Sex Robots– Are They the Future of Lovemaking?

Sex robots have become more like humans in appearance, attributes and intelligence. Due to this more and more have become open to having sex with them. Sex with robots is expected to become more common than human to human intercourse by 2050.

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Do you know that two-thirds of 100 men are open to having sex with robots? Can you imagine yourself making love to robot sex dolls like the ones you saw in Ex Machina and Westworld? If you don’t then you probably need to learn more about sex bots.

For those shaking and scratching their head, android humanoid robots are already in the market. In addition, more and more men have been honest about their willingness to getting intimate with them. In fact, sexbots can be your future partner in the bedroom.

If you can’t imagine this, I urge you to continue reading. You would be robbing yourself of the pleasure that sexbots offer if you don’t open your mind and heart to it. In fact, you will probably have a change of heart about sex dolls after reading this.

Sex Robots by Numbers: Statistics and Predictions

Initially, many thought that sex robots are for creepy and weird men only. Owning one was thought as morally wrong and disgusting. However, the people have become more understanding and considerate when it comes to this matter.

📌Tufts University conducted a survey involving 100 individuals. Sixty-seven percent of men were in favor of getting sex with robots. Meanwhile, only 37% of women agreed that being intimate with sex bots is okay.

Last year, there was a poll involving 3,000 guys on Twitter and 20% claimed that “robot lovers could make real women obsolete.” The other 10% claimed that “other” guys might choose AI sex dolls over real-life women, but definitely not them.

Meanwhile, YouGov, a legitimate online survey avenue with data collection and analysis services and a 1.8 million respondent base in the US, have polled both men and women to reveal what they actually think about sex and robots.

Sixteen percent of the US adult population is open to having sexual contact with robots. One in four men would consider it, while only one in eleven women would consider the act. The majority who gave a positive response agreed that the robots’ physical attributes and attractiveness will play a role in the possibility.

Thus, the likeliness of sex robots making their ways in your bedroom is high. In fact, futurologist Dr. Ian Pearson fearlessly predicted that by 2050, human-on-robot sex will be more common than human-on-human sex.

Pearson has been known to have 85% accuracy. Thus, his prediction matters.

Aside from the rise of the numbers of humans having sex with robots in the future, Pearson also predicted the following:

  • By 2025, robot sex will start to appear high-income households
  • By 2030, most people will have some form of virtual sex as casually as they browse porn today.
  • By 2035, the majority of the people will own sex toys that interact with virtual reality sex
  • By 2050, the sex with robots will be overtaking the ration of sex with humans.

At the time, US adult population has a mixed reaction to the morality of having sex with robots. Forty-three percent of Americans think that using sex robots are morally wrong.

When divided by political preference and affiliation, 46% of Democrats, 33% of Independents, and 31% of Republicans are morally open and accepting of sex with robots.

Meanwhile, 32% would consider it cheating and 33% would not. Those who considered it cheating are made up of 36% of the female population and 29% of the male population.

From these statistics, it is clear that a bigger portion of the female population would prefer to conform to normal human conventions when it comes to sex.   

The Newly-Evolved Sex Robots

As mentioned above, a number confessed that the attractiveness of a robot matters if they would have sex with her or not. This is not difficult to address as the new generation sex robots are the epitome of the perfect girl.

The best thing is that they are made with you in mind. To date, they are the closest to human looking androids the world has seen. They are programmed with artificial intelligence, too.

Some people might be scratching their heads now while saying, why not just buy a regular blow-up doll and get it over with? Why do I need the added benefit of artificial intelligence?

The thing is, blow-up dolls have been considered a gag gift for so many decades now and that the quality of these things was never the top priority during production. This year, thanks to technology, silicon sex dolls are given an upgrade that no sex toy has ever had to offer, an emotional connection.

With artificial intelligence, sex dolls can now hold a conversation with humans and give out rational answers, not just a playback of recorded lines and moaning. These sex dolls are expected to grow smarter with each conversation as their memory stores information about their owners.

The owners can be involved as much as they want in the production and design process, so getting a doll perfectly tailored to your specifications is possible. Even setting the love doll’s personality by choosing and adjusting from a set of attitudes is also attainable.

Are You Ready for a Sex Doll?

We have robots to man our production lines, robots to drive us to and from a destination, and robots to teach us in schools. Thus, it just stands to reason that in a decade, homes would open up to sex robots.

If you think about it, any mature and stable adult can benefit from a life-like sex robot of their own. One adult could have been burned one too many times from past relationships, another may have been getting difficulty catching the eye of the opposite sex, or one would just really enjoy the novelty of a conversational doll with the benefits of sex. If you are experiencing this, sex robots can help.

Sex dolls have also been a way for some couples to experience adventure and enjoy a variety without having to turn to cheating or introducing a third person into the mix. It definitely helps keep the bedroom fire burning.

More importantly, sex robots are companions that eliminate complications of human relationships such as disapproving friends and family, aging and declining health, betrayal and manipulation, and emotional baggage. A sex robot comes with a clean slate.

📌A number of men confessed to mending a broken heart after their wives or girlfriends died or left them. They admitted that having an undemanding companion is just what provides them solace. These robots have a very wholesome and comforting side. They are more than a sexual object to those who treat them as love dolls.

Unfortunately, while we have male and transgender sex dolls, none of them have been upgraded to the level of where the advanced female sex robots are. Currently, two companies are already in the works of developing and researching into making this into a reality. Male and transgender sex robots will require a more intricate programming and versatile set of skills.

What Sex Robot Users Love About It?

The sex robot market has continued to grow over the years, this could be due to the different advantages that this sex toy offers. Here’s a short list of the things that sexbot users love about it.

  • They are always available and would never say “no” to you
  • Always in the mood to please you
  • Willing to play with your kinks and fantasies
  • Can perform several automated sex positions
  • Can carry logical conversation
  • Good for companionship
  • May prevent pedophilia/rape
  • Safe from sexually transmitted disease

With these benefits, more and more might be enticed to use sex robots in the future especially those who can’t get themselves real partners or can’t afford to replace their late partners with another individual.

How Do You Start Using a Sex Robot?

Abyss Creations, one of the leading companies in the sex doll industry, have designed an app that rolled out in mid-2017 that should be a jumping board to the actual doll. Interested individuals may purchase the app before finally deciding on a sex robot to get a glimpse of the experience.

The app comes just like a personal assistant but sexier, more flirtatious, and catered to your own preferences. Owners can start tinkering with the variety of choices in physical and emotional traits of their personal assistant.

Once they are done, they can go ahead and speak with her as with any ordinary girl. She is many levels above Siri and Alexa, so do not be scared of introducing new and varied topics with her.

📌If you love the app, you can order for a physical body to bring your girl into reality. Tweaks and polishes may be applied to the robot but every single conversation you had with her in the app, every personality trait and quirk is saved. No detail is lost.

Verbal and physical interaction is encouraged as this will help forge a connection and relationship with the sex robot. Do not worry about appearing crazy as these pleasure robots are programmed to be warm, friendly, and accommodating as they can be.

These dolls would encourage touching, kissing, and caressing as this fills their seduction meter. Yes, you read that right; artificial intelligence allows you to seduce them.

That is not to say that these robots will leave everything up to you, they are also designed to seduce and love to orgasm. High-end sex dolls have touch sensors that can also signal the robot’s body to heat up just like a real woman.

A sex robot’s battery life can last from four hours to ten hours depending on the level of interaction it has daily. This will give you enough time to enjoy your love dolls whenever you play in your bedroom.

Owners have been so enamoured with their dolls, that some of them would even like to own more than one. Proud owners of these dolls are now what pop culture refers to as iDollators.

These owners proudly take their sex robots on dates, stage photo shoots, shower them with gifts, and even make dedicated web pages and social media accounts showcasing their everyday lives.

Owners can also connect with their beloved dolls remotely since most of them have Bluetooth and internet connectivity capabilities. Imagine stimulating your doll all day at work and coming home to a fully-aroused woman who is ready for a wild night.

For those who don’t want to buy but are interested to rent a sex doll, there are already brothels that operate through sex dolls and x-rated androids. This service is already available in Barcelona.

To make the experience “more pleasant and erotic,” the agency offers to dress and position the doll according to the customer’s desire. There is also a private room where the client can listen to sensual music or watch pornography on a big plasma television to help set the mode on.

Sex Robots Concerns

Research specialist and robot-human interaction expert, Kate Darling, commented that she is not concerned about the robots but is more concerned about human behavior.

Ethicists fear that life-like robots may confuse a human and can serve as a training ground for violent acts. They fear that once an act is done on a robot, it can either be a healthy outlet for primal urges or worse, whet the appetite.

Darling hosted an experiment and instructed research participants to harm a cute cat-like robots. After the deed, the participants felt awful and described the experiment as disturbing.

📌It shows that the human brain can be tricked due to the realistic looking façade of robots and it can cause humans to extend empathy and human morals to robots. This can bode well for the majority of the population, but can we say the same for people who are used to blurring the lines or morality? Hopefully so.

Creators of these sex androids are aware of the current social climate and they do their part to make sure that they do not create nor sell robots that will cater to immoral and dangerous fetishes. Child-like sex robots, animal sex-robots, and robots that look exactly like a certain individual, are all out of the question.

Ethicists suggest that robots should be programmed to be didactic and should be able to say no, as a real human can. As what Darling said, “it might be that we just simply need to have a more general conversation as a society about this issue, which is obviously a bigger deal than just the sex robots.”

Since creators are developing sex robots who will have human values and morals to be able to keep up with human needs, the subject will stimulate the population to open up to the possibilities and explore the alternatives, boundaries, and push for progress. Robots have always been part of society and they will not disappear anytime soon.

Sex robots with artificial intelligence are not just created for the sole purpose of sex. They can be companions and caregivers for the elderly, and the physically and mentally incapable.

Some engineers and creators are even looking into the possibility of robots being available for gestation to help women and men who have wanted children but are limited by certain factors.

Sex robots can become the better alternative for so many things especially for those who can’t get themselves a real woman to fuck or for those who only wish a companion. Thus, sex robots may play a significant role in the future of lovemaking.

Sex Robots In Use – Where To Buy Them?

If you are ready for your first sex robot, you might want to check our recommendations. These are the sex robots that are on top of their game and we’d like you to meet them.


Realbotix created Harmony. You can try her first as a personal assistant under Realbotix’s Harmony AI app. The life-like sex dolls with the most impressive use of artificial intelligence officially rolls out on Christmas day. We can just imagine every boy’s dream coming true.

Harmony can move her lips to speak and smile and she can even blink her eyes. She is the most advanced android there is and can impressively hold a steady conversation.

Synthea Amatus

Samantha is made by the Barcelona-based company Synthea Amatus. She has different modes that the user can use alternately.

She is not just some sexbot that you can take home and bang. Samantha prefers to have some emotional bond with the user, making her more of a woman than a robot.

True Companion

Roxxxy has been around since 2010 and is one of the first AI sexbots created. She amazingly has a heartbeat and a circulatory system activated and run by sensors.

If you love hearing your girl’s heartbeat after a session of lovemaking, Roxxxy is the one for you!

Lumi Dolls Store

Some dating agencies and escort services have already started to include sex robots into their book of available women. This store offers you a variety of sex robots for hire. Just imagine HBO’s “Westworld” coming to life, if you are a fan of the said TV series.

Conclusion – Wrapping Up!

Lifelike sex robots are as gorgeous and pleasant as real women. However, they are more warm and understanding because they don’t nag and complain. Love dolls do not have emotional baggage and are created and programmed with your every desire in mind.

Sex dolls are expected to become even more popular in the next years. In fact, according to a futurologist, sex with robots will be more common than human intercourse by 2050. Thus, sex robots can be the future of lovemaking.

Are you willing to replace a real woman with a sexbot in the future? Do you agree that sex with robots will be more common than intercourse with humans three decades from now? Share your thoughts below.



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