Top 5 Sex Pills for Men To Last 200% Longer

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For most men, achieving harder, stronger and solid erections has been a wishful thought.

You ask why? There’s a large percentage of the male population that experience sex trouble. They have a hard time maintaining the penis to stand erect.

You may say, you get a hard-on once in a while when you watch hot steamy scenes or seeing girls in their bikinis. However, there’s no denying the fact that the penis doesn’t stay erect while you’re about to go into sex.

While it maybe a bit far fetched to call a man’s desire to sexually perform well a ‘dream’, it seems to be that way.

If you don’t have a good erection, you wouldn’t be able to last long in sex. Your partner would be very disappointed. You can say that she loves you. Though time will tell since sex is the ultimate union of partners. You may be wondering if there’s some way to solve this problem.

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Thanks to discoveries and scientific advancements in the medical field, you can now extend your sex time with your lover.

In the following article, we highlighted the best sex pills for men to last longer in bed. It should save you a significant amount of time finding what works to help you stay in the thick of the game.

You’ll learn about the most frequent and also successfully used products by men worldwide. You’ll learn about how they were able to achieve long lasting erections.

Sex Pills for Men to Last LongerPrice CheckRatingBenefitsBottle Contents
DelayVisit Site4.9Last longer in your sex time. Treat premature ejaculation. Delay your orgasm.60 capsules
EjacutrolVisit Site4.9Hard solid erection. Longer ejaculation time.
All natural herb formula. Stronger stamina and endurance.
18 pills
V95 Ultimate4.5Helps treat ejaculation problems. Solid, harder erections. Last longer in sex. Higher levels of testosterone.30 pills
Infinimax4.2Delay your sex ejaculation. Heighten your libido, sex arousal. Recommended by pornstar Gianna Michaels60 capsules
Manhood X Treme4.2Increases libido. Tough and solid erection erections. All natural ingredients. Effects last as long as 3 days.10 capsules

Sex Pills for Men To Last Longer 2017

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For some, these are regarded as secrets to help boost men’s sexual performance. But that wouldn’t be the case these days, as you can get answers from experts online. Any medical problem faced by people, sooner or later, gets a solution.

I wouldn’t be surprised if you’ve also been searching for solutions to your sex issues. You may not admit it, if I ask you what you’re insecure about, you’re actually insecure with your sex performance.

We’re talking here of guys from all walks of life.

Who are these sufferers:

These individuals are those from the top like CEO’s, down to the blue collar workers you meet in the street.

They either take pride in their penis size, but suck in their performance in bed. The main belief of the majority is that above-average dick size can satisfy the sex appetite of their partner. But that’s not the case. If you have a short erection and you cum early and fast, it diffuses you and your partner’s passion.

Though something can be done, like improving how you perform and how you last longer. You should consider taking these male sex pills to treat your quick erection and early ejaculation issues.

1. Delay Premature Ejaculation Pills

Sex mastery comes with complete control.

If you’re partner barely gets into her orgasm, while you’ve been there in a minute, there’s something wrong.

The best orgasm is for a man to meet with the woman’s orgasm. Your best chance for that to happen is to delay your ejaculation. You can do something with your early ejaculation problem by taking a PE medication like Delay Premature Ejaculation pills.

I have experienced similar ejaculation issues in the past. Though I tried other techniques like breathing and desensitizing sprays, it would also need the help of a supplement.

I discovered about male orgasm delay pills such as Delay sex pills years back. In combination with last longer in bed methods, I was eventually able to control again the timing of my ejaculation.

📌 Take a 1-2 dose of Delay ejaculation pills to bring down your active hormone production.

This gives you the ability to last longer and penetrate longer in her vagina.

Some of the users reported lasting longer than 8 minutes. This is significantly better than say 1 or 2 minutes of ejaculation.

Most men suffering from premature ejaculation would tell me how embarrassing it is to fail to satisfy their partner. There are many others who even have failed relationships because of quick orgasm.

The good news in this modern age is the rapid solutions of science. There’s no need to suffer the premature climax permanently.

Taking Delay premature ejaculation pills can help you last longer in sex every time. A regular dose of two capsules can provide noticeable results in two weeks of regular intake.

Your ejaculation would eventually be manageable after the third month of continuously taking the Delay male sex pills.

Product Specifications

  • 60 capsules per bottle
  • Take two capsules daily


Cuscuta chinensis, Piper nigrum, Pyridoxine, Cnidium monnieri, Griffonia simplicifolia, Elletaria cardamomum, Passiflora incarnata,

  • Last longer in your sex time
  • Treat premature ejaculation
  • Delay your orgasm, which women love!
  • Varied results for users

2. Ejacutrol Premature Ejaculation Pills

Ejaculation shouldn’t be forced nor should it come unexpectedly, right?

When men reach orgasm, it should be at a perfect time, which is simultaneously or just after the woman reach her orgasm. This is a man’s natural ejaculation phase.

Sadly, lots of guys suffer from premature ejaculation these days, they cum too early.

You can get a grip of this ejaculation problem by regularly taking a delay male orgasm pill like Ejacutrol.

Ejacutrol provides your needed stamina and endurance so you can control your ejaculation response in time for her orgasm.

I would guess you already have an idea on how woman reaches their peak in sex. She would most likely arch her back, stare upwards, or grip you tightly. This should be the time you’re supposed to ejaculate so you both reach your climax.

Reaching orgasm simultaneously is sexually satisfying!

If you have PE problem, you can follow some method, like squeeze, or breathing technique; though you should also take a supporting male sex supplement like Ejacutrol.

📌 You can take a regular dose of 1 capsule of Ejacutrol every day. You can take another pill an hour before you’ll have sex intercourse.

Ejacutrol has quite a potent formula as one dose can stay in your body up to one day. So, you shouldn’t take more than 2 capsules for two days in a row.

If you’re having sex and you take two capsules for the day, you can take another dose the day after tomorrow.

Ejacutrol can help you last longer in you next sex intercourse. It works effectively for those who ejaculate within the first 5 minutes.

If you have a more severe and extreme case, where you cum even before penetration, you need combinations of therapies. Consult your sex therapist for best treatment for your ejaculation issues.

Product Specifications

18 pills per bottle
Take one pill before sex


Cnidium Monnier extract, Pyrodoxine, 5-htp

  • Treat your premature ejaculation
  • Delay the time you ejaculate your cum
  • Enjoy more control in your sexual pleasure.
  • Varied results for users

3. V95 Ultimate Delay Pills To Make You Last Longer in Bed

The V95 Ultimate Delay Pills, according to the manufacturer, is clinically proven to prolong your ejaculation, which essentially helps improve your sexual performance.

The pills are said to provide you with rock solid erection. That means you can have hours of intense mind boggling sex all you want!

These last longer pills have been developed containing high-grade ingredients. As these are all natural, they’re said to be 100% safe.

V95 has a unique formulation that specifically helps delay the ugly problem of male ejaculation!

So, you’ll achieve a great erection, while maintaining this boner for hours.

No need to worry about cumming too fast! You’ll be the master of your own domain!

If you thought, your sex life is far from an improvement, you’ll be amazed at how long you last through continued use.

The makers claim you’ll be having hours of sex, in the same way, porn stars have sex day and night!

Would there be any way you and your partner not to love the results?

If you like having sex for hours, with burning passion for sex, there’s definitely no room for worrying about cumming too quickly!

At least that’s how V95 wanted to portray their last longer pill.

The orgasm delay pills are said to give you rock hard erections on cue, so that means you should not be anxious that you’ll be lost in the hysteria of steamy sex.

A good sex life is something that keeps people in balance.

You’ll be able to sleep well, you’ll wake up filled with energy, with rosy cheeks, and overall wellness in your life.

📌 So, can V95 sex pills live up to its claims?

Let’s look at its ingredients, which is the prime basis for effectiveness. By knowing the herb blends used in the pill, we should have a good idea whether it can really help you last longer in bed.

The ingredients listed om their label include:

Korean Ginseng Extract, Zinc, Silica, Magnesium, Vitamin C, Sativa Extract, Medium Chain Triglycerides among many others.


The list seems to be a standard on what you normally see in male enhancement products.

Whether this would be effective for everyone is always an ‘asterisk’ since we all know there are inconsistencies in terms of results when you use last longer sex pills.

Product Specifications

  • 30 pills per bottle
  • One tablet a day


Dicalcium Phosphate, Microcrystalline Cellulose, Avena Sativa Extract, Medium Chain Triglycerides, Korean Ginseng Extract, Zinc, Silica, Magnesium, Ascorbic Acid.

  • Helps treat ejaculation problems
  • Solid, and harder erections
  • Last longer in sex
  • Higher levels of testosterone
  • Unique blends of natural ingredients
  • Hard to verify claims of effectiveness
  • Varied results for users

4. Infinimax – Last Longer in Bed Pills Over the Counter

Infinimax last longer sex pills claims to help you delay your sex ejaculation.

It’s a men’s enhancement supplement that helps heighten your libido, arousal, and helps you be sexually charged in a time of long hours of sex.

It is said to be highly recommended by porn icon Gianna Michaels!

So, you already have the backing of an adult industry professional, which have years of experience in sex.

By hearing about Infinimax from someone with long hours of sex mileage, would there be a question whether it really work?

According to the manufacturer, it uses a twin capsule system that specifically engineered for men to absolutely enjoy the blissful stages of intercourse.

What do you feel inside?

They said you’ll be more youthful, virile, high energy, and in control.

The last thing you want is you start your engine and lose control of your wheel. So, they said that you’ll have more stamina so you can control your ejaculation and last longer.

That is, you’ll have endurance every time you make love and grind out your lady love!

There’s no denying the fact how exhilarating it is when you’re in the depth of your girl. Everyone would agree that the longer you stay inside a woman’s vagina is just like heaven.

So, if you’re able to max out your erection and ejaculate at both of her peaks, it’s the ultimate satisfaction you can both have.

📌 The product is marketed as a free testosterone booster as well as a libido enhancer for men.

Just like other brands on the market, it is said to have been clinically tested.

According to the makers, it is even better than other brands like Nugenix Ultimate, Nugenix Maxx, and Force Factor.

They recommend that you take it daily to maximize your erections, libido, and sexual performance.

Though the manufacturer stated in several online retailer product descriptions that they use quality ingredients to boost natural testosterone for good blood flow, though there seems to be no available ingredient list online.

They do mention that their ingredients are of the proprietary blend, which we can say that it’s the standard proprietary like the others.

So, would it be worthwhile to try Infinimax?

Well, all I can say is with the backing of a popular adult star like Gianna Michaels, it would seem to be a product you can try for a short period of time.

Just like on how you use other supplements, notice how your body feel.

Not everyone has the same DNA, so some will react positively to some products, while others take longer (or some have no effects), so just keep that in mind.

  • Delay your sex ejaculation
  • Heighten your libido, sex arousal
  • Recommended by pornstar Gianna Michaels
  • Hard to verify claims

5. Manhood X-Treme – Last Longer in Bed Pills

The Manhood X-Treme works to increase your sexual desire, so if your libido is flickering gone, you can try this last longer sex pills.

The makers say that you’ll get harder frequent erections with the all natural ingredients.

According to the manufacturer, the effects can even last up to 3 days with a potent herbal formula.

So, what can it do for you? It claims that it can increase your sex desire just like your younger years.

If you can remember when you were younger, often waking up in bed every morning with a throbbing erection, well Manhood X-Treme say you can get that back.

The product further state that you can perform on demand.

Digging further, the makers say you’ll get a rock hard erection, on your command, whenever you want.

So, if you’re having trouble with an erection, this delay sex pill can seem to do the work.

Most men these days, struggle to get their dick up, and of course, keep it up.

Sometimes when a woman notices this, they would think you have lost desire on her.

That would be bad for you because she might leave you and the next thing you know you’re on your own.

Remember, women can’t read our mind, so she does not know what is happening inside our body.

If she notices that we’re having trouble hardening our erection, she might assume that we don’t like them anymore.

📌 Men would rarely tell this sex problem to anyone, let alone their partner.

If you realize this yourself, the reason you’ve started reading about ways to last longer, then you’ve made significant progress and some good steps towards the solution to your sex issues.

So how does it work? Basically, you’ll feel an increase in your blood flow.

The scientific explanation for an erection is all about blood flow.

If you don’t have a lot of blood flow into your penis, then don’t expect a solid erection.

Some would argue, that sometimes they have an average hard on.

It is actually not enough to have a semi-erection. That’s not as satisfying as it looks. Your penis needs to be fully erect and rock solid hard on the entire sex session with your woman in order to please her.

Manhood X-Treme makers also added that you’ll experience fast recovery time during ejaculation which is a great game changer.

Even if the orgasm can send from your body a rush of blood into your penis, it will take a while to recover for another round.

Taking a sex supplement for fast recovery is definitely awesome.

Product Specifications

  • Available in 500mg capsule
  • One capsule 40 min prior to sex
  • Last up to 72 hours


Horny Goat Weed, Red Ginseng, Rou Cong Rong, Chinese Raspberry, Gordon Eurayale Seed,  American Ginseng, Wild Yam, Lycium/Wolfberry fruit, Schisandra fruit, Poria, Longan Aril, Xylitol

  • Increased sexual desire or libido
  • Tough and solid erection erections
  • All natural ingredients
  • Effects last as long as 3 days
  • Powerful herbal formula
  • Results vary from one to another

What Are Sex Pills To Make You Last Longer In Bed?

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For most people, size does matter when it comes to having sex. The bigger the penis, the better lover.

However, that shouldn’t be the only factor to have great sex.

Being able to control ejaculation and last longer is just as beneficial in your lovemaking.

Our generation today is quite lucky to see science advancements in the medical field.

A little blue pill that was discovered roughly in the 1990’s literally changed the lives of million men around the world.

As you all know, Viagra paves way for other pharmaceutical brands and over the counter pills to help treat erectile dysfunction or male impotence in men.

More so, the pills can also boost men’s sexual performance and last longer in sex.

The pharmaceutical pills like Viagra and Cialis contains phosphodiesterase type 5 inhibitors that help extend the sex time of men.

This means they could last in bed before their erection goes haywire. They can achieve orgasm and satisfy their partner like the younger times.


The above-mentioned discussion on the last longer in bed sex pills should be able to inform you in many ways.

Most of these pills underwent clinical tests and have their own set of science-backed ingredients.

If you’re particularly looking for ways to enhance your erection, these sex pills and many others present promising options that come with affordability.

📌 Do you have questions, reactions, or suggestions on the last longer in bed pills, please don’t hesitate to share it in our comment section.



  1. I have been experiencing premature ejaculation since my teenage days. Tought it would go away from time but it didn’t. I started taking delay premature ejaculation pills twice daily and noticed a great difference. My ejaculation is now manageable than before and I can better satisfy my wife now.

  2. Bought V95 ultimate delay pills few days ago and have started taking it. So far so good. I had longer sex periods and had more solid erections. Will continue using the product daily.

  3. I use infinimax and it is a great testosterone booster. It increased my testosterone naturally and had better blood flow. As for sex, my libido is maximized and have better stamina. I regularly go to gym so I think that’s a plus.

  4. I’m surprised delay premature ejaculation pills helped me with my energy with no health side effects. I take 2 tablets daily and it increased my libido and stamina.

  5. Tried v95 and take one tablet a day before breakfast. It gives me an energy boost through out the day and I really had longer sex. I’m not sure it was psychological or the the supplement is doing it.

  6. Using delay premature ejaculation pills for a week now and it seems that it does what it supposed to do. I’m happy with the results.


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