Improving Performance and Size with XtraSize: What Can You Expect?

Improving Performance and Size with XtraSize: What Can You Expect?
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XtraSize promises to help improve performance and penis size, leading to an increase in satisfaction in bed.

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Whether you are in a loving relationship or you are a bachelor on the town, performance is something that likely on your mind. While the definition of ‘good in bed‘ changes depending on the time and the audience, nearly every man has spent some time wondering if he could do a little better- last longer, get harder, enjoy himself more and please his partner more as well. XtraSize promises to help improve performance and enlarge penis, leading to an increase in satisfaction in bed, but does it actually work?

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What Is XtraSize?

XtraSize is a dietary supplement that, according to the website, increases blood flow in order to produce stronger, longer-lasting erections, and to grow penis size an impressive 3 inches. It has been sold for at least two years, but a more exact date is difficult to locate. It has both good and bad reviews on its own site and on review sites, but what should you believe?

What Is in XtraSize?

As an herbal supplement, you do not need a doctor’s prescription to acquire XtraSize or to start taking it. However, because it also has not been reviewed by the FDA, it is a good idea to take a look at the ingredients contained in this dick enlargement supplement. Maca root, saw palmetto and tribulus terrestris are all known to enhance testosterone, the so-called male hormone that has such a powerful effect on libido. These are common ingredients in most male health supplements.

Another ingredient found in XtraSize is L-arginine, which can be used to widen veins and promote blood flow. This amino acid is a good choice if you have noticed that even when you get erect, your penis stays softer than it should.

📌In smaller amounts, XtraSize contains licorice root, stinging nettle, ginseng and sarsaparilla, which are used to promote circulatory health, though not in the same way that L-arginine does.

Taken together, these ingredients can help increase satisfaction in bed, but does it live up to the claims?

Does XtraSize Work?

Though there are reports of XtraSize increasing penis size, there are no reports of it creating the 3 inch increase it claims. Such an increase remains in the realm of surgical and exercise endeavors. However, plenty of men do note improved sexual performance and pleasure when using XtraSize, citing longer, stronger erections and an increased libido. As with many things, good sexual performance is on a spectrum, and every supplement is different for everyone.

It’s also worth noting that since many of these ingredients affect circulatory health, you may wish to be cautious or to consult a doctor if you have blood pressure issues or heart problems.

An Important Benefit XtraSize

One of the best attributes of XtraSize is the fact that this supplement offers a money back guarantee. This allows the user to try the erection supplement without worrying about throwing money down the drain. Though the details are a little scarce, the company repeatedly offers your money back if you are not entirely satisfied. One detail that does come up is that there is a rather large delivery fee, upwards of 25 dollars in some cases. It is unclear whether this fee is refundable.

Should You Try XtraSize?

When you are in the market for a supplement that will help your performance, there’s certainly no harm in trying XtraSize. The money back guarantee is generous, and it does help you preserve your investment if it turns out you don’t get results. Looking over independent testimonials, while XtraSize does improve stamina, it does not quite deliver on the promise of increased size.

If you decide to try XtrasSize, keep your expectations realistic, monitor whether this supplement works for you, and proceed with wide open eyes.

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