Who Invented Sex Doll? The History Of Love Dolls That You Need To Know

Sex dolls are very interesting if you dig deeper into their story. I’m pretty sure you are on this page because you find these sex toys interesting.

If you wish to learn more about these dolls, its inventor, and history, you are just on the right page. Join me as we explore the story behind the popular love dolls that a number of men are going gaga over in the past years.

When Did Sex Dolls Begin

Sex dolls are purely designed as a channel to relieve men. As their name suggests they are for sex. But, have you wondered what brings this idea to life? Who was behind the idea of producing sex dolls? Was there a problem that needs to be addressed by making love dolls?

According to Norbert Lenz, a journalist, sex dolls started from a top-secret mission in 1940 entitled “Borghild Project.” It was inspired by SS chief Heinrich Himmler.

Nazi may have created the first sex doll
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Borghild is a “field-hygienic project” that is initiated by Himmler to address the growing problem of syphilis. According to him, their troops were suffering unnecessary losses due to unsafe and unprotected sex with prostitutes.

“The greatest danger in Paris are the wide-spread and uncontrolled whores, picking by clients in bars, dancehalls and other places. It is our duty to prevent soldiers from risking their health, just for the sake of a quick adventure.”

Himmler assigned his commander-in-chief SS Dr. Joachim Mrurgowsky in charge for the project. In July 1941, when Adolf Hitler’s army attacked Russia, ambitious Danish SS-Doctor Olen Hannussen took over the project from Mrurgowsky.

Hannussen was more enthusiastic to finish the project. The team wanted to finish it to stop their troop from visiting “infection herds” or “loose women.”

Dr. Rudolf Chargeheimer was also involved in the project. He once wrote a letter to Hannussen about the struggles they encountered in making the doll, in particular, about aesthetics.

“Sure thing, purpose and goal of the dolls is to relieve our soldiers. They have to fight and not be on the browl or mingle with ‘foreign womenfolk’. However: no real men will prefer a doll to a real woman, until our technicians meet the following quality standards.”

He addressed the issue by proposing that the dolls need to have:

  1. Synthetic flesh that feels like the real flesh
  2. The doll’s body should be as agile and moveable as the real body
  3. The doll’s organ should be realistic

Borghild‘s presentation in Berlin was a success. Himmler ordered 50 pieces and the project was considered to a special production facility because its initial location was too small to cope with the order.

Unfortunately, Himmler dropped his plans after a week and cut the budget. In the beginning of 1942, the whole project was halted.

All the construction documents were returned to the SS-Hygiene-Institute. Since then it was never heard. Lenz believed that if it was kept in Tschakerts studio at the German Hygiene-Museum in Dresden, then it was destroyed in February 1945.

Who Created The First Sex Doll?

Aside from Lenz, author Graeme Donald also discovered the Nazi Germany sex doll project. “While I was researching this, I came across references to Nazi sex dolls and found out that Hitler had ordered them to be made,” he told The Sun (via The Vintage News). “As ever, more troops were laid low by disease than by bullets. Syphilis was a problem Hitler was aware of and he was rumored to have suffered from it himself.”

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This is the reason why some considered Hitler to be the inventor of the first sex dolls. There were photographs rescued from a trash that many took as evidence about this claim.

However, one should take these reports with a grain of salt because of the lack of evidence. According to the report, Lenz’s existence was questioned because there were no proofs that he existed. Also, no employee at the German Hygiene Museum recalled the said project.

So, is Hitler the father of the blow-up sex dolls? We could never say. In fact, some considered the Borghild Project a hoax.

Meanwhile, another source claimed that sex dolls are invented by the Dutch sailors in the 17th century. They were isolated during the voyage so they brought masturbators dolls.

French referred to these dolls as dame de voyage and the Spanish called it dame de viaje. The Dutch sold some of those dolls to Japanese people during the Rangaku period. They called it “Dutch wives.”

an old sex dollThe earliest recorded appearance of the first sex doll was dated in 1908 in Iwan Bloch‘s “the sexual life of Our Time.” Initially, sex dolls were created using inflatable vinyl. The production of the human simulacra took a leap forward in the late 20th century by 1970 the manufacturers used vinyl, latex and silicone for a degree of realism.

The evolution of sex dolls has improved over time. Today, there are a lot of life-sized and life like sex dolls in the market. Those dolls look and feel natural. In fact, a number of men were so pleased with it that they turned to rubber romance.

Yes, there were men who treated their sex dolls as their rubber girlfriend or wife because they just don’t see these toys as objects. A Japanese man named Masayuki Ozaki finds love in his life-size silicone sex doll named Mayu. Another man, named Davecat also considered himself married to his rubber love, Sidore.

Japan also has some Anime Sex Pillows called Dakimakura that are really amazing and have a lot of variety to them.

Reputable Sex Dolls Manufacturer/Importer/Retailer

For men interested in getting their sex dolls, there are a number of retailers online. You can purchase it at the following stores:

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Teddy Babes – They offer unconventional love dolls. They produce soft, velvety-soft plush material stuff with non-allergenic poly-fil that mimics the silkiness of human flesh while giving the warmth of a “cuddly” dimension that is absent in latex love dolls.

Mechadoll – The company has been developing and manufacturing realistic silicone dolls for over a decade. Similar to RealDoll, they give extreme attention to the look and feel of their dolls because they want tomake it close to a real woman. Their products are a bit pricey but there are items that are also cheaper compared to RealDoll.

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Creating sex dolls is a booming business that is why more and more are into it. While we can’t say that these toys really started from Hitler who allegedly wanted to keep his troop from copulating with any woman, one thing is certain: there are more sex dolls inventors today and they are proud and happy with their craft.

Sex dolls are for anyone who is interested in it. Customers who purchased it include couples who want to enhance their sex lives, single men, photographers, collectors, filmmakers, scientists, health professionals, future artists and more.

If you have a thing with fembot or gynoid, don’t be shy. While others may not consider it normal, it is not abnormal either.




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