Retarded Ejaculation – How To Treat Delayed Ejaculation

Life is unfair in terms of having sex with chicks. First of all, girls can have multiple orgasms in one sex session, while guys only have one.

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So, what’s more if you have trouble having an ejaculation.

That’s the case for the sex problem called retarded ejaculation or delayed ejaculation.

We’ll look into this sex issue and know more about its definition, symptoms, causes, and treatments to better understand its impact on the sex life of most men.

What Is Retarded Ejaculation

Retarded ejaculation (RE) or Delayed ejaculation (DE) often affects men of all ages. They typically need around 30-45 minutes (up to an hour) of continuous sexual stimulation before they reach orgasm and eventually ejaculate.

While it may seem like a blessing since you last longer in sex, delayed ejaculation is on the other side of the spectrum of the more common male sex disorder, premature ejaculation (PE).

Experts suggest that DE is nothing more than a ‘delayed’ normal ejaculation and not as worse as PE. Still, it is a medical condition that affects men.

In some instances, it may also be referred as “impaired ejaculation,” as the condition happens to extend and prolonged the sexual stimulation until he cum. However, it can get worse as some men may not have any ejaculation at all.

📌Most guys may experience retarded ejaculation once in a while, while it maybe a lifelong disorder for others.

The sexual condition may not pose as a severe a health risks for most guys, but it may lead to anxiety, tension and distress that affects your sexual performance and even your sexual relationships.

Retarded Ejaculation – Other Terms And Names

Retarded ejaculation (RE) may be uncommon, and least known of most sexual dysfunctions in men

According to the The American Psychiatric Association, taken from their Diagnostic Manual of Mental Disorders, they define RE as a recurring and persistent delay in orgasm of men.

Essentially, the ‘delay’ may distress a man that it can affect his emotions, feelings, and interpersonal relationships.

Interesting to note that the commonly used word ‘retarded ejaculation’ is somehow avoided, while using other terms to describe the condition.

So, you’ll most likely come across in an article about ‘retarded ejaculation‘ other similar phrases such as ‘delayed ejaculation‘, ‘impaired ejaculation‘, or ‘slow ejaculation‘.

Why Do Some Men and Women Don’t Enjoy Delayed Ejaculation?

As mentioned, there are men who suffer from delayed ejaculation, but somehow fail to look through their problem.

Their most common argument is that they would like to do other stuff and don’t want to stay long in sexual stimulation that can take as long as 40 minutes.

Also, some women don’t find it pleasurable if sex last 30 minutes or so. For some girls, 10 minutes would be enough.

How Common is Delayed Ejaculation?

In general, DE has lower rates in studies. Perhaps, since delayed ejaculation can be more of a mental and belief aspect, more than a medical issue.

It can be said that retarded ejaculation is a moderate concern for most men that they don’t seek doctor’s help.

The probable reason for such lower reporting number among most guys is the belief that if they last longer in bed like pornstars, it is better, which could be argued as a sexual misconception.

📌Still, you may want to know that it can have implications for its treatment. Most men who seek treatment state they basically have good erections, but report diminished levels of subjective sex arousal, more so if compared to other men.

Several sexual therapy clinics say that they are seeing, at least in their practice, more younger men who personally seek therapy for DE or delayed ejaculation.There’s quite limited amount of information on the number of men with delayed ejaculation. A medical source suggests it is can be as high as 15%

Types of Delayed Ejaculation

There are essentially several types of delayed ejaculation.

It can be an ‘acquired‘ or ‘lifelong‘ disorder. Some guys may suffer from retarded ejaculation at a certain time when they reach sexual age of maturity. More so, other men they may suffer from period of sexual functioning that last for many years.

Not to be confused is the different subtypes that you should also be aware of like ‘complete’ and ‘situational’

In such cases, in the ‘compete delayed ejaculation‘, any guy may be able to ejaculate in any situation – whether it be in sex or masturbation – but it would be delayed ejaculation all the time.

📌On the other hand, ‘situational delayed ejaculation’ occurs when other men find they’re able to have ejaculation in their desired 8-10 minute range, but still experience retarded ejaculation in the 30-40 minute range.

Some of the situations associated on these include the following:

He ejaculate faster when masturbating, but take longer during sex intercourse (or vice versa)

He may ejaculate within a shorter period at home, but in a sex therapy clinic

He may have quicker ejaculation with one girl, but not with other women.

What Causes Retarded Ejaculation

There are different causes of delayed ejaculation. It may often include chronic health issues, psychological problems, and medicine reactions.

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Psychological causes may sometimes happen if an individual has some traumatic life experience. Also, traditional, cultural or even religious taboos may affect some people. Your body may react to certain medicines that can affect your ejaculation.

Here are some the known causes of retarded ejaculation:

  • Anxiety, stress, depression
  • Suppressed sexual desire
  • Communication issues with partner
  • Relationship problems
  • Anger and emotional outburst
  • Alcohol consumption
  • Surgeries
  • Unconscious aggression and unexpressed anger
  • Infections, especially in prostate or urinary tract
  • Heart disease that affects blood flow to pelvic region
  • Antidepressants, such as fluoxetine like Prozac
  • Medications like diuretics and propranolol
  • Antipsychotics, such as thioridazine (Mellaril
  • Medications for high blood pressure
  • Disappointment the sexual realities, compared to sex fantasies
  • Nerve damages in your pelvis or spine
  • Low thyroid hormone
  • Neuropathy or stroke
  • Low testosterone levels
  • Inherent DE condition since birth
  • Pregnancy fears

What Are The Symptoms Of Retarded Ejaculation

Delayed ejaculation takes place when a man requires more than thirty minutes of erotic stimulation to arrive at orgasm and ejaculate.

The climax is when semen is dismissed, but slowed to come out, from the penis. Some males can only ejaculate with sex or oral stimulation.

Some men have a generalized symptom in which DE occurs in all sexual conditions.

For other men, it only occurs with certain women or in a number of circumstances. In rare situations, DE is a sign of a worsening health issue such as heart illness or diabetic issues.

Remember, there’s no specific time that signifies a proper diagnosis of delayed ejaculation. Instead, a person is probably suffering from delayed climax if he waits further that it’s causing him distress or frustration.

Perhaps he has to quit sex due to exhaustion, physical irritability, loss of erection or was asked by his partner.

Usually, a man could have difficulty hitting orgasm in the course of sexual intercourse or some other sexual pursuits with a girl. Some gentlemen can ejaculate only when masturbating.

When to see a doctor? Seeing a medical professional is a good starting point if you have delayed ejaculation.

Visit your doctor if:

  • Delayed climax is an issue for your woman
  • You have another known health issue connected to delayed climax
  • You have medications that might be causing the sex issue
  • You have other symptoms together with delayed ejaculation that might or might not seem relevant

Complications And Effects Of Retarded Ejaculation

DE can cause difficulties with self-esteem along with feelings of inadequacy, malfunction, and negativity.

Men who feel the sex condition may cause them to possibly avoid closeness with others on account of frustrations and fear should seek therapy.

Other problems and risk of this sex issue may include:

  • Lowered sexual pleasure
  • Low libido
  • Anxiety about sex
  • Inhibited sexual interest
  • Unsatisfying sex life
  • Marriage problems
  • Stress and anxiety
  • Lack ability to conceive
  • Pressure or nervousness about sex performance
  • Diminished pleasure for men or his woman
  • Avoidance of sexual intercourse, erotic contact and closeness

DE can also lead to conflicts within your relationships, frequently stemming from misunderstandings by both lovers.

For example, your girl might believe you’re not attracted to her.

📌You might truly feel frustrated or embarrassed about wanting to accomplish ejaculation but being personally or psychologically unable to do it. It is common for males who have delayed climax to have broken relationships since their partner hopes to be with someone who can quickly cum, or ejaculate.

The delayed climax can affect you, your girl and your romantic relationship. The solution for delayed climax depends on the actual cause.

Diagnosis Of Delayed Ejaculation

A physical assessment and description of your signs are necessary to help make an initial prognosis.

If a constant health problem is suspected since the underlying trigger, more evaluating may need to be completed. This includes blood tests and urine checks.

These checks will look for infections, hormone imbalances, plus more. Testing the reaction of the penis to some vibrator might reveal if the problem is emotional or bodily.

Therapy will depend on the actual cause. If you’ve got lifelong difficulties or you have never ejaculated, a urologist can establish if you have a structural childbirth defect.

Your doctor can see whether a medication may be the cause. In that case, adjustments will likely be made to your medication routine and your signs or symptoms will be watched.

Willingness to answer your doctor’s concerns may arrange a time to review any details you want to take more time on. Your physician may check with such questions such as:

  • How long do you have had issues ejaculating?
  • Are you able to ejaculate during intercourse?
  • Would it happen only occasionally, or is it an ongoing dilemma?
  • Have you experienced any variations in sexual desire or some other sexual troubles?
  • Are there any issues with your connection with your girl?
  • Do you have had any recent surgical treatments?
  • Have you been taking any medications for these particular conditions?
  • What health problems or chronic situations do you have?
📌For checks and prognosis, a physical examination and health background may be all that’s required to recommend a solution for a delayed ejaculation.

However, if delayed climax appears to be a result of an underlying issue that might require treatment, you may want further checks or you may want to see an expert.

Tests for underlying troubles can include:

1. Actual exam – This might include a very careful examination of your penis and testicles. The physician will use a gentle touch to see if you have regular sensation inside your genitals.

2. Blood vessels tests – A sample of your own blood could be sent to a lab to examine for indications of heart disease, low androgenic hormone, diabetic issues, or testosterone levels, along with other health problems.

3. Urine tests (urinalysis) – Urine exams are used to seek out signs of all forms of diabetes, as well as infection along with other underlying health issues.

How To Overcome Delayed Ejaculation

It is significantly more intense experience if you can get close to climax relatively shortly and then stay on that edge of high arousal as long as you want.

With DE you are unable to achieve that advanced level of excitement in the first place, or otherwise not till you rubbed again, never mind if its taking pleasure for quite a while.

To have adequate outcomes from treatment, the partner has to cooperate with all the therapeutic procedure, finding methods to pleasure you, while improving arousal can be integrated into your lovemaking.

Sex fantasies may need to be realigned so that ideas experienced while in masturbation also match those occurring while in actual sex.

Attempts to increase the attractiveness and seductive, arousing potential of your girl. You may want to decrease your expectation involving your imagination and the fact sexual intercourse is quite different.

📌While a variety of other girl-associated issues could affect your ejaculatory capacity, something particular that you should work on include virility, ability in conceiving and avoidance of resentment.

Regarding conceiving, the pressure from your woman’s “biological clock” is usually the issue.

The girl and frequently the man meet any potential aversion on their want to conceive may have an amount of resistance.

If the urologist or other therapist suspects the patient’s RE is related to the fear of conception, they inquire about the patient’s capability to experience a climax with contraception, that also include condoms, but not in the course of “unprotected” sex intercourse.

It can serve as an effective diagnostic sign if the RE occurs in probability only in the course of unprotected sexual activity.

Whether linked to fertility or otherwise, the man’s anger (unexpressed) toward his partner can be an important intermediate causational component and must be changed via individual appointment.

Anger is normally a powerful contra–aphrodisiac. While some men steer clear of sexual peak entirely when angry with a partner, other individuals attempt to execute, only to find their selves modestly stimulated and not able to maintain an erection and even get to orgasm.

Delayed Ejaculation Tips

Treatment or counseling may help resolve these problems. By assisting open, truthful communication, and knowing it can often be achieved.

What can you expect long term? There are many feasible causes of DE. Regardless of the trigger, treatments are accessible. Don’t be embarrassed or afraid to communicate.

By requesting help, you will get the mental health and actual physical support required to address the problem and enjoy an even more fulfilling sex life.

Diet can help treat slowed ejaculation. There may be very little info about recommendations on food selections that will help with a delayed climax.

📌However, given that DE could be related to heart condition, uncontrolled hypertension, and diabetic issues – following a healthy diet to help these conditions can help avoid the DE conditions.

It is advisable to restrict salt and fat consumption if you have high blood pressure levels or even heart illness. Also, minimize sugar if you have diabetic issues.

More so, you must limit alcoholic drinks use, given that excessive ingestion can lead to retarded ejaculation.

Strangely, that most antidepressants slow ejaculation, so you may want to avoid that.

How To Treat Retarded Ejaculation

The evaluation to treat DE has focused on the use of therapy methods, as there are many medical treatments readily available.

A number of pharmacological agents have already been used away from-content label to assist in orgasm in patients using SSRI antidepressants and other medications known to hold off or slow down the ejaculatory reaction.

Although not accepted by regulatory agencies for the treatment of RE, the contra–serotonergic agent cyproheptadine is sometimes used.

The dopamine amantadine have been combined with moderate success with the use of patients.

Appropriate evaluation to consider of androgen levels is really a critical aspect of treatment.

Penis Vibration Stimulation (PVS) or penis vibrators, is actually a potential and handy DE treatment. It boost sexual stimulation required to restore the orgasm capacity.

However, the urological data for using PVS is almost solely fertility associated. Typically it is used for spinal-cord harmed men enduring primary RE.

Delayed Ejaculation Treatments

Current sex therapy methods to treat RE still emphasize the significance of masturbation.

Men who are unaware or unable to come to be aroused are taught via masturbation and girl stimulation. It helps so you experience levels of excitement.

For some individuals, the focus is on masturbation retraining, incorporated into sex therapies. Masturbation serves as a type of “rehearsal” for sex with your partner.

Inform your girl that your difficulty is only a representation of “not rehearsing the part to perform better”. The stigma connected with this problem could be minimized and cooperation of both you and your girl could be helpful.

📌Of course, masturbation retraining is normally a methods to an end. The goal of most current techniques for RE is not simply to provide far more intense activation. Rather it helps you stimulate greater levels of psychosexual arousal and, eventually, climax within a gratifying experience.

Men are counseled to utilize fantasy and body motions during sex, which help handle the feelings perhaps in the past experienced only in masturbation.

For most individuals, the clinician will usually need to advise you to briefly suspend masturbation activity and limit orgasmic release to only normal sex.

Delayed Ejaculation Pills And Medications

DE has numerous causes, which includes anxiety, depression symptoms, neuropathy, and reactions to medications.

No drug is specifically authorized for DE, but medicines used for situations such as Parkinson’s disease have shown to help.

Off-label medicine use signifies that a substance that’s been approved by the Food and Drug Administration for one function can be used for any different treatment that is not approved.

📌Your doctor can still make use of the drug for the purpose. The reason being the Food and Drug Administration regulates the testing and approval of the medication, but not how doctors use drugs to prescribe on DE.

So, your personal doctor can suggest a drug that they think is right for you.

Some medications are already used to support DE, but none are already specifically accredited. These prescription drugs include:

Cyproheptadine (Periactin), an allergies medication

Amantadine (Symmetrel), treating Parkinson’s disease

Buspirone (Buspar), antianxiety medication

Managing illicit drug use and alcoholism, if applicable, will also help DE. Going into inpatient or outpatient healing programs is another therapy solution.

Psychological counseling can help you deal with depression, nervousness, and concerns that bring about or perpetuate DE.

Sexual activity therapy can be useful in responding to the underlying reason for a sexual disorder. This type of treatment method may be done alone or with your lover.

DE can generally be resolved by treating the mental or physical troubles. Identifying and seeking a cure for DE occasionally exposes an actual medical condition. As soon as this is taken care of, you get over delayed ejaculation.

The same holds true with cause treated by medication. Even so, don’t quit taking any treatment without your doctor’s suggestion.

Delayed Ejaculation Supplements

Quite notably, retarded ejaculation is somehow ignored by the pharmaceutical companies, compared to the most common PE, which sometimes gets most of their attention.

A supplement “solution” I’ve found for retarded ejaculation is to take Vitamin D. This can help boost your vitamin levels above 40 ng/dl, that you’ll start seeing faster orgasm and ejaculations.

You can give this a try. Considering that it works for other sufferers, you can try elevate your vitamin D concentrations.

According to them, if their vitamin D levels gets low, it can take them to an hour to have an ejaculation.

📌You can start taking 20,000 IUs of Vitamin D, specifically D3 every day. More so, you can get lot of Vitamin D if you spend a lof time in the beach. Try spending all day in the sun and try to have sex later.

Other supplements that can remedy delayed ejaculation so you’ll be able to cum faster are uridine, citicholine( which works for mood/cognition), mitrazine, and caffeine.

Preventing Retarded Ejaculation

Delayed ejaculation may sometime result from several physiological and psychological issues. There is really no single remedy to prevent retarded ejaculation.

However, you can explore several techniques to help prevent this sexual issue from happening.

  • Use various arousal methods
  • Use gentle strokes in masturbation
  • Spend longer time with your girl
  • Limit drinking alcoholic substances
  • Get fit and exercise regularly
  • Manage stress and anxiety
  • Relax and meditate
  • Seek treatment if you have depression
  • Get medical treatment for any chronic health issues
  • Have a healthy attitude about sex

You cannot force your body to have your desired sexual response, but you may want to have a good understanding why it’s happening.

Also, sometimes the harder you try to achieve an ejaculation, the harder you’ll have it. You may want to try and absorb yourself in the moment’s sexual pleasure.

Focus on that sexual moment instead of worrying that you’ll have a delayed orgasm.

Remember that there are millions who suffer the more embarrassing condition, PE.

So, you may want to get a better perspective on your situation.


If you suffer from retarded ejaculation or delayed ejaculation, you may already been thinking of what treatments to use. Seek your doctor’s advice to avoid other complications.

📌Let us know of your sexual situation below in our comment section. Also, share this page to your friends whom may need to know about the sex problem.


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