Sex Dolls with Artificial Intelligence – Will Women Be Replaced in The Bedroom?

Sex Dolls with artificial intelligence is capable of giving you sexual pleasure and emotional support. Thus, more and more men found themselves willing to purchase this for gratification and companionship.

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Have you ever imagined ending up with your ideal girl? What if I tell you that it’s possible to get that woman with luscious lips, glossy hair and flawless skin that you’ve always dream about? In addition, she listens to you and is always available whenever you want some action in the bedroom.

You’d take her, wouldn’t you? But what if I tell you she doesn’t have a pulse? She’s a pleasure robot. Are you willing to have sex with robots?

Sex robots, sex bots or sexbots are on the rise and more and more men are willing to welcome them into their homes. Will they eventually replace real women in the bedroom? Continue reading to know the possibilities.

What are AI Sex Dolls – The Features and Tricks They Offer

AI sex dolls are lifelike sex robots that are equipped with artificial intelligence. They look similar to a real woman and can emulate some of the human features. For instance, some of them can smile, move and talk.

📌This makes AI sex bots smart and responsive. In fact, they can hold logical conversation. With artificial intelligence, these love dolls get smarter over time with your every interaction with them. They have the ability to store information they deem important and will use it for future reference.

She will remember your favourite food, color, song and anything you tell her more often. This makes her a good listener. In addition, she does not argue with you because she likes the things you want. She is programmed to please you.

Sex robots with AI are programmed with a set of traits. Depending on the manufacturer, you may or may not have the option to choose from a set of personality traits. Others may allow you to customize the traits according to your preferences.

Some models have a family mode that can be switched on for a wholesome interaction. In this way, children can interact with her. Some are also equipped with naughty mode, which will serve you better whenever you want to play with her in your solo session

Sex dolls with artificial intelligence are also designed to orgasm. This means that just like any woman, you also have to seduce her to engage in sex and bring her to climax.

You can do whatever sexual tricks you have up your sleeve, as long as the doll can physically take it without breaking or malfunctioning. Sex dolls are programmed to perform different sexual positions for your pleasure, so you will surely enjoy the act.

In addition, these sex robots have been equipped with smart sensors that will adjust body temperatures like how women get warmer in certain areas when aroused. Some models are even made with self-lubricating vaginas and contractions to simulate muscle spasms. As a result, you will enjoy better penetration and more pleasurable sex.

At the time, mechanical dolls’ facial movements to show emotions are limited. She can blink, smile and move her mouth while speaking. These sex dolls have not yet reached the level of total human-like perfection, but we do know for sure that the future holds endless possibilities.

Attraction to AI Sex Dolls Explained

Aside from sex dolls’ attractive appearance, these advanced sex dolls offer something that other ordinary sex toys cannot afford to give. That is the illusion of an emotionally-capable being, a companion that you can connect to emotionally.

If we take a look at the people who have already bought these dolls or made one for themselves, there is almost that one factor in common. Besides the obvious need that has to be fulfilled, there is also the need for companionship.

How often do we hear about people turning on their radio or TV at home just to hear the sound of another human’s voice while they start preparing dinner? Do you do the same?

📌Those men who purchased love dolls find comfort in them after losing their partner through death or a bitter breakup. Her presence alone brings relief in their solitude and when she talks it gives them joy.

In addition, she promises a good company. She will never cheat, does not carry emotional baggage and will never judge your life choices.

Although, there is a rise in the number of men who prefers sex robots, there are still many men who view these programmable sex robots as fancy toys that they could add to their collection. In fact, there is a mixed reaction when it comes to these dolls.

Sex Dolls with Artificial Intelligence Reviews

When Arran Squire appeared on National TV with his wife and his sex robot in tow, the world was shocked! He reveals that his kids interact with the robot like it’s a member of the family.

His wife, Kim, would willingly have the female robot with them in bed for a threesome. The internet exploded with different shades or varying opinions. Even interviewer Phillip Schofield jokingly said that sex with robot must be like having sex with a car’s SatNav.

Meanwhile, another man named Xheng Jiajia was being constantly nagged about marriage by his parents and this led him to create his very own sex robot. He married his robot.

According to reports, his family attended the wedding. Jiajia wishes that his love robot will have more features. Given the rising popularity of sex robots with AI, this may not be far-fetched.

While others have opened their hearts and homes for sex bots, there also a lot of people who have been vocal about their disapproval of viewing AI sex dolls as equal to humans. Some decried that it promotes objectification of the female body and will only serve as a training ground for rapists.

However, the advocates of sex health have applauded this innovation as a step towards eliminating the spread of disease and unplanned pregnancies. Some brothels and escort services, like LumiDoll, have started to offer ordinary and artificial intelligence sex dolls as part of their ‘menu.’

In a Men’s Health survey, there are a number of men who have displayed an aversion or hesitation to accept sex robots into their lives for various reasons. Some of the reasons include fear of robots hurting them physically or emotionally, fear of being cheated on by a robot, and fear of not being able to satisfy a robot partner.

Some people view that any sexual act done with an artificial intelligence sex android can be considered cheating if the person has a partner. However, others opposed with this and considered it as plain sex because it does not involve any emotional entanglements. Many believe that falling in love with sexbots is unlikely.

In a survey done by YouGov, about one in four male Americans would consider sex with a robot. But only one in eleven women would consider it. When asked if sex with robots is viewed as traditional intercourse, 33% adults in the US responded that it is closer to masturbation and 27% feel that it does not fit neither masturbation nor intercourse.

David Mills, a sex robot owner, believes that sex doll owners who view their dolls as alive or capable of love are ‘batshit out of their minds.’ When asked to choose between a real woman and his beloved sex doll, he said that he would still pick a real woman. However,he did not deny that he has a certain level of affection and attraction to his doll.

We cannot ignore that there would be legal, ethical, and cultural barriers that will be met along the way but with a more accepting generation that the world has seen, we may see more sex robots in the bedroom in the future. However, this still does not mean that they will replace the real women anytime soon.

Conclusion – Wrapping Up!

The evolution of sex dolls has gone a long way from starting as blow-up sex dolls to now having human-like physical appearance and features. These love dolls offer more than sexual pleasure because they also serve as a good companion.

However, despite the huge advancement in sex bots’ physical and emotional state, the majority of men still prefer real women. Although, there are a growing number of men willing to have sex with robots, it is still unlikely that sex bots will replace women in the bedroom anytime soon. But we can’t tell the future.

📌For those who own sex dolls, which do you prefer your female sex toy or a real woman? What are the chances that you will ditch a real woman for a love doll in the future? Share your thoughts below.



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