boost your penis size? Watermelon has a protein called citrulline, which is transformed into an accessible amino that improves the health of your dick.

Red onion – Studies have shown that red onion is great for developing healthy blood circulation for the entire body towards the heart. Furthermore, onion consumption aids in preventing blood clotting. Also, red onion help not only blood flow to the heart but also with blood flow to your penis.

Salmon – As we said with the onions, foods that generate a blood flow are proven that will help you attain firmer erections. Eating salmon is the same. Full of Omega 3 along with other fatty fats, salmon is perfect for thinning blood, which in turn will help generate a much healthier blood flow.

Broccoli – It’s likely you won’t boost penis girth or width dramatically, but broccoli is an excellent vegetable for strengthening your pelvic muscle groups. If you do not like broccoli, try potatoes, tomato plants, or even green beans.

Low-fat yogurt – All-natural penis enlargement foods often include high levels of lean proteins.

Dark chocolate – Dark chocolate includes flavonol, a phytochemical in some plant-based foods and beverages. What most people never realize is that foods with flavonol, like dark chocolate, are helpful for increasing blood circulation to your penis. Well, of course, dark chocolate tastes great!

So people, if your pecker is just not performing as it used to be, then it’s a good time to start eating the right foods to enhance performance and erection size!

Penis Enlargement Herbs

Several herbs can substantially improve the blood circulation into your penis. By having them, your recuperation period right after doing workouts will become a lot shorter plus your results a lot better.

Just have these herbs to enhance your success in penis enlargement:

Korean red ginseng – Improves circulation of blood and sex functions. Be aware that it contraindicates with several prescription drugs.

Entengo herb – Its attributes are responsible for increasing blood circulation in your penis.

Ginkgo biloba – Boosts sex functions. Usually, do not take it in case you have blood flow thinners.

Catuaba bark – Very efficient in augmenting sex function, making your sex pleasure more better, and increasing your overall blood flow.

Maca natural powder – Aphrodisiac that endorses better erectile function and boosts energy levels.

Deer antler – It may draw a lot more blood to your penis for more massive erections.

Hawthorn berry – Contains blood flow conditioning agents known as bioflavonoids.

L-arginine – An amino acid which leads to improved blood flow, but does not take it if you’re on nitroglycerin.

Damiana – Very good at handling prostate problems and erectile dysfunction in guys.

Just take into account that these herbs will boost only your blood circulation. To gain real size, you must exercise.

What To Expect In Penis Enlargement Treatments?
Most folks experience a one-inch increase in length as well as a half-inch gain in girth.

However, your results along with the speed in which you’ll attain your goals are determined by the following factors:

Penis enlargement treatment you choose
Commitment to the therapy
Your genetic make-up to cope with tissues development

📌 Also, you need to understand that these penis enlargement treatments is not going to deliver effects overnight simply because you’ll be working with the development of the cells and tissues. Consequently, achieving initially visible results will take close to two to three months.
After that time, you should feel much stronger erections while you should be able to discover the size growth.

Nonetheless, most men report that the most excellent growth they have experienced was between the 3rd and 6th month of consistent and regular treatment.

Are The Results in Penis Enlargement Treatments Permanent?

As soon as you get your desired cock size, it’s possible to stop or reduce penis enlargement treatments. However, it’s suggested that you continue doing the treatments regularly for maintenance of gains.

Also, take note of the two type of gains, temporary and permanent gains. You’ll usually have temporary gains using penis pumps and penis extenders that last up to 24 hours. The permanent gains come after six months of regular treatments.

Penis Enlargement Treatment Risks

Scientific studies of surgical methods to lengthen your penis have found mixed results in safety, effectiveness and sex pleasure.

At most, surgery could lead to complications like infection, scars, loss of sensation or sex function. Penis enlargement treatments that are not surgical are generally of low risk.

In rare situations, an excessive adrenaline production could cause your penis to shrink.

Also, if you overdo your workout, you can expect that some injury will happen.

📌Some of the common problems include spotting in your penis head, penis exhaustion, soreness, blocked vessels in the penis, stopped up lymph vessels, thrombosed vein, penis not feeling anything, problems with foreskin, exceedingly sensitive penis, and erection dysfunction.
Remember, if you work out too much, you’re forcing on too much, it’s possible to injure your self. Working out your penis is similar – go crazy, and you’re facing an injury.

How Long Does Penis Enlargement Treatment Take?

For the best results, have 3 to 6 months for significant effects. The success of penis exercises differs, some may be blessed and see a measurable development in just a couple weeks, for some people it takes just a little longer.

Never give up should you don’t get fast results, every penis is different.

Today’s strategies, exercise, and penis enlargement treatment are a lot modern but has been tested by thousands of guys. They have successfully done to have bigger penis using, so it’s only dependent on time, and even genes.

What Are The Best Penis Enlargement Treatments

The perfect solution to your worries about penis size may be as simple as talking with your lover. Even if your penis is smaller than typical, it may not be a big deal to your lover.

If speaking to your partner doesn’t help, try out speaking with an experienced counselor relating to your sex concerns.

Some of the advice they give is to try out non-surgical treatments such as penis pumps and penis extenders while taking penis herbs and supplements. As mentioned, surgical treatment for penis enlargement should be the last option since this is expensive and risky.


Have you learned from our article on penis enlargement treatments? Remember always consult your doctor before you undergo such therapies.

📌Also, share the article with your friends so they would be informed on penis enlargement treatments and methods. You may likewise share your comments and suggestions below.